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The Sound of Culture: Diaspora and Black Technopoetics

Author: Louis Chude-Sokei | Reference: P4016 | ISBN: 978-0819575777

Explores the histories of race and technology in a world made by slavery, colonialism, and industrialization. Beginning in the late nineteenth century and moving through to the twenty-first, the book argues for the dependent nature of those histories. 

Delirium and Resistance: Activist Art and the Crisis of Capitalism

Author: Gregory Sholette | Reference: P3217 | ISBN: 978-0745336848

In this follow-up to his influential 2010 book, Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture, Sholette engages in critical dialogue with artists' collectives, counter-institutions, and activist groups to offer an insightful, firsthand account of the relationship between politics and art in neoliberal society. 

Performance in Place of War

Author: James Thompson, Jenny Hughes and Michael Balfour | Reference: P3134 | ISBN: 978-1906497149

The book looks at theatre and performances that often occur quite literally as bombs are falling, as well as during times of ceasefire and in the aftermath of hostilities. Includes interviews with artists, short play extracts, and photographs.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Displacement (P3107).

The New Human catalogue

Reference: P3111

Catalogue of the eponymous film and video-based exhibition; Moderna Museet Malmö 21/5/2016-5/3/2017

In Swedish and English.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Displacement (P3107).

The Other Story and the Past Imperfect

Author: Jean Fisher | Reference: A0652 | ISBN: 1753-9854

From Tate Papers no.12

Found in miscellaneous article folder #5B

This item is part of the 'Glimpses of before: 1970s UK Performance Art' Study Room Guide by Helena Goldwater (P2497)

The Origins of Totalitarianism

Author: Hannah Arendt | Reference: P2842 | ISBN: 978-0156701532

Arendt provides a historical account of the forces that crystallized into totalitarianism. The ebb and flow of nineteenth-century anti-Semitism (she deemed the Dreyfus Affair a dress rehearsal for the Final Solution) and the rise of European imperialism, accompanied by the invention of racism as the only possible rationalization for it. 

Theatre and Nation

Author: Nadine Holdsworth | Reference: P1535 | ISBN: 9780230218710

Part of Palgrave Mcmillan’s ‘small books on theatre and everything else’ series.

American Mantra and Other Rituals

Author: Jose Torres Tama, Billy Atwell | Reference: D1162

A Spanglish music drive-by that rifles on media as religion. 10 tracks.

Blasphemy - Art That Offends

Author: S Brent Plate | Reference: P0849 | ISBN: 101904772536

The Post-Colonial Studies Reader

Reference: P0367 | ISBN: 978-0415345651

The essential introduction to the most important texts in post-colonial theory and criticism.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide on Performance, Politics, Ethics and Human Rights by Adrien Sina (P0661)

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).