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March 2021

LADA is inviting proposals for new leadership to create new, transformative visions for the future of LADA and for Live Art.

We are seeking applicants who have the vision, the energy, the expertise and the resourcefulness to lead our organisation into the next phase in its history, to champion the future of Live Art following the upheavals of the Covid-19 pandemic, and to act upon the urgent calls for racial justice across the cultural industries.

We are interested in applications that bring knowledge and expertise from a broad range of artistic disciplines alongside a passion for Live Art.  We welcome applications from groups, partnerships, or individuals, including proposals for job shares, collectives, and collaborations between artists and arts workers. We are especially encouraging proposals for new leadership from applicants from ethnically diverse backgrounds. The deadline for applications is 12noon on Monday 26th April and full details on how to apply can be found in our information pack.

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LADA offers placements as part of formal education programmes focused on specific research and interests that will contribute to LADA’s work. Find out more.


Working with Us

Thanks so much for your interest in working with LADA, the world’s leading organisation for Live Art.

For many artists, Live Art is a generative force. It wants to shock, to destroy pretence, create sensory immersion, break apart traditions of representation, and open different kinds of engagement or interaction.

For others, Live Art can be a means of connecting people, places and ideas, becoming a form of community building and cultural empowerment.

You can read more about LADA and Live Art on our website.

Images from LADA commissioned works and text 'LADA's new leadership' LADA's New Leadership
LADA's staff pictured onstage at the 20th Anniversary Gala LADA Staff, LADA’s 20th Anniversary Live Art Gala, October 2019. Image: Manuel Vason
11 October Opening Event at The Garrett Centre, credit George Hunt
LADA gathers artists, scholars and organisers of all levels to meet, make, share and think together—we need this togetherness so much.