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Digital Reference: EF5357

Documentation from the 672 Hour Live Process Performance in Istanbul, 2018. Includes the poster, individual videos of performances, and a document with details on all performances.

Talking Dirty: Tongue First!: Recipes from the Mouth of the Thames

Reference: P4048 | ISBN: 978-0992777692

A recipe book produced following a series of public events involving local South Essex foods, their source, preparation and consumption.


The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins

Author: Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing | Reference: P3918 | ISBN: 978-0691178325

Follows one of the strangest commodity chains of our times to explore the unexpected corners of capitalism.

Animal: Exploring the Zoological World

Author: James Hanken | Reference: P3713 | ISBN: 978-0714876818

A broad-ranging survey that explores and celebrates humankind's ongoing fascination with animals.This carefully curated selection of images, chosen by an international panel of experts, delves into our shared past to tell the story of animal life.

With For About 3: Making a Meal of It

Author: Heart of Glass | Reference: A0832

Publication on the annual conference about socially engaged art organised by Heart of Glass in St Helens. Participants were invited to collectively source local ingredients and create, serve and eat a meal.

Sweet and Sour and Super-t-Art

Author: Emily Elizabeth Goodman | Reference: A0828

Examines how Hannah Wilke explored the relationship between sexual and gustatory taste in her performance ­Super-T-Art (1974), which she created for Jean Dupuy’s event Soup & Art held at the Kitchen in New York Cit

Von Menschen gemacht

Author: Eva Meyer-Keller | Digital Reference: EF5260

A film about the future by Eva Meyer-Keller, Hanna Sybille Müller and the children who took part in the performance project  Building after Catastrophes.

Bioart Kitchen: Art, Feminism and Technoscience

Author: Lindsay Kelley | Reference: P3324 | ISBN: 978-1784534134

Explores a wide spectrum of seemingly unconnected subjects, which, when brought together, offer a more inclusive, expansive history of bioart, namely: home economics; the feminist art of the 1970s; tissue culture methodologies; domestic computing; and contemporary artistic engagements with biotechnology.

Eat More Spam

Author: Stacy Makishi | Reference: D2267

Video performance. 3:11

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

The Gluts: Complete Works

Author: The Gluts | Reference: D2081

Documenting The Gluts trip to Copenhagen during the COP 15 Climate Summit.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

The Do-It-Yourself Cookbook

Author: Kim Waldron | Reference: P3311 | ISBN: 978-2-9813724-0-6

Published on the occasion of Beautiful Creatures at Oboro, March 9 – April 13, 2013.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).


Author: Annabel Soutar | Reference: P3305 | ISBN: 978-0889227019

Part courtroom drama and part social satire, the play presents an intelligent portrait of farming and scientific communities in conflict and at the same time penetrates the complex science of genetically modified crops.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Touching home : an interview with May Chan

Author: Christine Conley | Reference: A0740

Interview with Hong Kong-born poet and performance artist, currently active in Kingston, Ontario. Considers aspects of domestic life in relation to the artist's experience as a woman in both Chinese and Canadian cultures.

Playing for Time: Making Art as if the World Mattered

Author: Lucy Neal | Reference: P2727 | ISBN: 9781783191864

This publication explores the pivotal role artists play in re-thinking the future; re-inventing and re-imagining our world at a time of systemic change and uncertainty. This book identifies collaborative arts practices emerging in response to planetary challenges, reclaiming a traditional role for artists in the community as truth-tellers and agents of change.

Experimental Eating

Author: Thomas Howells | Reference: P2718 | ISBN: 978-1908966407

The book encompasses unusual and cutting-edge foods, radical dining events, “kitchen laboratory” experiments, food sculptures and other documentation of the transient moments that make up this field of experimentation', as well as a study of the connections between dining, theatre and ritual, and a survey of recent research in science and technology, and how this may impact on how we make, eat and perceive food.

Eat, Cook, Perform

Reference: P2655

This publication brings together the work of some of the artists involved in the Activato programme called “Mad Artists Tea Parties”, 2010-2012. 

How to Become a Cupcake

Author: The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein | Reference: D2118

Performed at In Between Time festival, Arnolfini, Bristol, 2013.

La historia de Ronald el Payaso de McDonals

Author: Rodrigo Garcia / La Carniceria Teatro | Reference: D2068

Dennis Feser - Various Tapes

Reference: P2171

Includes DVD. Text in German and English.

Box Story

Author: Bobby Baker | Reference: P0293

Booklet to accompany touring performance by Bobby Baker, commissioned by LIFT. Essay by Michele Barrett.

Documentation Bank: Harminder Singh Judge

Author: Harminder Singh Judge | Digital Reference: DB0084

This film is part of the Agency’s ‘Documentation Bank’ Collection, which consists of an extensive range of artists’ ‘Talking Heads’ films, documentation of artists’ works and a selection of Agency projects:

Pioneers of the Downtown Scene New York 1970s

Author: Laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown, Gordon Matta-Clark | Reference: P1586

This item is part of the Study Room Guide: On Falling by Amy Sharrocks (P2249)


Author: Julie Tolentino | Reference: D1553

Very Food

Author: Silvia Ziranek | Reference: P1083 | ISBN: 1-870699-01-7

Includes photographic work by the author/artist.

How to Live

Author: Bobby Baker | Reference: D0962

Daily Life Series: 5 Box Story

Author: Bobby Baker | Reference: D0960

Cook Dems

Author: Bobby Baker | Reference: D0964

Table Occasion No 19

Author: Bobby Baker | Reference: D0961

Bobby Baker: Redeeming Features of Daily Life

Author: Bobby Baker | Reference: P1051

An account of Bobby Baker's career by Adrian Heathfield, Marina Warner, Geraldine Harris, Helen Iball, Elaine Aston, Roy Foster, Michelle Barrett, Griselda Pollock, (Inc. info on Central St Martins, 'How to Live', 'Diary Drawings'). This item is part of the Study Room Guide in Search of a Documentology by Marco Pustianaz (P1115)

This item is part of the 'Glimpses of before: 1970s UK Performance Art' Study Room Guide by Helena Goldwater (P2497)