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Unbound is the world’s only online shop dedicated to Live Art, performance and interdisciplinary art practice.

You can buy books, DVDs, editions, hard-to-find artists’ publications and exclusive titles.

Unbound is a Live Art Development Agency (LADA) initiative. All proceeds from Unbound are reinvested into LADA’s publishing initiatives.

LADA publications and much more can be purchased through Unbound.

Lydia Lunch: So Real It Hurts

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The artist is nude and lit by lights showing UV paint on his body. He wears a stylised minotaur mask. Acephalous Monster, Ron Athey, 2019. Image by Rachel Papo.


Unbound can be visited in person at the Live Art Development Agency in Bethnal Green, London:

Unbound, Live Art Development Agency, The Garrett Centre, 117A Mansford Street, London, E2 6LX

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Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm

T: (+44) 0208 985 2124   

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Karen Finley: Grabbing Pussy

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Amber Jamilla Musser: Sexual Excess Queer Femininity and Brown Jouissance
Unbound is for anyone who is curious, interested, inclusive, impassioned, and ethically minded. Along with LADA itself and all who work there, it's where I know I'll find the materials I need and where I send my students, our librarians and friends. Unbound helps keep bodies and conversations visible.
Sara Jane Bailes, Performance Studies, University of Sussex