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Futures of Black Radicalism

Reference: P3747 | ISBN: 9781784787585

Key intellectuals—inspired by the new movements and by the seminal work of the scholar Cedric J. Robinson—recall the powerful tradition of Black radicalism while defining new directions for the activists and thinkers it inspires.

Jarideh - documentation and artist interview

Author: Tania El Khoury | Digital Reference: EF5282

One to One performance that takes place in a public café and explores surveillance and profiling in “the war on terror.”  The eight minute video includes an interview with the artist.

Assuming Boycott: Resistance, Agency and Cultural Production

Reference: P3407 | ISBN: 978-1944869434

The essential reader for today's creative leaders and cultural practitioners, including original contributions by artists, scholars, activists, critics, curators and writers who examine the historical precedent of South Africa; the current cultural boycott of Israel; freedom of speech and self-censorship; and long-distance activism. It is about consequences and causes of cultural boycott.

Not for Rent: Conversations with Creative Activists in the U.K.

Reference: P3310 | ISBN: 978-0971297296

Interviews with squatters, eco-activists, musicians, and anarchists of all kinds in England and Scotland.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Delirium and Resistance: Activist Art and the Crisis of Capitalism

Author: Gregory Sholette | Reference: P3217 | ISBN: 978-0745336848

In this follow-up to his influential 2010 book, Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture, Sholette engages in critical dialogue with artists' collectives, counter-institutions, and activist groups to offer an insightful, firsthand account of the relationship between politics and art in neoliberal society. 

Drawing Life programme

Reference: P3182

Programme for a multi-media composition, based on the book I Never Saw Another Butterfly. Featuring poems and drawings by Jewish children imprisoned in Terezin, composer Jocelyn Pook draws inspiration from the children’s creative spirit.

Revolting Subjects: Social Abjection and Resistance in Neoliberal Britain

Author: Imogen Tyler | Reference: P3156 | ISBN: 978-1848138513

Explores the processes through which specific populations are figured as 'revolting' as well as the practices through which these populations 'revolt' against their subjectification.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and class and cultural privilege. (P3152)

Selma Selman catalogue

Reference: P3133

A catalogue of one of the most important contemporary Roma artists: a comprehensive overview of her oeuvre and a concise insight into the complex questions of the life of ethnic minorities. In Slovenian, Roma and English.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Displacement (P3107).

Acting Together Volume I: Resistance and Reconciliation in Regions of Violence

Reference: P3116 | ISBN: 978-0981559391

A series on Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict, describing peacebuilding performances in regions beset by violence and internal conflicts. The first volume emphasizes the role theatre and ritual play both in the midst and in the aftermath of direct violence.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Displacement (P3107).

Performance in Place of War

Author: James Thompson, Jenny Hughes and Michael Balfour | Reference: P3134 | ISBN: 978-1906497149

The book looks at theatre and performances that often occur quite literally as bombs are falling, as well as during times of ceasefire and in the aftermath of hostilities. Includes interviews with artists, short play extracts, and photographs.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Displacement (P3107).

Assemblage: An Art Series on Identity, Memory, and Displacement

Reference: A0709

Assemblage reflects interdisciplinary aesthetic practices that call attention to displacement as a disruption in the continuity of place, relationships, identity, movement, memory, and time resulting in a collage of preserved artefacts and mediated possibilities.

In misc folder 7.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Displacement (P3107).


Author: David J. Getsy and Julia Steinmetz | Reference: P3071 | ISBN: 978-9079423088

Artist book on the performance artist and body builder who uses their own body in a sculptural fashion, thereby interrogating feminism, body art, and gay male aesthetics.

PSI#12 documentation

Digital Reference: EF5224

Short and long trailer for Performing Rights, a festival of creative dialogues between artists, academics, activists, and audiences investigating relationships between human rights and performance.

Embodied Avatars: Genealogies of Black Feminist Art and Performance

Author: Uri McMillan | Reference: P2837 | ISBN: 978-1479852475

Tracing a dynamic genealogy of performance from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century, Uri McMillan contends that black women artists practiced a purposeful self- objectification, transforming themselves into art objects.

Double Exposures Book Launch - Tate Britain

Author: Manuel Vason | Digital Reference: EF5168

Recording of an event dedicated to Manuel Vason’s publication Double Exposures, a collaboration with 40 of the most visually arresting artists working in performance in the UK. With Manuel Vason, Hugo Glendinning, Lois Keidan, Alastair MacLennan, Aine Phillips, Marisa Carnesky and the Famous Lauren Barri Holstein. 

Between the Borders

Author: Between the Borders | Reference: P2728

Between the Borders are a collective of people with and without citizenship in the UK, who produce diverse publications and events. This folder contains Between the Borders episode #2 and #3, two zine publications which aim to open up a dialogue about the complex structures surrounding asylum and migration. It also includes an informative leaflet and a DVD

Disagree. - a critical magazine on arts and society

Author: Disagree. Art assembly | Reference: P2682

The Disagree. magazine is a result of the cooperation between a changing group of artists, curators, and theoreticians operating fully independently.  They join forces under the name of the Disagree. Art assembly.  Those who write for the Disagree. magazine automatically become part of the editing team and thus of the assembly.  The editors of the first issue are Jeff Poak, Jean Gotthard, Harald Pogel, Nazim Besikci, Jana Tupivic, Anna Siegel.


Author: Tania El Khoury | Digital Reference: EF5154

Video documentation of an interactive performance designed for a single audience member set in a busy café environment.

herbst: Theorie Zur Praxis

Reference: P2175

herst. Theorie Zur Praxis follows the path of the festival (21 September – 14 October 2012) in Austria, by providing reflections, portraits and interviews by or on participants of the festival.

Excentricités 2010-12 – Rencontres Internationales de la Performance

Author: Various | Reference: D1916

A two-DVD collection of 22 performances selected from those presented at the festival between 2010 and 2012.

PVI Collective Showreel

Author: PVI Collective | Reference: D1790

Introduces the collective’s work. See also booklet ‘Performance Video Intervention’ catalogued under P1537.

Performance Art in Mexico - Cesar Martinez Performance

Author: Cesar Martinez | Reference: D1329

Edited by Josefina Alcazar. Press index to start (invisible files)

Blasphemy - Art That Offends

Author: S Brent Plate | Reference: P0849 | ISBN: 101904772536

From Performing to Commodity - Live Art as Commodity

Author: Amelia Jones | Reference: A0001

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR).

In Slovenian and English.

The Post-Colonial Studies Reader

Reference: P0367 | ISBN: 978-0415345651

The essential introduction to the most important texts in post-colonial theory and criticism.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide on Performance, Politics, Ethics and Human Rights by Adrien Sina (P0661)

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).


Death, Virtually Speaking

Author: Jason E Bowman, Golding, Anne Whitehurst, O'Connor | Reference: V0017