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The Resources Catalogue includes a growing number of Collections of publications, DVDs and other ‘rare’ materials organised by themes, artists or projects, which have been assembled or acquired by the Agency, or generously donated by artists and colleagues.

Documenting Live

We are delighted to offer an online version of Documenting Live as part of LADA Collections to mark Black History Month 2020.

Initially published in 2008 as part of Restock Reflect Rethink on Race, Documenting Live was a unique publication and DVD resource reflecting the work of key UK based artists working in the 1990s and 2000s, and placing Live Art practices that are informed by questions of cultural identity within critical and historical frameworks.

The online version of Documenting Live contains David A Bailey’s mapping essay Performance-Based Art and the Racialised Body; the artist’s video commentaries and excerpts from key works, and documentation of the two round table discussions with two different generations of artists.

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Documenting Live. Image The Artists

Rocío Boliver Collection

A collection of digital documentation of performance works by Rocío Boliver, an artist whose practice is a sharp and focused critique of the many repressive ideologies that burden the lives of womxn. This collection contains 15 video works.

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The artist pulls on wire attached to hooked needles in her face, stretching the skin. Rocio Boliver and Collaborators: Between Menopause and Old Age, Alternative Beauty, image by Alex Eisenberg

Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) - 20 works for 20 years

For LADA’s 20th anniversary, Robert Daniels has created the special edition Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) – 20 works for 20 years: 20 miniature sculptures of iconic performance works, which were nominated by artists and curators.

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Tiny Live Art, miniature figure of Franko B's I Miss You Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) by Robert Daniels, featuring Franko B, I Miss You

Southeast Asia Performance Collection

A collection of digital and physical resources on the diverse range of artistic practices dedicated to the investigation of contemporary Southeast Asian live and performance art.

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Production photo from 'I am LGB' (2016), The LGB Society of Mind. Singapore International Festival of Arts 2016. Photo by Wan Zhong Hao

National Review of Live Art

A full set of National Review of Live Art (Glasgow) brochures located in the Study Room.

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The National Review of Live Art


A full set of ICA (London) Live Arts brochures 1992 – 1997.

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Rapture: The Body, Ritual & Sacred Practice. ICA, 1995.

Library of Performing Rights

Created in 2016, the collection contains over 250 materials which examine the intersection between performance and Human Rights.

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Encuentro 2014, Montreal, Canada. Image by Dexter Miranda

Documentation Bank

Developed between 2007 and 2012, the collection comprises an extensive range of artists’ ‘talking heads’ films, and documentation of selected LADA projects and artists’ works.

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Robin Deacon. Image courtesy of the artist.

Performance Magazine

A complete collection of British performance and Live Art magazines and journals including, Performance Research, Janus, High Performance, Maska, Frakcija and virus.

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Art of Change

An interactive digital archive, produced for the Art of Change exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, locating current Chinese performance and installation practices within a broader context of artistic production and exhibition-making in China.

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Neil Bartlett

A complete collection of documentation of Bartlett’s innovative and influential performance work. The collection was produced in partnership with the British Library.

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Live on stage, Neil Bartlett

Reza Abdoh Collection

An extensive collection of DVD documentation of the influential Iranian born, American avant garde director’s work.

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Reza Abdoh. Photograph: Paula Court

David Hoyle’s Magazine

A comprehensive documentation of every episode of David Hoyle’s Magazine filmed live at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern from July to September 2007.

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Adrian Howells Collection

The Adrian Howells Collection is a series of DVD and digital files featuring video documentation and films by Adrian Howells, as well as a TV programme (Accidental Tourist, 2009) in which he appeared.

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Adrian Howells, Foot Washing for the Sole (2008). Photo by Hisham Suliman

Primary Sources on the International Performing Arts

The complete collection of  issues 1 to 8, of Primary Sources (1979 – 1981). Edited by Roger Ely, the magazine was one of the first to profile interdisciplinary performance practices and was the precursor of Performance Magazine.

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Lumiere & Son Collection

A collection of ephemera and documentation relating to Lumiere & Son works created between 1976 and 1992.

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Performance Matters Archive

A collaboration with the British Library in the form of a box set of 40 DVDs of documentation of all public events for Performing Idea and Trashing Performance  which reflects upon the project’s various challenges and achievements, and its place within the fields of performance practice and research.

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Banner image credit:

Rocio Boliver and Collaborators: Between Menopause and Old Age, Alternative Beauty, image by Alex Eisenberg.