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Imaginative Bodies: Dialogues in Performance Practices

Artist/Author: Guy Cools | Editor: Lisa Marie Bowler | Reference: P4059 | ISBN: 978-9492095206 | Type: Publication

Reaffirms the central position of the body in various artistic practices through in-depth conversations with choreographers, composers, visual artists, hip hop artists, dramaturges, a light designer and a puppeteer.

Rights Here! Theatre and Law for Human Rights - documentation

Editor: Ted Little | Reference: P3317 | Type: Publication

A community based Human Rights Education project that uses theatre to engage young people from culturally diverse populations in dialogue about human rights with the Montreal community. Includes promotional material and photos of phases 1 and 2 and evaluation of phase 2.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Music Here, Music There. Vienna - Moscow, Exchanges in Performance Art

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Thomas Frank and Oleg Soulimenko | Reference: P1870 | ISBN: 978-3-902833-01-3 | Type: Publication

Reflects on the exchange which took place in November/December 2010 at co-production house brut in Vienna. The artists worked for ten days as duo teams on site-specific performance projects which were presented in a two-day programme all over the brut venue in Vienna’s Künstlerhaus. In English and Russian.

‘The Landscape of Fact’, Towards a policy for Cultural Diversity for the English Funding System: Afr

Artist/Author: The Arts Council of England | Reference: P1704 | Type: Publication

The Arts Council of England, ‘The Landscape of Fact’, Towards a policy for Cultural Diversity for the English Funding System: African, Caribbean, Asian and Chinese Arts – Consultative Green Paper.

1992 Birmingham, UK City of Music

Artist/Author: The Arts Council of Great Britain | Reference: P1709 | Type: Publication

The Arts Council of Great Britain, 1992 Birmingham, UK City of Music, exploring the sounds and musical history of Birmingham, with influences from around the world. Arts 2000

Theatre & Interculturalism

Artist/Author: Ric Knowles | Reference: P1474 | ISBN: 9780230575486 | Type: Publication

How are hybrid and diasporic identities performed in increasingly diverse societies? How can we begin to think differently about theatrical flow across cultures?

Dingo - A Treatment Towards a New Communionism

Artist/Author: André Stitt | Reference: P1148 | ISBN: 978-1-920781-36-1 | Type: Publication

Book documenting the work presented at the gallery Artspace, Sydney, in which for 3 days the artist remains locked in a cage with a Dingo. Engaging with the themes of Joseph Beuys’ work, Stitt provides a reflection on acts of arrival and colonial encounter in relation to aesthetic activity and cultural dialogue.