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What’s Live Art in Finnish?

Artist/Author: liveartwork Editions | Reference: D0895 | Type: DVD

Featuring documentation of 18 of Finland’s most active live artists.

Cargo Sofia-X

Artist/Author: Rimini Protokoll | Reference: D0887 | Type: DVD

A Bulgarian truck-ride through European cities.

Crime: Berlin

Artist/Author: Jeremy Xido, Claudia Heu, Cabula6 | Reference: D0870 | Type: DVD

A series of five short complimentary films investigating the ways in which inhabitants of five towns across Europe deal with a recent local criminal case that has somehow captured the public imagination.

The 2007 Almanac of Political Art

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Sophie Hope, Simona Nastac | Reference: P0983 | Type: Publication

At a time of increasing awareness through symposiums, writings and critique of ‘political art’, it is time to reclaim and re-assess the terms, unravel where our politics lie and determine how politics are expressed through art and/or art achieves political aims. How do our understandings of political art differ and what are our shared concerns?

Contemporary Theatres in Europe

Editor: Joe Kelleher and Nicholas Ridout | Reference: P0805 | ISBN: 0-415-32940-X | Type: Publication

Through specific examples, case studies and essays by specialist writers, academics, and a new generation of theatre researchers, this collection of specially commissioned essays looks at current theatre practices across Europe.

Anymous Performance Festival 2000 - 2004

Artist/Author: Anymous | Reference: D0444 | Type: DVD

Documentation of the Czech festival.

Disk one: 80 minute video. Disk two: flash/html presentation.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Manual II: Gregory Green

Editor: Gregory Green | Reference: P0108 | Type: Publication

A Selection of Works 1986 – 1996

Everybody For Berlusconi

Artist/Author: Betontanc and Jonghollandia | Reference: D0234 | Type: DVD

A performance about power and manipulation in the form of a congress.

Performing Borders: A Study Room Guide on physical and conceptual borders within Live Art

Artist/Author: Alessandra Cianetti | Reference: P3043 | Type: Publication

This Guide explores the notion of border in relation to Live Art and the works of experimental artists that have been addressing issues around physical borders, with a special focus on the current European situation and its multiple crises. The Guide includes a theoretical introduction on the relation between Live  Art and social sciences’ border theories; a focus on how practitioners are responding to the current shifting European border landscapes through a series of interviews; and a list of resources on the theoretical notion of border, Live Art, and Europe available in LADA’s Study Room.