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Idit Elia Nathan: Footnotes Playing Dead catalogue

Reference: P3488

Published on the occasion of the Idit Elia Natham exhibition at Standpoint Gallery, London. 16 January – 14 February 2015.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Polvo (Octopus)

Author: Michel Groisman | Reference: P3480

Playing cards, for a performance/card game in which players are dealt body parts instead of numbers in suit. Players will combine their own cards and reproduce the combinations with their own body. When a combination is impossible to be made alone the player may borrow a part of someone else’s body to be able to continue to play.

A Place Free of Judgement

Author: Blast Theory and Tony White | Reference: P3173 | ISBN: 978-0-9956965-0-1

During 2016 Blast Theory and Tony White worked with a group of young people in libraries in Telford and Wrekin to re-imagine libraries, story telling and their place in the world. On 29 October 2016, over the course of 9 hours from 3pm to midnight, the young people took control of their local libraries, and performed live to a worldwide audience. This book is a result of that process.

How to be an Explorer of the World

Author: Keri Smith | Reference: P3092 | ISBN: 978-0241953884

Artists and scientists analyse the world around them in surprisingly similar ways, by observing, collecting, documenting, analyzing, and comparing. In this guided journal, readers are encouraged to explore their world as both artists and scientists.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Kids (P3091).

Immersive, verbatim & immersively verbatim

Author: Caroline Wake | Reference: A0690

Reviews from New York: Sleep No More (Punchdrunk), The Sound and the Fury (Elevator Repair Service), Argument Sessions (Ilana Baker)

The Shop Collections

Reference: P3049 | ISBN: 1-899926-76-3

Documentation and reflections on the project that took over three disused shop spaces in Sharrow, Sheffield. Started in 2002, the project continues around the country to this day.

Bahrain: Access Denied

Author: Tania El Khoury | Reference: A0636

The artist's account of being denied entry at the country of Bahrain's border. Miscellaneous folder #4.

I Once Fell in Love with an Audience Member Practice, Performance, Politics

Author: Tania El Khoury | Reference: A0637

In this essay, Tania El Khoury considers performance through the lens of her own practice as a live artist and as a member of Dictaphone Group, a live events project El Khoury started with Abir Saksouk. What emerges is a perspective of a contemporary artist working within the frame of performance, and how one within this frame might define their own practice through experience. In Miscellaneous Articles Folder #4. 


Author: Tania El Khoury | Digital Reference: EF5152

 Video commisioned for “Documenting Intimacy”, a research initiative piloted by Brian Lobel and Marisa Zanotti to explore documenting one-to-one performance from the perspective of artists. 


Author: Ai Weiwei | Reference: D2167

A documentary film that chronicles the making of an installation-cum-performance of the same name.

Michel Groisman Compilation

Author: Michel Groisman | Reference: V0418

Includes: Weaveair (2000); Creatures (1998); Octopus at the Shoreditch Gallery – London (1995 – 2000); M Groisman Dance Co (1997); Transference (1999)

Ulrike and Eamon Compliant

Author: Blast Theory | Reference: P1772 | ISBN: 978-0-9543258-1-7

Commissioned and performed for the 53rd Venice Biennale.

Stick Piece

Author: Sara Popowa | Digital Reference: EF5031

Spill National Platform 2009

Documentation Bank: curious

Author: Curious | Digital Reference: DB0056

Part of the ‘Documentation Bank’ Collection, an extensive range of artists’ ‘Talking Heads’, documentation of key works, and a selection of Agency projects:

Talking Heads: Curious

Author: Curious | Digital Reference: DB0055

‘Talking Heads’ are short presentations by artists to camera about their practice and approaches to making. The ‘Talking Heads’ films are part of the Agency’s ‘Documentation Bank’ Collection, which consists of an extensive range of artists’ ‘Talking Heads’ films, documentation of artists’ works and a selection of Agency projects:

Talking Heads: Blast Theory

Author: Blast Theory | Digital Reference: DB0010

‘Talking Heads’ are short presentations by artists to camera about their practice and approaches to making. The ‘Talking Heads’ films are part of the Agency’s ‘Documentation Bank’ Collection, which consists of an extensive range of artists’ ‘Talking Heads’ films, documentation of artists’ works and a selection of Agency projects:

Blast Theory’s Rider Spoke, its Documentation and the Making of its Replay Archive

Author: Blast Theory, Various | Reference: A0342

Contributions from Gabriella Giannachi, Duncan Rowland, Steve Benford, Jonathan Foster, Matt Adams & Alan Chamberain

Ulrike and Eamon Compliant

Author: Blast Theory | Reference: P1421

Essays by Richard Grayson and Matt Adams. Documentation of an ambulatory work commissioned by the De La Warr Pavilion for the Venice Biennale 2009. This project is based on real world events and is an explicit engagement with political questions. Participants are invited to assume the role of Ulrike or Eamon and make a walk through the city while receiving phone calls. The experience culminates with an interview in a hidden room.

Gob Squad’s Kitchen (You’ve Never Had It So Good)

Author: Gob Squad | Reference: D1140

Gob Squad's Kitchen takes one of Andy Warhol's films, ‘Kitchen', as its starting point. A quest for the original, the authentic, the here and now, the real me, the real you, the hidden depths beneath the shiny surfaces of modern life.

Deleted messages

Author: BADco. | Reference: D0941

Zagreb-based collaborative performance group.

the user manual

Author: SwanQuake | Reference: P1011 | ISBN: 978-1-84102-172-0

A selection of articles & essays which reflect upon the project SwanQuake.SwanQuake is a unique project involving the ongoing making of an interactive artwork comprising 3-D computer graphic environments and motion-capture driven characters created from a variety of materials and methods by an interdisciplinary team gathered together and led by igloo.Authors: Scott deLahunta (editor) Johannes Birringer, Helen Stuckey, Shiralee Saul, Bruno Martelli, Ruth Gibson, John McCormick, Katharine Neil, Alex Jevremovic, Adam Nash, Helen Sloan, Stephen Turk, Marco Gillies, Harry Brenton & David Surman.

Side Effects

Author: Yan Duyvendak | Reference: D0824

Day of the Figurines

Author: Blast Theory | Reference: P0888

Shelved in Oversize publications section.

Something to Believe In - Greatest Hits 1994 - 2006

Author: Gob Squad | Reference: D0460

Contains History of Gob Squad in 30 minutes, Room Service, Super Night Shot and King Kong Club. Double disc set


Author: Blast Theory | Reference: D0405

Application Form available to view for reference in the Artists Archive in the Live Art Development Agency office. Please ask. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Social Engagement and Participation by FrenchMottershead (P1290)

Chemical Wedding

Author: Blast Theory | Reference: V0091 | Digital Reference: EV0091

The Making of a Memory

Author: Gob Squad | Reference: P0646 | ISBN: 3-937065-06-7

THE MAKING OF A MEMORY: 10 years of Gob Squad remembered in words and pictures. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On (W)Reading Performance Writing by Rachel Lois Clapham (P1433) and the Study Room Guide in Search of a Documentology by Marco Pustianaz (P1115)