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Genesi—from the museum of sleep programme

Reference: P3515 | Type: Publication

Programme of the performance which takes the first book of the Old Testament as its inspiration.

Tragedia Endogonidia

Artist/Author: Societas Raffaello Sanzio | Reference: D2196 | Type: DVD

Romeo Castellucci’s unique work, made ​​up of 11 episodes. Each of these is headed by a city that gives it its name. 3 DVDs and 1 audio disk with original music; booklet in English and Italian.

DVD1: #01 Cesena; #02 Avignon, #03 Berlin, #04 Bruxelles / Brussels

DVD2: #05 Bergen, #06 Paris, #07 Roma, #08 Strasbourg

DVD3: #09 London, #10 Marseille, #11 Cesena

2002-2004; total duration: 341 minutes

The Theatre of Societas Rafaello Sanzio

Artist/Author: Ric Knowles | Reference: A0266 | Type: Article

Reviews of The Theatre of Societas Rafaello Sanzio.