Study Room Group Visits

A Study Room Group Visit provides the opportunity to book out the Study Room as sole users, with assistance and support from LADA’s staff.

Group Visits were initially created to help Higher Education Institutions provide their students with an introduction into Live Art practices, and encourage developing relationships with LADA for the rest of their artistic practice. LADA now provides this service for artistic and educational development to any groups.

Group bookings can be made by individuals or organisations alike, for groups between 1-20 attendees. Prior to your booking we can discuss any requests/requirements you might have, tailoring the visit to your group’s needs. This can include providing refreshments (for a fee), or providing our expertise and advice on the particular artists, practices and themes that you would like to explore during your visit.

Booking Fees

The fee for a Study Room Group Visit is £50 per day, including a 15 minute introduction talk from a member of LADA’s staff.

We have a policy of never saying no to Study Room Student Visit requests; however, we kindly ask institutions to try to provide the booking fees through their departmental budget wherever possible. Alternatively, you may make a smaller donation.

All income received from booking fees is reinvested into new Study Room materials.

To Make a Booking

Please email us with suggested date(s)/time(s), the reason for your visit, the name of the institution/organisation, the number of people visiting and a list of any support you need.

We highly recommend searching the Study Room catalogue before the visit and looking at our Study Room Guides that can be downloaded from our website.

Please note that this is only for group bookings. For individual bookings, please see this page.


Banner image credit:

LADA’s Study Room, The Garrett Centre. Image Alex Eisenberg