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Noise, Water, Meat: A History of Sound in the Arts

Artist/Author: Douglas Kahn | Reference: P3493 | ISBN: 978-0262611725 | Type: Publication

This interdisciplinary history and theory of sound in the arts reads the twentieth century by listening to it–to the emphatic and exceptional sounds of modernism and those on the cusp of postmodernism, recorded sound, noise, silence, the fluid sounds of immersion and dripping, and the meat voices of viruses, screams, and bestial cries.

Say the word and MOVE

Artist/Author: Terry O'Connor, Wendy Houston and Joe Kelleher | Reference: A0577 | Type: Article

Terry O’Connor, Wendy Houston and Joe Kelleher give an insight into the working process of the collaborative project “Say the word and MOVE”, in which they explore relations between speaking and moving, language and movement.

A Girl Skipping

Artist/Author: Graeme Miller | Reference: D1865 | Type: DVD

A Girl Skipping was devised and premiered in 1990.

Performing Idea: Dialogue Project: Moving - Writing

Artist/Author: Adrian Heathfield, Jonathan Burrows | Reference: D2104 | Type: DVD

Performance Matters Performing Idea Dialogues,Toynbee Studios 04.10.10:Choreographer Jonathan Burrows and writer and curator Adrian Heathfield have developed a dialogue around the relationship between writing and dancing. They were interested in exploring the creative tension between the distinctive affects of embodied actions and spoken words, investigating their different roles in the making and receiving of meaning. They were fascinated by those moments of intensity – unforgettable yet unspeakable – where something of life is disclosed between sense and sensibility. What are the relative weights of gestures and words in a performance space? How can each open to the other? What place does music occupy in a negotiation between muted movements and sonorous words? What might be some principles of composition for a generative relation between creative writing and choreography?

Experimental Music and Sound

Artist/Author: Adalet R Garmiany | Reference: D0712 | Type: DVD


Artist/Author: Adalet R Garmiany | Reference: D0714 | Type: DVD

Lines of Communication

Artist/Author: Caroline Wright | Reference: P0736 | Type: Publication

Speech, VoiceSmall publication part of Lines of Communication an artist’s research residency based in the Speech and Language Therapy Dept, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge