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Black Performance Theory

Reference: P4026 | ISBN: 978-0-8223-5616-5

Considering how blackness is imagined in and through performance, the contributors address topics including flight as a persistent theme in African American aesthetics, the circulation of minstrel tropes in Liverpool and in Afro-Mexican settlements in Oaxaca, and the reach of hip-hop politics as people around the world embrace the music and dance.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (P3041)


Reference: P3975

How do artists respond to the question of collective survival in the face of crisis? Can writing articulate, subvert and test the ever-present question of the future in modes that are nonlinear, affective and even choreographic? What are our hopes, fears and desires?

Part of Library of Performing Rights (P3041).

Conversations with Meredith Monk

Author: Bonnie Marranca | Reference: P3954 | ISBN: 978-1555541590

Offers a richly detailed portrait of the internationally renowned composer, performer, director, and filmmaker.

Noise, Water, Meat: A History of Sound in the Arts

Author: Douglas Kahn | Reference: P3493 | ISBN: 978-0262611725

This interdisciplinary history and theory of sound in the arts reads the twentieth century by listening to it–to the emphatic and exceptional sounds of modernism and those on the cusp of postmodernism, recorded sound, noise, silence, the fluid sounds of immersion and dripping, and the meat voices of viruses, screams, and bestial cries.

Meredith Monk

Reference: P3201 | ISBN: 978-0801855405

An absorbing portrait of an artist whose career spans three decades of American avant-garde performance. Collecting writings by Monk herself, along with significant reviews, essays, interviews, and photographs of Monk's unique performance events, the book establishes her as one of the great treasures of contemporary American culture.

Staging Age: The Performance of Age in Theatre, Dance, and Film

Reference: P3147 | ISBN: 978-0230623651

This text explores how performers offer conscious-and unconscious-portrayals of the spectrum of age to their audiences. It considers a variety of media, including theatre, film, dance, advertising, and television, and offers critical foundations for research and course design, sound pedagogical approaches, and analyses.

Part of the Know How: The Study Room Guide on Live Art Live Art and working with older individuals and communities. (P3140)

Lost in Trans

Author: Dickie Beau | Digital Reference: EF5126

Video recordings of the performance presented as part an extensive programme curated by Lois Keidan and Aaron Wright (Live Art Development Agency) entitled “Just Like A Woman”, composed of lectures, performances, readings, installations, screenings, workshops and debates on performance of identity, is fully dedicated to the impact of performance on feminist histories and the contribution of artists to discourses around contemporary gender politics.  From the 19th edition of the City of Women (Mesto žensk) festival – 2-13 October 2013, Ljubljana, Slovenia – entitled “Let's create a place for ourselves” on public space and politics.

Performance and the Writing Life: A Conversation with Bonnie Marranca

Author: Claire MacDonald | Reference: A0585

This interview explores connections within editor Bonnie Marranca's work and considers the way in which it has developed in conversation with artists in and around New York.

The Shit of God

Author: Diamanda Galás | Reference: P2078 | ISBN: 9781852424329

The first collection of the texts by one of the world’s leading and most controversial performance artists. Diamanda Galas’s texts are interspersed with biblical passages, poetry from renowned writers and her own thoughts.

Performance Matters – Ella Jean Finer: A Play for Offstage Voices

Author: Ella Jean Finer | Reference: D1921

British Library Sound Archive recording and documentation of the “Performance Matters” events, 30 April 2010. A Play For Offstage Voices is a score composed entirely of lines written to be spoken from off stage. Voices authored by well-known writers to call, shout, cry and exclaim from somewhere, above and within have been collected and choreographed into an ‘event score’ in which voices such as Beckett’s V, Lorca’s Voz and Stoppard’s voice (in the darkness) encounter each other in the marked off space they share. Also see ref. D1920; D1922-3 and D1316-D1319.

Verbo 2010

Author: Various | Reference: P1876

Programme for Verb an annual performance festival dedicated to performance by artists from Brazil and the rest of the world. partnership with the Centro Cultural São Paulo and FUNARTE. Language: English and Portuguese. (The programme features descriptions of the actions in the original language and in English).


Author: Dickie Beau | Reference: D1819

A show about shape-shifting, sensuality and self-regard, first performed at the RVT in August 2010

The Body in Pain: The Making and Unmaking of the World

Author: Elaine Scarry | Reference: P0344 | ISBN: 978-0195049961

Part philosophical meditation, part cultural critique, this profoundly original work explores the nature of physical suffering.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide on Performance, Politics, Ethics and Human Rights by Adrien Sina (P0661)

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).


Author: Pete Edwards | Reference: D1227

Part of Access All Areas Screening Programme, also available with subtitling as ED1227SUB. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Disability and New Artistic Models by Aaron Williamson (P1529)

From Anger to Sadness

Author: Frank Millward - The Visual Voice | Reference: D1200

part of National Review of Live Art programme 2009

Inner Sun

Author: Albert Vidal Kugu | Reference: D0462

El Orante

Author: Albert Vidal | Reference: V0048 | Digital Reference: EV0048


Author: Albert Vidal | Reference: V0046 | Digital Reference: EV0046

IBT Study Boxes Study Room Guide

Reference: P2104

In February 2013 the In Between Time Festival invited the Live Art Development Agency to curate a small selection of Study Boxes. Each Box contains between five and eight hand picked books and other materials drawn from the Study Room. Reflecting many of themes represented within In Between Time the Boxes hoped to inspire, excite and intrigue festival-goers who could rummage through them in their own time at the festival hub. Although the selected materials are no longer in their Study Boxes you can use the list of materials within the Study Room Guide to explore the themes and artists during your visit to the Agency’s Study Room. The Study Boxes are a collaboration between the Live Art Development Agency and Spill Festival of Performance. First created for the SPILL Festival in Ipswich in 2012.