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Artists On: LADA

Digital Reference: EF5359 | Type: Digital File

Videos by artists about the Live Art Development Agency. Including 10 commissioned films by artists marking LADA’s 10th anniversary in 2009.

The Twenty-First Century Performance Reader

Editor: Teresa Brayshaw, Anna Fenemore, and Noel Witts | Reference: P4028 | ISBN: 978-1138785342 | Type: Publication

Combines extracts from over 70 international practitioners, companies, collectives and makers from the fields of dance, theatre, music, live and performance art, and activism to form a sourcebook for students, researchers and practitioners.

New Media Dramaturgy: Performance, Media and New-Materialism

Artist/Author: Peter Eckersall, Helena Grehan, Edward Scheer | Reference: P3990 | ISBN: 978-1137556035 | Type: Publication

Illuminates the shift in approaches to the uses of theatre and performance technology in the past twenty-five years and develops an account of new media dramaturgy (NMD), an approach to theatre informed by what the technology itself seems to want to say.

Multimedia Performance

Artist/Author: Rosemary Klich, Edward Scheer | Reference: P3799 | ISBN: 978-0230574670 | Type: Publication

Provides a comprehensive overview of the development, theory and definitive characteristics of a rapidly developing and popular area of practice.

Attention Please! Changing Modes of Engagement in Device-Enabled One-to-One Performance Encounters

Artist/Author: Eirini Nedelkopoulou | Reference: A0770 | Type: Article

Explores attention structures that invite one-to-one encounters in digitally informed practice.

Tenth Anniversary Short Films

Editor: Live Art Development Agency | Digital Reference: EF5089 | Type: Digital File

The Agency celebrated its tenth anniversary through a special series of projects including ten commissions of short films about and around Live Art that were posted online each month throughout 2009.

London: world city for the 21st century

Reference: P1724 | ISBN: 0-7287-1008-0 | Type: Publication

Reflections on themes discussed at the 2003 conference of Arts Council England

Can You See Me Now?

Artist/Author: Blast Theory | Digital Reference: DB0008 | Type: Digital File

Making it Your Own: A Study Room Guide on social engagement & participation

Artist/Author: French & Mottershead | Reference: P1290 | Type: Publication

Study Room Guide is about participation and socially-engaged works, in which the frame proposed by the artist is open, and allows participants to make their involvement their own, taking it to a point that the artist could not have reached alone.

Live in Prague

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1031 | Type: DVD

Performances from the event in December 2007. VLC compatible.

Live Art Talk Sampler

Artist/Author: Live Art Development Agency | Reference: D0968 | Type: DVD

Containing extracts from the work of prominent live artists.

Riga / Warsaw

Artist/Author: Live Art Development Agency | Reference: D0503 | Type: DVD

Contains extracts of the work of  prominent live artists.

Virtual Theatres

Artist/Author: Gabriella Giannachi | Reference: P0600 | ISBN: 0-415-28379-5 | Type: Publication

Reigning Territorial Plains

Artist/Author: Rachel Clarke | Reference: A0015 | Type: Article

On Blast Theory’s ‘Desert Rain’.

Live Culture - film programme

Artist/Author: Blast Theory Selection | Reference: D0159 | Type: DVD

Desert Rain - A Virtual Reality Game/Installation

Editor: Blast Theory | Reference: P0327 | ISBN: 0-9543258-0-X | Type: Publication

I Love L A: Postcards from a Volatile Corpus

Editor: Mark Waugh | Reference: P0165 | Type: Publication

A series of 10 artworks and essays commissioned on the theme of mapping