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Thought in the Act

Author: Erin Manning,‎ Brian Massumi | Reference: P3534 | ISBN: 978-0816679676 | Type: Publication

Combining philosophy and aesthetics, this is a unique exploration of creative practice as a form of thinking. 

Alex Sarti: Conversazione con Franco Berardi (Bifo)

Author: Alex Sarti | Reference: A0604 | Type: Article

Alex Sarti in conversation with Franco Berardi (Bifo). 


Author: Maria Miranda | Reference: P2538 | ISBN: 978-0-9827439-8-0 | Type: Publication

Edited conversations addressing ‘unsitely aesthetics’ which refers to a particular aesthetics that has emerged with a mobile and nomadic shift in artistic practices and technologies. 

Human Futures - Art in an Age of Uncertainty

Editor: Andy Miah | Reference: P1159 | ISBN: 978-1-84631-181-9 | Type: Publication

Artistic artefacts, original quotations and creative writing that considers the social impact of technology for humanity.