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This Rose Made of Leather

Author: jamie lewis hadley | Digital Reference: EF5362

Nine minute video of the performance.

Countersexual Manifesto

Author: Paul B. Preciado | Reference: P4090 | ISBN: 978-0231175623

Seeking to overthrow all constraints on what can be done with and to the body, Preciado offers a provocative challenge to even the most radical claims about gender, sexuality, and desire.

Where Women Dare to Thread?

Author: Val Williams | Reference: A0868

On female photographers who photograph men.

Liquid damage on publication.

Queer Phenomenology: Orientations, Objects, Others

Author: Sara Ahmed | Reference: P4012 | ISBN: 978-0822339144

A queer phenomenology, Ahmed contends, reveals how social relations are arranged spatially, how queerness disrupts and reorders these relations by not following the accepted paths, and how a politics of disorientation puts other objects within reach, those that might, at first glance, seem awry.

Alien Zone: Cultural Theory and Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema

Reference: P3743 | ISBN: 978-0860919933

The essays in this book – some newly written, others gathered from scattered sources – look at the ways in which contemporary science fiction films draw on, rework, and transform established themes and conventions of the genre.

In a Queer Time and Place: Transgender Bodies, Subcultural Lives

Author: Judith Halberstam | Reference: P3719 | ISBN: 978-0814735855

Examines the significance of the transgender body and presents a series of case studies focused on the meanings of masculinity in its dominant and alternative forms – especially female and trans-masculinities as they exist within subcultures, and are appropriated within mainstream culture.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (P3041)

Between the Body and the Flesh: Performing Sadomasochism

Author: Lynda Hart | Reference: P3721 | ISBN: 978-0231084031

Focusing on a variety of representations, the book stimulates discussions of s/m through the exploration of censorship in the arts, the fetishization of sexual paraphernalia, recombinations of class, race and sexuality, and the politics of psychoanalysis.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (P3041).

Homosexuality: Power and Politics

Reference: P3644 | ISBN: 9781788732406

After the leading organisations of radical sexual politics imploded or dissolved, the Gay Left Collective formed a research group to make sense of the changing terrain of sexuality and politics. Its goal was to formulate a rigorous Marxist analysis of sexual oppression, while linking the struggle against homophobia with a wider array of struggles, all under the banner of socialism.

Scottee: I Made It

Reference: P3610 | ISBN: 978-0-9935611-8-4

Celebrates Scottee as a maker, and marks both the achievement and the influence of his work, the fact he not only survived the violence and traumas so much of his work depicts, but thrived.

The Library of Performing Rights (P3041).

Franko B

Reference: P3572 | ISBN: 9781906470159

A new collection of images and texts depicting the artist's recent activities and project with Live Art Bistro, East Street Arts and Leeds Beckett University.

Gender Trouble

Author: Judith Butler | Reference: P3568 | ISBN: 978-0415389556

Arguing that traditional feminism is wrong to look to a natural, 'essential' notion of the female, or indeed of sex or gender, Butler starts by questioning the category 'woman' and continues in this vein with examinations of 'the masculine' and 'the feminine'.

The Naked Civil Servant

Author: Quentin Crisp | Reference: P3567 | ISBN: 978-0006540441

In this autobiography, Crisp describes his unhappy childhood and the stresses of adolescence that led him to London. There in bedsits and cafes he found a world of brutality and comedy, of shortlived jobs and precarious relationships.

Sissy cards

Author: Nando Messias | Reference: P3546

Cards on the artist's Sissy trilogy, with quotes by Lois Keidan, Stephen Farrier, Catherine Silversone.


Author: Scottee | Reference: P3466 | ISBN: 978-1786823342

Memoir of working class masculinity from 1991 to 1999 as seen by a sheep in wolf's clothing

My Heart is Broken

Author: Franko B | Reference: D2287

Video: a deeply poetic array of cinematic images


Author: TransAction Theatre Company | Reference: D2274

An innovative multi-media performance piece that takes a long, hard and sometimes uncomfortable look at our notions of gender.  

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Walking Failure

Author: Nando Messias | Digital Reference: EF5204

Nando Messias engages with representations of effeminate men and the queer body.


Framing Feminism

Reference: P2841 | ISBN: 978-0863581793

An introduction to the major events and debated in the early years of feminist art practice. An extensive collection of articles, as well as broadsheets printed in facsimile, illustrate the history and diversity of arguably the most important intervention in modern art. 

This item is part of the 'Glimpses of before: 1970s UK Performance Art' Study Room Guide by Helena Goldwater (P2497)


Author: Ron Athey | Digital Reference: EF5113

Exerpt of 2002 multi-media performance with 3 screen large format video with 4 actors.

If You Want Bigger Yorkshire Puddings You Need A Bigger Tin

Author: Lucy Hutson | Digital Reference: EF5131

Video recordings of performance presented as part an extensive programme curated by Lois Keidan and Aaron Wright (Live Art Development Agency) entitled “Just Like A Woman”, composed of lectures, performances, readings, installations, screenings, workshops and debates on performance of identity, is fully dedicated to the impact of performance on feminist histories and the contribution of artists to discourses around contemporary gender politics.  From the 19th edition of the City of Women (Mesto žensk) festival – 2-13 October 2013, Ljubljana, Slovenia – entitled “Let's create a place for ourselves” on public space and politics.

DV8 Physical Theater: Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men / Enter Achilles and Strange Fish

Author: DV8 Physical Theater | Reference: D2170


Pictures of Lily

Author: Various | Reference: P2550

Small pamphlet collecting artworks and writings on the male body and desire.

Pierre Molinier: Pierre Molinier

Reference: P2519 | ISBN: 0921381115

Catalogue published on the occasion of the homonymous traveling exhibition. 

Male Trouble: Masculinity and the Performance of Crisis

Author: Fintan Walsh | Reference: P2409 | ISBN: 9780230579699

Male Trouble explores how Wetern masculinity has increasingly appeared as a troubled gender category in recent times, using a variety of performative case studies. Includes a chapter on work by Ron Athey and Franko B. 


Author: Oreet Ashery | Digital Reference: EF5095

Video work accompanying the homonymous durational performance in which the artist imitates the hairstyles of four famous men. The video consists of found footage of the four public figures mixed with performance material. Performers: Oreet Ashery, Andrew Mitchelson and Owen Parry.

A Menopausal Gentleman The Solo Performances of Peggy Shaw

Author: Peggy Shaw | Reference: P2375 | ISBN: 978-0-472-03414-7

Collection of Shaw’s solo performance scripts

Black Male – Representations of Masculinity in Contemporary American Art

Author: Various | Reference: P1991 | ISBN: 0-87427-093-6

Catalogue of an exhibition exploring the changing perceptions of African-American masculinity as interpreted in painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed-media work, as well as in film and video. Essays by leading voices in African-American art criticism and cultural studies: Elizabeth Alexander bell hooks, Isaac Julien and Kobena Mercer, Tricia Rose, Andrew Ross, and Greg Tate.


Author: Nick Kilby | Digital Reference: EF5009

From Fresh Air Platform 2010

Naming Jacob

Author: Jamie Lewis Hadley | Digital Reference: EF5005

From Fresh Air Platform 2010


Author: Nando Messias | Reference: D2107

Film of performances of Sissy in 2009 and 2010, bio, and photographs of Nando Messias.