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Towards a Poiesis of Critical Practice: 1000th LIVE and the politics of appearance

Author: Diana Damian Martin | Reference: A0724

On the process and politics of live critical responses to a live stream of Forced Entertainment's And on a Thousandth Night. 

The School of Public Life: Doormats No. 4

Author: Fred Dewey | Reference: P2782 | ISBN: 978-0988937512

Drawing on two decades of interventions in politics and culture, The School of Public Life records the author’s efforts to revive and rethink public space from Los Angeles to Berlin and beyond.

Mesto Zensk, City of Women: International Festival of Contemporary Arts

Reference: P1670

Festivals took place in Ljubljana, 8-13 October 2001, and 2-10 October 2006. Text in both Slovenian and English.