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Artist/Author: Nando Messias | Reference: D2107 | Type: DVD

Film of performances of Sissy in 2009 and 2010, bio, and photographs of Nando Messias.

the pink sky reflects the bloody earth

Artist/Author: Joseph Morgan Schofield | Digital Reference: EF5309 | Type: Digital File


An action by Joseph Morgan Schofield, at Translucent (VO Curations, Aug 2019). Video by Olga Latun.

Kenneth Anger: A Demonic Visionary

Artist/Author: Alice L. Hutchison | Reference: P2218 | ISBN: 9781904772033 | Type: Publication

Introduction to life and works of Kenneth Anger

Performance Lab: Ron Athey at Stanford University

Artist/Author: Lisa Newman | Reference: A0554 | Type: Article

Filed in Miscellaneous.

How Many Licks? Narcissister Unweaves ‘The Basket’

Artist/Author: Ariel Osterweis | Reference: A0575 | Type: Article

Dirty Look NYC article. Filed in Misc. Articles folder 4.


Artist/Author: Oozing Gloop | Digital Reference: EF5290 | Type: Digital File