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Ivy Monteiro: a performance lecture on queer spirituality and Afro Futurism

Digital Reference: EF5379

Documentation of the performance lecture by Swiss based Brazilian artist about their most recent work Trinta y Dois Igual a 5.

LADA Screens: Selina Bonelli artist discussion

Digital Reference: EF5369

Audio of the artist in discussion with Jospeh Morgan Scholfield. Event held on 13 February 2020.

Afterlives documentation

Digital Reference: EF5361

Documentation of the event considering questions of archives and legacies through the art and lives of four extraordinary and influential artists who have died in recent years – Ian Hinchliffe, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Lol Coxhill and Roger Ely.

Oozing Gloop LADA Screens talk

Author: Oozing Gloop | Digital Reference: EF5360

45 minute talk with Gloop, led by Finn Love. Part of LADA Screens.

Anne Bean: Self Etc.

Reference: P3650 | ISBN: 978-1-78320-946-0

The first substantial survey of its kind, the publication brings together documentation of performances, drawings, videos, installations, and sculptures, as well as writings, interviews and visual essays by the artist. A series of commissioned critical essays show her to be a prolific maker of acts, objects, and multiple ‘selves’.

Jennifer Doyle in conversation with Ron Athey

Digital Reference: EF5330

A specially filmed conversation between Ron Athey and writer Jennifer Doyle. Filmed in LA for LADA Screens by Brittany Neimeth.

Part of LADA Screens 6.

Confession de Ron Athey

Author: Gabreilla Greeb | Digital Reference: EF5329

Super 8 film was made at the Festival de l’Etrange, Vidéotheque de Paris. Produced by Homemade FIlms.

Part of LADA Screens 6.


Digital Reference: EF5324

An evening considering questions of archives and legacies through the art and lives of four extraordinary and influential artists who have died in recent years – Ian Hinchliffe, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Lol Coxhill and Roger Ely. Inspired by the acquistion of the Ian Hinchliffe archive by Queen Mary.

16 November 2017

Marina Abramović for LADA Opening

Author: Marina Abramović | Digital Reference: EF5318

Short video recorded for the LADA reopening.

How not to do disability

Author: Martin O’Brien | Reference: A0852

A tribute to Katherine Araniello, read during the event at LADA, 16th April 2019.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (P3041)

In misc folder 7.

Homme de Plume

Author: Sarah Wishart | Reference: A0851 | ISBN: 23988398

Interview with Mary Paterson and Deborah Pearson about their DIY project.

Live Art in London

Author: Lois Keidan and Daniel Brine | Reference: A0855

On Live Art landscape in 2005.

PLAYING UP: A Live Art Game for Kids and Adults (second edition)

Author: Sibylle Peters | Reference: P3999 | ISBN: 978-0-9935611-0-8

Second edition of the artwork exploring the potential of Live Art to bridge generations.

The Outsiders’ Handbook

Author: Scottee, Emma Frankland, Selina Thompson, Travis Alabanza | Reference: P3689

A free survival guide for queer and trans* young people; by Scottee, Travis Alabanza, Selina Thompson and Emma Frankland.

Download the publication PDF here.

How We Talk About The Work Is The Work Performing critical writing

Author: Theron Schmidt | Reference: A0835

This article gives examples of a number of initiatives by individual writers, artist collectives, and festivals that test forms of critical writing that are as experimental as the practices to which they relate.

Practice and Power

Reference: P3585

Programme for the event exploring questions of negotiation, exchange and representation in contemporary collaborative arts practice. (20-23 June 2018, Dublin.)

Performance art’s “master” Tehching Hsieh on the importance of isolation

Author: Bryony Stone | Reference: A0830

An interview conducted at LADA’s new home in the Garrett Centre, Bethnal Green attempts to find out why the artist gave over his life to art.

Library of Performing Rights old catalogue

Reference: P3543

Original LPR catalogue with notes.

For current catalogue see P3041.

Survival of the Sickest -  the art of Martin O’Brien

Reference: P3518 | ISBN: 978-0-9935611-2-2

The first book bringing together writing and documentation on Martin O’Brien and marking ten years of his work.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Her Eyes Under the Bridge documentation

Author: Tara Fatehi Irani | Reference: P3439

Documentation from the DIY 14 project, exploring how personal documents and performance can animate each other within a specific context of travelling and migration.

Dream Audience

Author: Karen Christopher | Digital Reference: EF5263

Documentation from the DIY 13 project, setting and testing ways of getting together to show unfinished work.

Average Jo/e Modelling Agency

Author: Aaron Williamson | Digital Reference: EF5261

Short video made for the DIY 13 project, a briefly-lived modelling agency set upon depicting the fantasy-fiction average lifestyle that is celebrated in corporate imagery

Artist Profile

Author: Katherine Araniello | Digital Reference: EF5282

Short video artist profile. Includes clips from different video and performance pieces.

Happy Birthday LADA

Author: Tammy Whynot | Digital Reference: EF5271

Tammy Whynot wishes LADA a happy birthday.

University of DIY

Author: Katie Etheridge and Simon Pergishetti | Digital Reference: EF5269

Documentation from the DIY 12 project: can you start a University of Live Art in your front room, garden shed or local pub?

Going Home

Author: Geraldine Pilgrim | Digital Reference: EF5268

Documentation (Power Point) from the DIY 12 project, a developmental exercise exploring the concept of returning to what one understands as “home” 

Kick My Butt’lins!

Author: Stacy Makishi | Digital Reference: EF5266

Documentation from the DIY 13 project, interrogating how re-‘creation’ impacts the creative process. 

Grey Matters

Author: Sexcentenary | Digital Reference: EF5265

Documentation from the DIY13 project: a collective process of devising and then performing a public action, over the course of a weekend.


Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Oh Yes! Oh No!: A Good Girl’s Guide to Liberating Your Orgasm

Author: Louise Orwin | Digital Reference: EF5264

Documentation from the DIY 13 project: a performance artist and novice sexual deviant attempts to liberate your orgasm via a journey through Leeds’ sex scene.

A Vision of Love Revealed in Sleep

Author: Neil Bartlett | Digital Reference: EF5242

One-man homage to the defiant life and work of pre-Raphaelite painter Simeon Solomon. 

Includes performance video and a post-show discussion.

Future of Imagination 5

Reference: P3446

Conference proceedings from the International Performance Art Event in Singapore 2008.
Part of the Something Human Study Room Guide on Southeast Asian performance (P3334).


Reference: P3405

Festival publication.

Part of the Something Human Study Room Guide on Southeast Asian performance (P3334).

La connaissance > l’empathie et l’art de la performance

Author: Lynn Lu | Reference: A0753 | ISBN: 0825-8708

Part of the Something Human Study Room Guide on Southeast Asian performance (P3334).