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Les Reines Prochaines: Dings

Artist/Author: Nathalie Persillier | Reference: D2324 | Type: DVD

A criminological philosophical cinematographical musical comedy by Nathalie Percillier with the female music band Les Reines Prochaines. The film is made up of cinematic excerpts, stage performances and interviews with the protagonists. A lesbian trash movie, Pulp Fiction meets Dada.

73 minutes, DVD PAL 16:9, DE/EN.

Kindly donated for the Swiss Live Art Study Room Guide.

Shortlist LIVE! Issue 1

Editor: Heidi Backström | Reference: P4064 | ISBN: 9871916424371 | Type: Publication

Publication on a new entity of events as part of ANTI Festival, where the artists shortlisted for the International Prize of Live Art present their work.

In English and Finnish.

Cabinet Of Curiosities

Artist/Author: Mat Fraser | Digital Reference: EF5317 | Type: Digital File

A journey through the history of disability – a history lesson with a difference.

Part of The Library of Performing Rights (P3041).

In a Queer Time and Place: Transgender Bodies, Subcultural Lives

Artist/Author: Judith Halberstam | Reference: P3719 | ISBN: 978-0814735855 | Type: Publication

Examines the significance of the transgender body and presents a series of case studies focused on the meanings of masculinity in its dominant and alternative forms – especially female and trans-masculinities as they exist within subcultures, and are appropriated within mainstream culture.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (P3041)

Vrystaat Arts Festival 2017 programme

Reference: P3629 | Type: Publication

Programme for the Afrikaans language festival that forges creative connections with English and Sotho cultures; 18-22 July 2017.

What the **** is Normal?!

Artist/Author: Francesca Martinez | Reference: P3569 | ISBN: 978-0753555354 | Type: Publication

If you grow up in a world where wrinkles are practically illegal, going bald is cause for a mental breakdown, and women over size zero are encouraged to shoot themselves (immediately), what the hell do you do if you’re, gasp … disabled? 


Artist/Author: Adam Kotsko | Reference: P3251 | ISBN: 978-1-84694-391-1 | Type: Publication

Argues that the awkwardness of our age is a key to understanding human experience.

Theatre and Laughter

Artist/Author: Eric Weitz | Reference: P3013 | ISBN: 978-1137356086 | Type: Publication

Examines laughter among actors, among audience, and the interaction between the two. Exploring the many uses and effects of laughter in theatre, Weitz considers laughter as a tool of political resonance, as social commentary, and as one of the oldest rhetorical devices.

Acts of Intervention: Performance, Gay Culture, and AIDS

Artist/Author: David Roman | Reference: P2877 | ISBN: 978-0253211682 | Type: Publication

This volume examines the ways gay men have used theatre and performance to intervene in the AIDS crisis. It discusses dramatic texts and public performances–from cabarets and candlelight vigils to full-scale Broadway productions that have shaped, and been shaped by, the history of AIDS in national, regional, and local contexts.

100 Acts of Minor Dissent

Artist/Author: Mark Thomas | Reference: P2779 | ISBN: 978-1910463031 | Type: Publication

An account of an entire year spent living provocatively. From successful campaigns against Royal Parks and multinationals, to arts and crafts with porn mags, from annoying estate agents, to raising cinema workers' wages, comedian and campaigner Mark Thomas stopped at nothing.

The Kipper Kids at the Kitchen - 1979

Artist/Author: The Kipper Kids | Digital Reference: EF5123 | Type: Digital File

Recording of the live 1979 performance at the Kintchen, New York.

Gender Trouble With David Hoyle

Artist/Author: David Hoyle | Digital Reference: EF5125 | Type: Digital File

Video recordings of the performance presented as part an extensive programme curated by Lois Keidan and Aaron Wright (Live Art Development Agency) entitled “Just Like A Woman”, composed of lectures, performances, readings, installations, screenings, workshops and debates on performance of identity, is fully dedicated to the impact of performance on feminist histories and the contribution of artists to discourses around contemporary gender politics.  From the 19th edition of the City of Women (Mesto žensk) festival – 2-13 October 2013, Ljubljana, Slovenia – entitled “Let's create a place for ourselves” on public space and politics.

Coming Soon: Part 1

Artist/Author: Annie Griffin | Digital Reference: EF5108 | Type: Digital File

Broadcast in 2000, COMING SOON is a three part comedy/drama series for Channel 4 following the adventures of an avant garde theatre company from London that would do anything for funding.

Coming Soon: Part 1

Artist/Author: Annie Griffin | Digital Reference: EF5108 | Type: Digital File

Broadcast in 2000, COMING SOON is a three part comedy/drama series for Channel 4 following the adventures of an avant garde theatre company from London that would do anything for funding.

Stephen Holman Live Performances 1987-2005

Artist/Author: Stephen Holman | Reference: D2180 | Type: DVD

Video documentation featuring three decdes of work that helped define a unique genre of US west coast performance art.

Stephen Holman

Artist/Author: Stephen Holman | Reference: P2599 | Type: Publication

A disparate collection of Holman’s artwork including photos and reviews from his performance career, alongside rare flyers and posters from the US 80s/90s underground performance scene.

The Midnight Special 1981

Artist/Author: Andy Kaufman | Digital Reference: EF5101 | Type: Digital File

A show in which the performer stars as himself in the attempt of creating a late-night talk show, aired on January 23, 1981.

Was This Man a Genius? Talks with Andy Kaufman

Artist/Author: Julie Hecht | Reference: P2314 | ISBN: 978-1-4391-3572-3 | Type: Publication

An interview that turned into surreal meetings and phone conversations, between 1978 – 1979.

The Andy Kaufman show

Artist/Author: Andy Kaufman | Reference: D2132 | Type: DVD

A show in which the performer stars as himself in the attempt of creating a late-night talk show

The Death of Andy Kaufman

Artist/Author: Christopher Maloney | Reference: D2130 | Type: DVD

An investigation of Andy Kaufman’s mysterious death

Hustler White

Artist/Author: Bruce LaBruce, Rick Castro | Reference: D2105 | ISBN: 5060018651620 | Type: DVD

Bruce LaBruce cult classic film.


Artist/Author: The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein | Reference: D2117 | Type: DVD

Film of performance created for SPILL Festival of Performance, London 2013.

Kiki and Herb: Live at the Knitting Factory

Artist/Author: Justin Bond, Kenny Mellman | Reference: D2101 | ISBN: 68907685148 | Type: DVD

DVD featuring live footage from 1993-2007.

Your Secrets Sleep With Me

Artist/Author: Darren O'Donnell | Reference: P2283 | ISBN: 9781552451380 | Type: Publication

A novel by Darren O’Donnell

Welcome to the Susannah Hewlett Digital Versatile Disc Experience!

Artist/Author: Susannah Hewlett | Reference: D2049 | Type: DVD

Showreel and short films

Suis a la messe, reviens de suite

Artist/Author: L'Alakran | Reference: D1850 | Type: DVD

Audio in French with German, Italian, English and Spanish subtitles.

Kairos, sisyphes et zombies

Artist/Author: L'Alakran | Reference: D1849 | Type: DVD

Audio in French with English, Spanish or Italian subtitles.

This Is Performance Art: Mel Brimfield

Artist/Author: Mel Brimfield | Reference: P1828 | ISBN: 978-1-907317-35-4 | Type: Publication

The first detailed insight into artist Mel Brimfield’s practice, in which she works with dancers, musicians, comedians and theatre-makers to explore the boundaries of performance art in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Keeping the Faith Cabaret

Artist/Author: David Hoyle, Dawn Right Nasty | Reference: D1719 | Type: DVD

Sacred: Keeping the Faith, festival at Chelsea Theatre, London, 24-28 November 2011.

Ophelia Is Not Dead

Artist/Author: Gillie Kleiman | Reference: D1713 | Type: DVD

Sacred: Keeping the Faith, festival at Chelsea Theatre, London, 24-28 November 2011.

Trashing Performance, Common Panel

Artist/Author: Common Culture, Ingo Cando, Simon Casson, Lois Keidan (chair) | Reference: D2104 | Type: DVD

Part of the Trashing Performance programme – the second year of Performance Matters – 25-29th October 2011.

[email protected]

Reference: D1804 | Type: DVD

Documentation from the first international showcase of Danish performing art which took place 2-7 October 2006.

Comedy, Tragedy, and “Universal Structures”:

Artist/Author: Margherita Laera | Reference: A0324 | Type: Article

On Societas Raffaello Sanzio’s Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso.

The Artist's Joke

Editor: Jennifer Higgie | Reference: P1013 | ISBN: 978 0 85488 156 7 | Type: Publication

Surveys the rich and diverse uses of humor by avant-garde and contemporary artists.

Sheikh ‘n’ Vac

Artist/Author: Yara El-Sherbini | Reference: P0696 | ISBN: 1-870699-82-3 | Type: Publication

Artist book. The book plays with stereotypes about Muslims and satirizes their representations, confronting the reader with the tensions of religious an racial identities.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).


Artist/Author: Kim Noble | Reference: V0722 | Digital Reference: EV0722 | Type: Digital File

Artist showreel.

Lost in the Funhouse: The Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman

Artist/Author: Bill Zehme | Reference: P2312 | ISBN: 0385333714 | Type: Publication

Critical text on Andy Kaufman, includes photographs.

Andy Kaufman: Wrestling with the American Dream

Artist/Author: Florian Keller | Reference: P2296 | ISBN: 9780816646036 | Type: Publication

Critical text on the life and work of Andy Kaufman.