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Live Art on Camera - Performance and Photography

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Alice Maude - Roxby | Reference: P1127 | ISBN: 978 085432 875 8 | Type: Publication

Showcases the work of photographers who documented a selection of seminal performances from the 1950s to the present in Europe, the United States and Japan and exhibits contemporaneous examples of their practice alongside their performance photographs.

SPILL Symposium - Session 1

Artist/Author: Cindy Oswin, Adrian Heathfield and Clare Macdonald | Reference: D0731 | Type: DVD

The range of lineages and ideas which inform and shape contemporary radical theatre and performance making.


Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P0726 | Type: Publication

This item is part of Brutal Silences: the Study Room Guide On Live Art In Ireland by Anna Maria Healy and Helena Walsh (P1661)

I Love L A: Postcards from a Volatile Corpus

Editor: Mark Waugh | Reference: P0165 | Type: Publication

A series of 10 artworks and essays commissioned on the theme of mapping