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Editor: Eleonora Fabião, André Lepecki | Reference: P3555 | ISBN: 978-85-69099-02-4 | Type: Publication

A chronology of actions she performed between 2008 and 2015. The book was made in a limited edition, to be given, received, traded, lost, found, purposely lost lost, donated lent, passed on – and never sold.

Juegos de Poder

Artist/Author: Regina José Galindo | Digital Reference: EF5280 | Type: Digital File

A hypnotist puts the artists into a hypnotic dream.

Heróis do Cotidiano

Artist/Author: Antonio Pessoa | Reference: D2291 | Type: DVD

This documentary follows the interventions of the Heróis do Cotidiano collective throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro during the months of February and March 2010.

Baseado em Fatos Reais

Artist/Author: Ângelo Madureira and Ana Catarina Vieira | Reference: D2279 | Type: DVD

The dancers develop movements in response to a photo – creating in real time. 

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Wir sind überall: weltweit. unwiderstehlich. antikapitalistisch

Editor: Notes from Nowhere | Reference: P3298 | ISBN: 978-3894015367 | Type: Publication

A book of stories, stories written by activists from the front lines of resistance against capitalism and economic globalization. In German; for the English version see P0424.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide: A Bi(bli)ography of Insurrectionary Imaginati by John Jordan (P0793) and the Study Room Guide on Performance, Politics, Ethics and Human Rights by Adrien Sina (P0661)

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Marcos Moraes: A Cozinha Performática

Editor: Edith Derdyk and Ana Teixeira | Reference: P3269 | Type: Publication

The publication is a result of 6 dinners / meetings held with a group of artists around the themes of desire and creative processes. In Portuguese.

VERBO 2005-2015

Reference: P2965 | ISBN: 978-85-64324-07-7 | Type: Publication

An overview of the first 10 years of the VERBO festival, featuring texts by Brazilian and foreign authors.

In Portuguese and English; some text in Spanish.

No Mundo Maravilhoso do Futebol

Editor: Julian Germain, Murilo Godoy, Patriciazevedo | Reference: P2950 | ISBN: 9075574126 | Type: Publication

This unconventional documentary of Favela children–using pictures taken by the children themselves–organises representation around the theme of football and community.

In English and Portuguese.

No Olho da Rua

Artist/Author: No Olho da Rua | Reference: P2946 | Type: Publication

Since 1995 this independent project has offered ‘street children’ the chance to express themselves through photography, writing and interviews. This publication contains examples of the work created.


Editor: Eleonora Fabião and André Lepecki | Reference: P2936 | Type: Publication

A publication where the work Fabião has been developing in the streets since 2008 acquires a new dimension. Containts extensive photographic material and writings by the artist and original essays.

Losing the Human Form - A Seismic Image of the 1980s in Latin America

Reference: A0651 | Type: Article

Introductory note to the exhibition held at Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia, 25 October 2012 – 11 March 2013. 

This Article can be found in miscellenous folder 5B.

Arte para uma cidade sensível / Art for a sensitive city

Artist/Author: Brígida Campbell | Reference: P2864 | ISBN: 978-85-66129-22-9 | Type: Publication

The publication explores art created in public spaces in Brazil, since 2000. In Portuguese and English. Published under the Creative Commons licence. 

3 Solos Em 1 Tempo – 3 Solos in One Time

Artist/Author: Denise Stutz | Reference: D1977 | Type: DVD

Video document of performance. With movements both hers and of other choreographers, Denise Stutz guides the audience through a personal and emotional history of Brazilian contemporary dance. The memory of the body and its relationship to identity – as well as how this is inscribed in space and relates to the public – motivate and shape this solo.

Uma Vida Em Dança – Movimentos e Percursos

Artist/Author: Denise Stutz | Reference: D1978 | Type: DVD

Video document of a journey of recollection through embdied and spoken narratives drawn from a number of reference works by the artist.


Artist/Author: Opavivara | Reference: D1875 | Type: DVD

Documentation of the Opavivara collective performances: 2005 – 2011.


Artist/Author: Grupo Empreza | Reference: D1870 | Type: DVD

Documentation of various performance works dating from 2001 – 2009

Portraits of Contemporary Art

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1859 | ISBN: 0000018375x | Type: DVD

Published by the Rio de Janeiro’s Museum of Modern Art. Language : Portuguese

Crossing Veronica and Disyquilibrio

Artist/Author: Marco Paulo Rolla | Reference: D1878 | Type: DVD

Double DVD set of documentation.

Suando e Resistindo and Homens de Preto

Artist/Author: Marco Paulo Rolla | Reference: D1879 | Type: DVD

Double DVD set of documentation.

Dias & Riedweg: otherness and aesthetic experience in contemporary Brazilian art:

Artist/Author: Beatrice Pimenta Velloso | Reference: P1873 | ISBN: 978-85-61022-61-7 | Type: Publication

Beatrice Pepper Velloso, visual artist and professor at the School of Fine Arts, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Language: Portuguese

Recibo 88 - on the concept of spending

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1875 | Type: Publication

Issue number 6 of Receipt magazine. Language: Portuguese

File de Peixe

Artist/Author: Piratao File de Peixe | Reference: D1841 | Type: DVD

Portuguese with English subtitles

Combo 3: A Copia Nao E Um Falso

Artist/Author: Piratao File de Peixe | Reference: D1840 | Type: DVD

Piratao File de Peixe, Combo 3: A Copia Nao E Um Falso, Panorama Festival 2011, Brazil video


Artist/Author: Marco Nanini, Mariana Lima, Alamo Faco, Felipe Abib | Reference: P1860 | Type: Publication

Performance documentation.

Chelpa Ferro

Artist/Author: Carlos Nader | Reference: D1830 | Type: DVD

Documentation of the practice by the Rio de Janeiro-based group.

Ronald Duarte, 7

Artist/Author: Ronald Duarte | Reference: P1841 | Type: Publication

Exhibition of work by Ronald Duarte at the Laura Alvim Gallery in Brazil. 19 October – 4 December 2011. Text in Portuguese and English.

Eu Prometo Isto

Artist/Author: Micheline Torres | Reference: P1839 | Type: Publication

A solo work marked by the encounter with people through a process of research. Text in Portuguese – see D1818 for DVD documentation.

I Promise It’s Political

Artist/Author: Micheline Torres | Reference: D1818 | Type: DVD

A solo work marked by the encounter with people through a process of research.

Panoramas Do Sol - 17th Internacional De Arte Contemporanea

Reference: P1823 | Type: Publication

Catalogue for the Panorama festival in Brazil. September 2011 – January 2012.

Panoramas Do Sul - 17th Festival Internacional de Arte Contemporanea

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1817 | Type: Publication

Booklet/programme for Panoramas Do Sul. 30th September 2011-29 January 2012. Language: Portuguese

Theatre of the Oppressed

Artist/Author: Augusto Boal | Editor: Trans. Charles A. & Maria-Odilia Leal McBride, and Emily Fryer | Reference: P1745 | ISBN: 978-0-74532838-6 | Type: Publication

*currently unavailable*

First published in 1979, then in 2000, and this new edition published in 2008. Translated from Spanish by Charles A. & Maria-Odilia Leal McBride, and Emily Fryer.

Ansuman Biswas: An inspiring artist bares more than his soul

Artist/Author: Ansuman Biswas | Reference: A0306 | Type: Article

Louder Than Bombs, Stanley Picker Gallery. See oversized materials shelf

From the Favela to Our Manor - Translating AfroReggae

Artist/Author: Richard Ings, Paul Heritage | Reference: P1218 | ISBN: 978-0955117930 | Type: Publication

An 80-page report about detailing the activities and outcomes of the 2006 programme.

Here Whilst We Walk (2 of 2)

Artist/Author: Gustavo Ciriaco and Andrea Sonnberger | Reference: D1064 | Type: DVD

A walk through the streets of Chelsea. Part of Sacred Season at the Chelsea Theatre, 28 April – 10 May 2008 (For full programme see REF. P1132).Video documentation, part 2 of 2. For 1 see REF. D1063.

Here Whilst We Walk (1 of 2)

Artist/Author: Gustavo Ciriaco and Andrea Sonnberger | Reference: D1063 | Type: DVD

A walk through the streets of Chelsea. Part of Sacred Season at the Chelsea Theatre, 28 April – 10 May 2008 (For full programme see REF. P1132).Video documentation, part 1 of 2. For 2 see REF. D1064.

Everything is Possible Behind the Scenes

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1057 | Type: DVD

Paul Heritage discusses two of People’s Palace Projects’ current programmes with artists and communities in Rio de Janeiro. 28 April 2008

Part of Sacred Season at the Chelsea Theatre, 28 April – 10 May 2008 (For full programme see REF. P1132).


Artist/Author: various | Reference: D0832 | Type: DVD

Documentation from an event with critical debates, conferences and workshops about the relation betwen Live Art, the body, dance, and technologies and new media. Alcala de Henares, 19 – 23 november 2007

Still - Under the State of Things

Artist/Author: Gustavo Ciriaco | Reference: D0710 | Type: DVD

Uma Conferencia Imaginaria

Artist/Author: Gustavo Circacio | Reference: D0475 | Type: DVD

Site-specific and stage performances.


Artist/Author: La Ribot, Pacitti Company and Gary Stevens | Reference: D0290 | Type: DVD