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Access All Areas: Symposium Two ‘My Body Did Everything I Asked it’

Artist/Author: Various | Digital Reference: EF5038 | Type: Digital File

Digital reference is folder containing four movies. Footage by Manuel Vason, (see also British Library recording, D1618).

Access All Areas: Symposium Two ‘My Body Did Everything I Asked it’

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1618 | Type: DVD

Digital reference is folder containing four movies. British Library Recording (see also footage by Manuel Vason, EF5038)

Throwing the Body into the Fight

Artist/Author: Raimund Hoghe | Reference: D1535 | Type: DVD

With post-show discussion.“Pier Paolo Pasolini wrote of throwing the body into the fight. These words inspired me to go on stage. Other inspirations are the reality around me, the time in which I live, my memories of history, people, images, feelings and the power and beauty of music and the confrontation with one’s own body which, in my case, does not correspond with conventional ideals of beauty. To see bodies on stage that do not comply with the norm is important – not only with regard to history but also with regard to present developments, which are leading humans to the status of design objects. On the question of success: it is important to be able to work and to go your own way – with or without success. I simply do what I have to do.“www.raimundhoghe.comThis documentation has since been presented with the permission of the artist as part of the Performance Matters, Performing Idea, Performance Lecture Archive; an interactive video archive housed at the Whitechapel Gallery between 2-9 October 2010. The archive looked at examples of the performance lecture as a form of artistic and critical expression and its potential to address a broad range of cultural issues and philosophical ideas.

A Study Room Guide: Disability and New Artistic Models

Artist/Author: Aaron Williamson | Reference: P1529 | Type: Publication

Reflects the ways in which the practices of artists who work with Live Art have engaged with, represented, and problematised issues of disability in innovative and radical ways, and the ways in which Live Art has been, and continues to be, a potent platform for artists to explore notions of physicality, identity and representation.

SPILL Tarot Pack

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1219 | Type: Publication

Presented in a specially designed box and cellophane wrapped. Shelved in Oversize publications section.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)