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The Bruce Lacey Experience: Paintings, Sculptures, Installations and Performances

Artist/Author: Bruce Lacey, David Alan Mellor | Reference: P2129 | ISBN: 978-1-907208-28-7 | Type: Publication

He could be considered a latter-day English Dadaist, but Bruce Lacey's place in 20th-Century British Art is still uncharted and ill-attended to. He goes missing in critical accounts of mid- and late-century art and this short monograph is an attempt to remedy the omission by analysing his work in relation to the shifting cultural contexts of the period.

Where is Ana Mendieta? Identity, Performativity, and Exile

Artist/Author: Jane Blocker | Reference: P2124 | ISBN: 978-0-8223-2324-2 | Type: Publication

Taken from banners carried in a 1992 protest outside the Guggenheim Museum, the title phrase 'Where is Ana Mendieta?' evokes not only the suspicious and tragic circumstances surrounding her death but also the conspicuous absence of women artists from high-profile exhibitions. Drawing on the work of such theorists as Judith Butler, Joseph Roach, Edward Said, and Homi Bhabha, Jane Blocker discusses the power of Mendieta's earth-and-body art to alter, unsettle, and broaden terms of identity itself.


Artist/Author: Deej Fabyc | Reference: V0423 | Type: Video

Unlimited Global Alchemy

Artist/Author: Rachel Gadsden | Editor: Andrew Mitchelson | Reference: P1909 | ISBN: 978-0-9565621-4-2 | Type: Publication

Limited edition catalogue, edited by Andrew Mitchelson and designed by David Caines, carries images of artworks, a DVD and texts.

And Europe will be Stunned

Artist/Author: Yael Bartana | Reference: P1898 | ISBN: 978-1-902201-26-9 | Type: Publication

Europe and the Middle East

uman rights and ethics

The Lost Runway Kyoto

Artist/Author: Aine Phllips | Reference: D1862 | Type: DVD

Collaboration between Áine Phillips and film-maker Rachel Davies. Large scale collaborative project commemorating lost women and girls. A week long workshop process generates a collection of sculptural costumes and culminates in a runway/catwalk performance dedicated to each lost girl represented. Supported by Culture Ireland, Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, Japan Foundation, Live Art Development Agency and British Council. Part of Louder Than Bombs – Art, Acton and Activism Project.

The Aesthetics of Risk

Editor: John C. Welchman | Reference: P1752 | ISBN: 978-3-905770-55-1 | Type: Publication

This anthology of essays, images and dialogues exploring contemporary art’s engagements with risk–physical, social, political and aesthetic–brings readers into the conference from which the book takes its title, a third annual collaboration between the Getty Research Institute and the Southern California Consortium of Art Schools (SoCCAS).

I Still Love,The Nunnery Gallery leaflet

Artist/Author: Franko B | Reference: P1645 | Type: Publication

Leaflet refers to Franko B’s exhibition of embroidered canvases at The Nunnery Gallery in Bow,includes an essay by Michele Robecchi ‘Untouchable – The Three-Dimensional World of Franko B’ 6 May – 5 June 2011.

Sta(i)r Falling

Artist/Author: Branislava, Kira O'Reilly | Reference: A0358 | Type: Article

Kira O’Reilly, “Stair Falling” performed 3-19 July 2009. “Marina Abramovic Presents …” Manchester International Festival Whitworth Art Gallery. This item is part of the Study Room Guide: On Falling by Amy Sharrocks (P2249) and the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)

Fire Practice Theatre

Artist/Author: Susan Thomson | Reference: D1455 | Type: DVD

Residing somewhere between fiction and documentary, the film shows firefighters practising their skills on a tall purpose built house in a fire station.

Strawberry Girl; Deej Fabyc Some Projects 1995 - 2001

Artist/Author: Deej Fabyc | Reference: P0231 | Type: Publication

Short summaries of projects


Artist/Author: Natasha Davis | Reference: D1250 | Type: DVD

A series of episodes exploring life in a spasm, liminal spaces and the body as a permanent site of trauma.

Incorruptible Flesh (Perpetual Wound)

Artist/Author: Ron Athey and Dominic Johnson | Reference: D1196 | Type: DVD

Part of Sacred at Chelsea Theatre, London

Transmission (Excerpts)

Artist/Author: Dominic Johnson | Reference: D1195 | Type: DVD

In the Name of

Artist/Author: Leda Papaconstantinou | Reference: D1131 | Type: DVD

Includes project, interview and making of. English & Greek. For homonymous publication see REF. P1214.

In the Name of

Artist/Author: Leda Papaconstantinou | Reference: P1214 | ISBN: 978-960-89041-3-2 | Type: Publication

English & Greek. Accompanied by DVD, REF. D1131. Catalogue accompanying homonymous exhibition presented at the 1st Contemporary Art Biennale of Thessaloniki (22 September – 11 November 2007).

Surviving Words

Artist/Author: Theron Shmidt | Reference: A0241 | Type: Article

Theron Shmidt in dialogue with Doran George and The Mourner’s Dance. Includes excerpts of correspondence between the writer and the artist.

Incorruptible Flesh

Artist/Author: Ron Athey and Dominic Johnson | Reference: D0849 | Type: DVD

Part of Sacred at Chelsea Theatre, London

Changing Narratives: Performative Acts of Reclaiming the Body Through Elective Corporeal Trauma

Artist/Author: Adrienne Katz | Reference: P0980 | Type: Publication

MA Dance Anthropology Dissertation

Handle on Nowhere

Artist/Author: Deej Fabyc | Reference: P0811 | ISBN: 978-0-9553829-0-1 | Type: Publication


Artist/Author: Deej Fabyc | Reference: D0037 | Type: DVD

Artist collection. NB We Can Work It Out is not complete.

Oh Lover Boy

Artist/Author: Franko B | Reference: V0372 | Digital Reference: EV0372 | Type: Video

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)

This Is My Body…

Artist/Author: Orlan | Reference: V0082 | Digital Reference: EV0082 | Type: Digital File

Sally’s Rape

Artist/Author: Robbie McCauley | Reference: V0107 | Digital Reference: EV0107 | Type: Digital File

Video and digital documentation of play presented at the ICA, London, September 1995. This item is part of the Study Room Guide on Performance, Politics, Ethics and Human Rights by Adrien Sina (P0661)


Artist/Author: Ron Athey | Reference: V0044 | Digital Reference: EV0044 | Type: Digital File

Documentation of the performance premiered as part of the “Rapture” season, ICA commission, London, United Kingdom, December 1995. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)


Artist/Author: Deej Fabyc | Reference: V0540 | Type: Video