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Proliferations - Part I

Artist/Author: Liz Rosenfeld | Digital Reference: EF5345 | Type: Digital File

Pines towards a future vision that surpasses generally accepted structural limitations of the human condition. Part of LADA Screens.

Performance, Ethics and Spectatorship in a Global Age

Artist/Author: Helena Grehan | Reference: P3968 | ISBN: 978-0230518018 | Type: Publication

Takes performance studies in exciting new directions, exploring the ways in which ethics can be used to understand the complex questions facing contemporary spectators.

Part of Library of Performing Rights (P3041)

La verdad

Artist/Author: Regina José Galindo | Digital Reference: EF5277 | Type: Digital File

A one hour reading of testimonies from the survivors of the armed conflict in Guatemala.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

In On The Act (Part 2) - Performing Rights Glasgow (24)

Artist/Author: James Thompson | Reference: D1106 | Type: DVD

Explores the role of the international researcher in communicating information about the Rwandan genocide to non-Rwandan audiences. National Review of Live Art, 10 February 2008.

Disc 2 of 2, see REF. D1105/D1106.

Performance and Performativity in German Cultural Studies

Artist/Author: Carolin Duttlinger, Lucia Ruprecht, Andrew Webber (eds) | Reference: P0758 | ISBN: 3-03910-150-1 | Type: Publication

Article by Cathy S Gelbin on Tanya Ury – Metaphors of Genocide: The Staging of Jewish History and Identity in the Art of Tanya Ury (p221-240)