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a is for aspergers: a personal glossary of a spectrumy life

Author: Andrew Coltrin | Reference: P4095

A glossary of terms that come up during the desperate search for meaning that comes with an Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis. I went through it. I know other people go through it. There are plenty of books, either more clinical, or more autobiographical out there. This one cuts straight through shackles of narrative to provide discrete chunks of information in an easy to navigate, dictionary format.

Unicorn: The Memoir of a Muslim Drag Queen

Author: Amrou Al-Kadhi | Reference: P4058 | ISBN: 978-0008306069

From a god-fearing Muslim boy enraptured with their mother, to a vocal, queer drag queen estranged from their family, this is a heart-breaking and hilarious memoir about the author’s fight to be true to themself.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (P3041).

Last Night Art Saved My Life

Digital Reference: EF5320

Audio recording from the informal event which included a practical session of creating ‘access and equality riders’ for artists and audiences. LADA, 26 June 2018. 2 audio files.

Not Today How I Chose Life: My battle against the Demon within (A Love Story)

Author: Sophie Cook | Reference: P3978 | ISBN: 978-1912804504

For the first time ever Sophie tells the full inspirational story of how she conquered her demons to come out as transgender in the Premier League, run for Parliament and learn to love herself.

A Guide to Being an Artist and Being Ok (don’t worry, we’re all pretending)

Reference: P3794

A collection of poetry, ramblings, rants and images by artists who suffer with some form of depression and or anxiety

K-Punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher

Author: Mark Fisher | Reference: P3761 | ISBN: 978-1912248285

Brings together the work of acclaimed blogger, writer, political activist and lecturer, covering the period 2004 – 2016.

SCUM Manifesto

Author: Valerie Solanas | Reference: P3746 | ISBN: 9781859845530

Considered one of the most outrageous, violent and certifiably crazy tracts when it first appeared in 1968, Solanas' text is reconsidered in Avital Ronell's introduction, “Deviant Payback: The Aims of Valerie Solanas”.

Heroes: Mass Murder and Suicide

Author: Franco Bifo Berardi | Reference: P3728 | ISBN: 9781781685785

What is the relationship between capitalism and mental health? Berardi embarks on an exhilarating journey through philosophy, psychoanalysis and current events, searching for the social roots of the mental malaise of our age.

Chiron Stamp collection

Author: Chiron Stamp | Digital Reference: EF5285

– 2 part audio recording of RE:Create Psychiatry at the Wellcome Collection (1hr24mins and 1hr39mins)
– Saw it Down/OUT (8:31)
– audio loop file
– photo documentation 

Everything In My Head At One Time In My Life

Author: Lucy Hutson | Reference: P3668 | ISBN: 978-1-9164243-0-2

An extraordinary response to the artist's experiences within the mental health system. Published in an edition of 200, with each copy personalised by Lucy.

Ghosts of My Life: Writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures

Author: Mark Fisher | Reference: P3647 | ISBN: 978-1-78099-226-6

This collection of writings by the author of Capitalist Realism, argues that we are haunted by futures that failed to happen. Fisher searches for the traces of these lost futures.

The Aesthetics of Disengagement: Contemporary Art and Depression

Author: Christine Ross | Reference: P3653 | ISBN: 978-0816645398

Shows how contemporary art is a powerful yet largely unacknowledged player in the articulation of depression in Western culture, both adopting and challenging scientific definitions of the condition. Ross explores the ways in which contemporary art performs the detached aesthetics of depression, exposing the viewer's loss of connection and ultimately redefining the function of the image. 

Common Affairs - Collaborative Arts Projects

Reference: P3616 | ISBN: 9789639537675

Published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition Ludwig Museum, Budapest, 30 January – 18 March.  Presents the programmes implemented during the four-year CAPP project.

In Hungarian and English.

Six Monologues

Author: Jeff McMahon | Reference: P3575 | ISBN: 9781387322961

Collects six of McMahon's works that span across socio-political, queer and historical frames of discourse: Discontents, Scatter, City Of God, Heel, Honorable Discharge, Failure to Thrive (we small hours). 

69 Things To Do With A Dead Princess

Author: Stewart Home | Reference: P3522 | ISBN: 978-1841953533

This is where the novel has a nervous breakdown. Anna Noon is a twenty-year-old student with a taste for perverse sex involving an enigmatic older man and a ventriloquist's dummy. 


Author: the vaccum cleaner and Hannah Hull | Digital Reference: EF5276

A project based on the artists' experience of mental health, and their desire to find a positive space to experience mental distress… and enlightenment.

Confessions of a Recovering Data Collector

Reference: P3422 | ISBN: ISBN 978-0955749131

For over five years Harrison documented and recorded information about nearly every aspect of her daily routine, amassing reams of data in the process. But these laborious, demanding and introverted processes took their toll. Something had to give. Ellie had to quit!

Different times. Drag, life, rock’n'roll: five years in Six Inch Killaz, 1994-99

Author: Simon Murphy | Reference: P3420

A zine about Six Inch Killas, and Asperger's Syndrome in queer London.

Theatre & Disability

Author: Petra Kuppers | Reference: P3321 | ISBN: 978-1137605719

How do disabled people experience theatre, as both audience members and performers? How has the institution of theatre responded to disability over time? How can we create new spaces for performance and attend to different communities’ forms of expression?

Pocket Theatre M documentation

Author: Zorica Jevremović | Reference: D2262

Artist biography and promotional material for Pocket Theatre M (Džepno pozorište M), founded on the premises of a psychiatric clinic.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Walking as Reading and Memory

Author: Rebekah Dean | Reference: P3273

Postcard book; presents a performative text of the 18 questions which appear in the diagnostic questionnaire of the adult ADHD Self-Report scale.

Ageing Artfully: Older People and Professional Participatory Arts in the UK

Author: David Cutler | Reference: P3150 | ISBN: 978-1-906172-06-0

The report looks at the history of the movement and puts it in a policy context; 120 case studies of organisations were identified and numerous examples of all art forms; especially dance, drama, music, singing and the visual arts. 

Part of the Know How: The Study Room Guide on Live Art Live Art and working with older individuals and communities. (P3140)

Coming of Age: Arts Practice With Older People In Private And Domestic Spaces

Author: Caoimhe McAvinchey | Reference: A0710

What are the implications of arts practice in people's home or private rooms in residential care? What new understandings do they reveal about innovations in form, artistic labour practices and cultural organisations' capacity? This article examines these questions through two projects.

Part of the Know How: The Study Room Guide on Live Art Live Art and working with older individuals and communities. (P3140)

In misc folder 7.

Guerilla Aspies: a neurotypical society infiltration manual

Author: Paul Wady | Reference: P3087 | ISBN: 978-1909769076

A guide for those on the autistic spectrum on how to 'blend' in – look, sound and act 'normal'.

Taking a hard look at the self

Author: John Bailey | Reference: A0693

An article on autopbiographical perforance, including Fake It Till You Make It (Bryony Kimmings, Tim Grayburn), Elizabeth Taylor is my Mother (Suzie Hardgrave, La Mama Theatre), The Blueform (James Pratt, La Mama Theatre).

M(other) Stories

Author: Helen Sargeant | Reference: P3027

A journal of a forty something mother/artist with two sons aged 5 and 13. 

Part of Live Art and Motherhood: A Study Room Guide on Live Art and the Maternal (P3025).

Yayoi Kusama

Author: Laura Hoptman, Udo Kultermann and Yayoi Kusama | Reference: P2888 | ISBN: 978-0714839202

The first ever monograph on the astounding 40-year career of this established, deeply daring and tirelessly experimental artist, who represented Japan at the Venice Biennale in 1993. It was published to coincide with an exhibition in 2000 at the Serpentine Gallery. 

Yayoi Kusama: Inventing the Singular

Author: Midori Yamamura | Reference: P2892 | ISBN: 978-0262029476

Yamamura eschews the usual critical fascination with Kusama's biography to consider the artist in her social and cultural milieu. By examining Kusama's art alongside that of her peers, Yamamura offers a new perspective on her career. 

Infinity Net: The Autobiography of Yayoi Kusama

Author: Yayoi Kusama | Reference: P2863 | ISBN: 978-1849762137

This engaging autobiography tells the story of Kusama's life and extraordinary career in her own words, revealing her as a fascinating figure and maverick artist who channels her obsessive neuroses into an art that transcends cultural barriers.

Heroes: Mass Murder and Suicide

Author: Franco “Bifo” Berardi | Reference: P2669 | ISBN: 9781781685785

Publication exploring the relationship between capitalism and mental health.

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community

Author: Laura Erikson Schroth | Reference: P2453 | ISBN: 978-0199325351

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is a revolutionary resource-a comprehensive, reader-friendly guide for transgender people, with each chapter written by transgender or genderqueer authors

Yang Zhichao Works

Author: Yang Zhichao | Reference: P1352

Pain in Soul: Performance Art and Video Works

Author: He Chengyao | Reference: P1374

Catalogue of a solo exhibition of He Chengyao's work at Shangahi Zendai Mueum of Modern Art in September 2007. Includes documentation and critical writings around key performance and photography projects created since 2001 and new photographic and video work examining issues of poverty and mental health in China.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Disability and New Artistic Models by Aaron Williamson (P1529)

Pain in Soul - Performance Art and Video Works by He Chengyao

Author: He Chengyao | Reference: P1103

Brochure, Publication accompanying the homonymous exhibition presented at the Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, 2-16 September 2007. Text by Wang Nanming, Chinese and English