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Touched Bodies: The Performative Turn in Latin American Art

Artist/Author: Mara Polgovsky Ezcurra | Reference: P4031 | ISBN: 9-781978-802025 | Type: Publication

What is the role of pleasure and pain in the politics of art?  Polgovsky Ezcurra approaches this question as she examines the flourishing of live and intermedial performance in Latin America during times of authoritarianism and its significance during transitions to democracy.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (P3041).

Border Brujo

Artist/Author: Guillermo Gómez-Peña | Reference: A0771 | Type: Article

A Performance Poem from the Series “Documented/Undocumented”.

Argentina’s Popular Uprising - newspaper

Artist/Author: Que Se Vayan Todos | Reference: P3319 | Type: Publication

An eyewitness account of the financial meltdown and ongoing grassroots rebellion.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Nurtured by Knowledge: Learning to Do Participatory Action Research

Editor: Susan E. Smith, Dennis G. Willms, Nancy A. Johnson | Reference: P3304 | ISBN: 978-0945257813 | Type: Publication

Examines the frustrations and limitations of conventional Western academic research on social change and describes the struggle to fashion a new approach based on the principle that people have a universal right to participate in the production of knowledge that directly affects their lives.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Of Bridges & Borders: Vol. II

Editor: Sigismond de Vajay | Reference: P3136 | ISBN: 978-3037642634 | Type: Publication

Anthropologists, writers, philosophers, artists, sociologists and architects from around the world voice their views of the challenges facing society today. The content ranges from anecdotes to complex research projects. In Spanish and English.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Displacement (P3107).

VERBO 2005-2015

Reference: P2965 | ISBN: 978-85-64324-07-7 | Type: Publication

An overview of the first 10 years of the VERBO festival, featuring texts by Brazilian and foreign authors.

In Portuguese and English; some text in Spanish.

Monica Mayer: When in Doubt ... Ask - A Retrocollective Exhibit

Editor: Ekaterina Alvarez Romero | Reference: P2957 | ISBN: 978-8416282562 | Type: Publication

This is the first book on Mexican artist’s broad range of production, bringing together two- and three-dimensional works, records of actions, sound and film recordings and archival materials, enabling a reading of Mayer’s place in the construction of feminist practice in Mexico. In Spanish and English.


Artist/Author: Diana Taylor | Reference: P2913 | ISBN: 978-0822359975 | Type: Publication

In this invitation to reflect on the power of performance, Diana Taylor explores many of the ‘performance’ uses and iterations: artistic, economic, sexual, political, and technological performance; the performance of everyday life; and the gendered, sexed, and racialized performance of bodies. Images and texts interact to show how performance is at once a creative act, a means to comprehend power, a method of transmitting memory and identity, and a way of understanding the world.

ASCO Elite of the Obscure

Editor: Rita Gonzalez and C. Ondine Chavoya | Reference: P2920 | ISBN: 978-3775730037 | Type: Publication

Catalogue from the first retrospective to present the wide-ranging work of the Chicano performance and conceptual art group Asco. Exhibition held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (September – December 2011) and Williams College Museum of Art (February – July, 2012).

Portable Borders

Artist/Author: Ila Nicole Sheren | Reference: P2839 | ISBN: 978-1477302262 | Type: Publication

Sheren explores performance art and politics on the US Frontera since 1984. Beginning with a political history of the border, with an emphasis on the Chicano movement and its art production, Ila Sheren explores the forces behind the shift in thinking about the border in the late twentieth century.

MOLA 2013 Programme

Reference: P2804 | Type: Publication

Mostra OSSO Latino Americana de Performances festival programme, 2013. Includes an introduction by Dani Felix. In Spanish and Portuguese. 

Limitless: Contemporary Art in Mexico City 2000-2010

Artist/Author: Edgar Alejandro Hernández, Inbal Miller | Reference: P2759 | ISBN: 978-607-8295-09-8 | Type: Publication

The book assembles the work of 136 different collectives and artists, both Mexican and foreign, who created some 200 works in Mexico City over the period of a decade. Texts: Cuauhtémoc Medina, Edgar Hernández, Inbal Miller, Patricia Sloane, Guillermo Santamarina. Bilingual edition.

Víctor Lerma: Juego y Sutileza

Artist/Author: Josefina Alcázar | Reference: D2159 | ISBN: 978-607-605-055-2 | Type: DVD

Part of a CD series on performance in Mexico. In English and Spanish.

César Martínez: Dinamita y Gelatina

Artist/Author: Josefina Alcázar | Reference: D2158 | ISBN: 978-607-605-054-5 | Type: DVD

Part of a CD series on performance in Mexico. In English and Spanish.

Carlos Jaurena: Catarsis y Comunicación

Artist/Author: Josefina Alcázar | Reference: D2157 | ISBN: 978-607-605-272-3 | Type: DVD

Part of CD series on performance in Mexico. In English and Spanish.

Ricardo Velazko: Humor y Video

Artist/Author: Josefina Alcázar | Reference: D2156 | ISBN: 978-607-605-272-3 | Type: DVD

Part of CD series on performance in Mexico. In English and Spanish.

Regina Jose Galindo - Estoy viva

Editor: Diego Sileo and Eugenio Viola | Reference: P2462 | ISBN: 9788857223186 | Type: Publication

Regina Jose Galindo dencounces violence women and, more generally, the social, political and cultural violence of contemporary society.

María Teresa Hincapie – Her Body is her Religion, her Actions her Art – Performance Art from Latin A

Artist/Author: María Teresa Hincapie, Jenny Lopez | Reference: P2022 | Type: Publication

Close analysis of a selection of Hincapie’s works by Jenny Lopez.

Point of Escape

Artist/Author: María Teresa Hincapie, Jenny Lopez | Reference: P2021 | Type: Publication

An analysis of the 1996 performance by Jenny Lopez.

Pais Para Quien

Artist/Author: Fernando Arias | Reference: P1403 | Type: Publication

Gonzalo Rabanal - Video Performance 1998/2008

Artist/Author: Gonzalo Rabanal | Reference: D0993 | Type: DVD

Artist documentation.

Mercosur Videodance Circuit

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D0414 | Type: DVD