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Prayer for the Abstract

Artist/Author: Lilach Livne | Reference: P3672 | ISBN: 978-3-947516-03-2 | Type: Publication

Resisting the control of the image, transcending from the 2-dimensional, practicing being-a-body-in-the-world.

Grey Matters

Artist/Author: Sexcentenary | Digital Reference: EF5265 | Type: Digital File

Documentation from the DIY13 project: a collective process of devising and then performing a public action, over the course of a weekend.


Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

The Earth Wants YOU

Artist/Author: Reverend Billy Talen | Reference: P3410 | ISBN: 978-0872867079 | Type: Publication

A motivational handbook, filled with inspired visions of a wild, creative, Earth-led cultural revolution. 

Bioart Kitchen: Art, Feminism and Technoscience

Artist/Author: Lindsay Kelley | Reference: P3324 | ISBN: 978-1784534134 | Type: Publication

Explores a wide spectrum of seemingly unconnected subjects, which, when brought together, offer a more inclusive, expansive history of bioart, namely: home economics; the feminist art of the 1970s; tissue culture methodologies; domestic computing; and contemporary artistic engagements with biotechnology.

Syxty Sorriso & Altre Storie

Artist/Author: Flora Pitrolo and Antonio Syxty | Reference: P3237 | Type: Publication

The archive-book of the 1978-1982 works of performance artist Antonio Syxty, active in Milan in connection with the basement theatre Out Off.

Towards a Poiesis of Critical Practice: 1000th LIVE and the politics of appearance

Artist/Author: Diana Damian Martin | Editor: Ric Allsopp and Kristen Kreider | Reference: A0724 | Type: Article

On the process and politics of live critical responses to a live stream of Forced Entertainment’s And on a Thousandth Night.

VERBO 2005-2015

Reference: P2965 | ISBN: 978-85-64324-07-7 | Type: Publication

An overview of the first 10 years of the VERBO festival, featuring texts by Brazilian and foreign authors.

In Portuguese and English; some text in Spanish.

Rock Action

Artist/Author: Mariel Carranza | Digital Reference: EF5214 | Type: Digital File

An extract of an action performed in Peru as part of CAUTION in July 2011.


Into Performance: Japanese Women Artists

Artist/Author: Midori Yoshimoto | Reference: P2917 | ISBN: 978-0813535210 | Type: Publication

This book brings to light the historical significance of five women artists – Yoko Ono, Yayoi Kusama, Takako Saito, Mieko Shiomi, and Shigeko Kubota, who were among the first Japanese women to leave their country – and its male-dominated, conservative art world – to explore the artistic possibilities in New York.

Public Sphere by Performance

Artist/Author: Bojana Cvejic and Ana Vujanovic | Reference: P2784 | ISBN: 978-3-942214-10-0 | Type: Publication

A critical discussion of the public sphere in the current neoliberal capitalist democracy from the perspective of performance.

Collective Actions: Audience Recollections from the First Five Years 1976-1981

Editor: Yelena Kalinsky | Reference: P2783 | ISBN: 978-0982409053 | Type: Publication

Active in Moscow since 1976, the Collective Actions group played a key role in the development of conceptual and performance art in the Soviet Union. Inspired by the work of John Cage, the organizers invited audiences to take part in minimal, outdoor actions in fields and forests on the edges of the city that explored the nature of the aesthetic event. The publication concentrates on the early period of field actions when the problems of documentation—how to capture and convey ephemeral action to non-participants—were just beginning to be considered.

Above Snakes

Artist/Author: Jamie McMurry | Reference: P2733 | ISBN: 978-1-312-70502-9 | Type: Publication

A catalog of work from a 2014 exhibit by Jamie McMurry entitled “Above Snakes”

DIY 11: 2014 - Manuel Vason ‘The Photo-Performer’

Artist/Author: Manuel Vason | Reference: P2632 | Type: Publication

Collage of printed images on book by the DIY 11 workshop participants with the artist.

Jet femme Dovolena

Artist/Author: New Noveta | Digital Reference: EF5120 | Type: Digital File

Four parts documentation of a piece exploring repetitive ritual, within a framework of noise and projected through a semi constructed physical structure. Presented in the context of “Fem Fresh” (Sunday 8 June 2014), a collaboration between Queen Mary, University of London and the Live Art Development Agency, featuring presentations and dialogues on, about, and around feminism and age in Live Art.

Lee Lozano: Dropout Piece

Artist/Author: Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer | Reference: P2419 | ISBN: 9781846381317 | Type: Publication

Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer explores one of Lee Lozano’s most challenging and elusive works, ‘Dropout Piece’.

Null Object: Gustav Metzger thinks about nothing

Artist/Author: Gustav Metzger, Bruce Gilchrist, Jo Joelson, London Fieldworks | Reference: P2147 | ISBN: 978-1-908966-12-4 | Type: Publication

This is not Art : Activism and Other ‘Not-Art’

Artist/Author: Alana Jelinek | Reference: P2112 | ISBN: 978-1848858572 | Type: Publication

A retelling the history of art practice and exposing the ways in which neoliberal norms and values have seeped into every aspect of our lives.

Nezaket Ekici – Art Projects Selection: 2011-2005

Artist/Author: Nezaket Ekici | Reference: P2060 | Type: Publication

Artist portfolio including artist statement, selected projects, catalogues, images and DVD preview video sample copy.

Never Enough – AIDS Activism Now and Then – 25 Years of ACT UP and Gran Fury

Artist/Author: Jennifer Kabat | Reference: A0522 | Type: Article

Survey of 25 years of AIDS activism.

Wrong Bodies and Born Freak (extracts)

Artist/Author: Mat Fraser | Reference: D1876 | Type: DVD

Channel 4 documentary; part of an event at the ICA in collaboration with the arts collective DHSS.

Can also be found in the Access all Areas : Live Art and Disability book and accompanying DVD: P1864

A Girl Skipping

Artist/Author: Graeme Miller | Reference: D1865 | Type: DVD

A Girl Skipping was devised and premiered in 1990.

Verbo 2010

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1876 | Type: Publication

Programme for Verb an annual performance festival dedicated to performance by artists from Brazil and the rest of the world. partnership with the Centro Cultural São Paulo and FUNARTE. Language: English and Portuguese. (The programme features descriptions of the actions in the original language and in English).

Devolving the Mutant

Artist/Author: Mat Fraser | Reference: D1708 | Type: DVD

Documentation of pieces created 1999 – 2011: Wrong Bodies, Sealo the Sealboy, Kiss, Everything You Wanted to Know about Access in the City, Talidomida boy, Thalidomide!! A Musical, The Arms Striptease, Beauty and the Beast, No Retreat, No Surrender, and The Incurables of England, Gawd Bless ‘Em Down to Hell,

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

After Grotowski

Artist/Author: Paul Allain, Jerzy Grotowski | Reference: A0415 | Type: Article

Obituary/reflection on Jerzy Grotowski who died in January 1999. (see Paul Allain’s obituary of Grotowski in Total Theatre, Vol. 11, No. 1 – A0407)

The Fall of Faust – Considerations on Contemporary Art and Art Action

Artist/Author: Andrea Pagnes, Verena Stenke (VestAndPage) | Reference: P1510 | ISBN: 9788890516108 | Type: Publication

This publication from the artists and curators VestAndPage investigates the intimate tissue of creativity, questioning performance art as urgency.


Artist/Author: Nisha Mesh | Reference: D1448 | Type: DVD

Mirza & Butler

Artist/Author: Maxa Zoller | Reference: A0314 | Type: Article

Review of Mirza & Butler’s project.

A Line Made by Walking

Artist/Author: Richard Long | Editor: Dieter Roelstraete | Reference: P1435 | ISBN: 9781846380587 | Type: Publication

This formative piece was made on one of Long’s journeys to St Martin’s from his home in Bristol.

Beuys is Here

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Celia Davies and Jane Won | Reference: P1303 | ISBN: 978-0-9562866-0-4 | Type: Publication

Explores the expanded concept of art as understood by Beuys. This ‘battery of ideas’ includes a series of short contributions from artists, specialists and commentators.

Anonymous Performance

Artist/Author: Anonymous | Reference: D1224 | Type: DVD

This disk does not work on a dvd player. It should be opened as a data containing disk through the Finder on a Mac computer.

In the Name of

Artist/Author: Leda Papaconstantinou | Reference: D1131 | Type: DVD

Includes project, interview and making of. English & Greek. For homonymous publication see REF. P1214.

Marco Paulo Rolla

Artist/Author: Marco Paulo Rolla | Reference: D1128 | Type: DVD

Video documentation. For exhibition catalogues see REF. P1205.

Mohamed is Absent, I’m Performing

Artist/Author: Mohamed Abdulla | Reference: D1181 | Type: DVD

Documentation of the work of Mohamed Abdulla. mov, pdf and ppt files.

Akademia Ruchu - City. The Field of Action

Artist/Author: Akademia Ruchu | Reference: D1124 | Type: DVD

Video documentation of the work/actions carried out by the theatre/performance group (Academy of Movement) in the public space of the city. The subject covers the group’s highly diverse, interdisciplinary activity in the social environment, including stage shows, gallery presentations, street actions and activities in the various planes of urban space, cultural animation, workshop and publications. Accompanying publication REF. P1167Polish and English.

Akademia Ruchu - City. The Field of Action

Artist/Author: Akademia Ruchu | Reference: P1167 | ISBN: 978-83908798-3-3 | Type: Publication

Text accompanying DVD see REF. D1124, Polish with English translation. A documentation of the work/actions carried out by the theatre/performance group Akademia Ruchu (Academy of Movement) in the public space of the city.

Jamie McMurry documentation

Artist/Author: Jamie McMurry | Reference: P1089 | Type: Publication

Catalogue documenting McMurry’s oeuvre and writings

Beyond Reason: Ordure

Artist/Author: Stuart Brisley | Reference: P0900 | ISBN: 1-870699-69-6 | Type: Publication

This item is part of the Study Room Guide in Search of a Documentology by Marco Pustianaz (P1115)

Stuart Brisley - Work 1958-2006

Artist/Author: Stuart Brisley | Reference: P0820 | ISBN: 1-902046-36-6 | Type: Publication

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)

This item is part of the 'Glimpses of before: 1970s UK Performance Art' Study Room Guide by Helena Goldwater (P2497)

9th Station

Artist/Author: SenVoodoo | Reference: D0447 | Type: DVD

featuring 14 artists performances and installation work

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Happenings and Other Acts

Editor: Mariellen R Sandford | Reference: P0343 | ISBN: 0 415 09936 6 | Type: Publication

Collection of seminal essays, interviews and performance texts by and about Happenings and Fluxus artists. Includes the 1965 Happenings issue of TDR (The Drama Review) edited by Michael Kirby. This item is part of the Study Room Guide: A Bi(bli)ography of Insurrectionary Imaginati by John Jordan (P0793) and the Study Room Guide on Performance, Politics, Ethics and Human Rights by Adrien Sina (P0661)

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

The Collection of Ordure

Artist/Author: Stuart Brisley | Reference: P0418 | ISBN: 0 94868725 8 | Type: Publication

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)