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Call Blue Jane

Artist/Author: Man Act | Reference: V0145 | Digital Reference: EV0145 | Type: Digital File

Video and digital documentation of play presented at the ICA in 1992.

Hidden J

Artist/Author: Forced Entertainment | Reference: V0160 | Digital Reference: EV0160 | Type: Video

Emanuelle Enchanted

Artist/Author: Forced Entertainment | Reference: V0148 | Digital Reference: EV0148 | Type: Video

On a crude wooden stage, a group of five performers use a semi-translucent curtain, whisked backwards and forwards to reveal the fragmentary traces of a single apocalyptic night.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide: you may perform a spell against madness by Lone Twin (P0755)

Club Of No Regrets

Artist/Author: Forced Entertainment | Reference: V0165 | Digital Reference: EV0165 | Type: Video

Club Of No Regrets

Artist/Author: Forced Entertainment | Reference: V0164 | Digital Reference: EV0164 | Type: Video

Red Room

Artist/Author: Forced Entertainment | Reference: V0163 | Digital Reference: EV0163 | Type: Video

Speak Bitterness

Artist/Author: Forced Entertainment | Reference: V0069 | Digital Reference: EV0069 | Type: Video

Sins Of Omission

Artist/Author: Holly Hughes | Reference: V0142 | Digital Reference: EV0142 | Type: Digital File

Construction Stories

Artist/Author: Marty Pottenger | Reference: V0141 | Digital Reference: EV0141 | Type: Digital File

Video and digital documentation of performance presented at the ICA, London, 1993.

File O

Artist/Author: Xi Ju Che Jian | Reference: V0077 | Digital Reference: EV0077 | Type: Digital File

Documentation of the performance at the ICA, London, 25 June 1995 as part of LIFT 95.

Roy Cohn/Jack Smith

Artist/Author: Ron Vawter | Reference: V0079 | Digital Reference: EV0079 | Type: Digital File

Vawter's diptych of solo pieces recorded at the ICA in London in 1993.


Artist/Author: Forced Entertainment | Reference: V0070 | Digital Reference: EV0070 | Type: Video



Artist/Author: Forced Entertainment | Reference: V0205 | Digital Reference: EV0205 | Type: Video

Time’s Arrow

Artist/Author: Viviane De Muynck | Reference: V0154 | Digital Reference: EV0154 | Type: Digital File

Video and digital documentation of performance shown in the ICA as part of 'Textuality' Season in September 1996.

Body House (vers.2)

Artist/Author: Shabnam Shabazi | Reference: D2071 | Type: DVD

Part of Sacred, a season of contemporary performance at the Chelsea Theatre, London, 19 October 2012 – 1 February 2013. No. 3 of 10. For the complete series see Ref. D2069-D2078.

From Identity to Mondialisation: TheatreWorks 25

Artist/Author: TheatreWorks | Reference: P2208 | ISBN: 9789814260909 | Type: Publication

History of Singapore-based performance company TheatreWorks

Hear Me Roar! Study Boxes

Reference: P2922 | Type: Publication

In March 2016 the Hear Me Roar! Festival invited LADA to curate a small selection of items for a Pop-up Study Room during the Festival. Hear Me Roar! is a festival of feminist arts in Lancaster. In 2016 the theme was Ages, Stages and Phases celebrating feminist art across the generations.

Big Hits

Artist/Author: GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN | Reference: D2189 | Type: DVD

Video documentation of the 2013 production by the same name.

Emergency Index 2011

Editor: Matvei Yankelevich and Yelena Gluzman | Reference: P2873 | ISBN: 978-1937027070 | Type: Publication

Includes 249 performances in the words of their creators and a comprehensive index of the terms used to describe them.


Artist/Author: Thomas and Wells | Reference: P2306 | Type: Publication

Archive materials for Neil Thomas and David Wells’ production Mantalk, including play script.

The Dyas Sisters

Artist/Author: Grace and Veronica Dyas, Richard Gregory | Reference: P2136 | Type: Publication

In The Dyas Sisters, you’re met with personal history write large. Richard Gregory asked Grace and Veronica if they would write a book in which they tried to describe everything that has happened in their lifetime, knowing from the outset that this was an impossible task. Every memory suggests another, each new approach to writing illuminates an alternative.

Acting Together Volume II: Building Just and Inclusive Communities

Editor: Cynthia E. Cohen, Roberto Gutiérrez Varea, Polly O. Walker | Reference: P3117 | ISBN: 978-1613320006 | Type: Publication

A series on Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict, describing peacebuilding performances in regions beset by violence and internal conflicts. The second volume focuses on the transformative power of performance in regions fractured by “subtler” forms of structural violence and social exclusion.

Part of the Study Room Guide on Live Art and Displacement (P3107).

Testigo De Las Ruinas (Witness to the Ruins - English version)

Artist/Author: Mapa Teatro | Reference: D2128 | Type: DVD

Documentation of Colombian performance, English version.

Seven Works for the Theatre

Artist/Author: Jan Fabre | Editor: Frank Hentschker | Reference: P2197 | ISBN: 9780979057076 | Type: Publication

An anthology of seven texts by Belgian multidisciplinary artist Jan Fabre.


Artist/Author: Uninvited Guests | Reference: V0466 | Type: Video

Homage to the Heart

Artist/Author: Silke Mansholt | Reference: V0463 | Type: Video