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Niech sczezna artysci / Qu’Ils Crevent les Artistes drawings

Artist/Author: Tadeusz Kantor | Reference: P3934 | Type: Publication

Drawings, designs and sketches for Kantor's performance 'Let the Artists Die'. 

Jerzy Grzegorzewski catalogue

Reference: P3470 | Type: Publication

Catalogue on the Polish director / scenographer.
In German and English.

The Grotowski Sourcebook

Editor: Richard Schechner and Lisa Wolford | Reference: P3303 | ISBN: 978-0415131117 | Type: Publication

The first volume to provide a comprehensive overview of Jerzy Grotowski’s long and multi-faceted career.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Between Sky & Sea IV: Given Place

Editor: Rita Marhaug | Reference: P3067 | ISBN: 978-82-999991-1-3 | Type: Publication

Documentation from the fourth edition of the performance art festival, held in Herdla, Norway. The artists gathered for a week having the opportunity to work within the environment of the site, before presenting their work on 30th August 2014.

In Norwegian and English.

Contemporary European Theatre Directors

Editor: Maria M. Delgado and Dan Rebellato | Reference: P2908 | ISBN: 978-0415462518 | Type: Publication

An overview of many of the key directors working in European theatre over the past fifty years, situated lucidly in its artistic, cultural and political context. The resulting study is a detailed guide to the generation of directors whose careers were forged and tempered in the changing Europe of the 1980s and 1990s.

Performance Matters – Potentials of Performance – Life in Bytom

Artist/Author: Tero Nahua | Reference: D2020 | Type: DVD

British Library Sound Archive recording and documentation of Potentials of Performance events (26-27 October 2012). This third themed year of the Performance Matters project features a vibrant series of commissions exploring and exploding the dialogue as a potential format for thinking through and testing possible futures. Tero Nahua has been working in the post-industrial city of Bytom, Poland for short periods since the beginning of 2012. This performance/dialogue is a reflection of the artist’s projections and desires in relation to this work – how life becomes interpreted and structured.

And Europe will be Stunned

Artist/Author: Yael Bartana | Reference: P1898 | ISBN: 978-1-902201-26-9 | Type: Publication

Europe and the Middle East

uman rights and ethics

After Grotowski

Artist/Author: Paul Allain, Jerzy Grotowski | Reference: A0415 | Type: Article

Obituary/reflection on Jerzy Grotowski who died in January 1999. (see Paul Allain’s obituary of Grotowski in Total Theatre, Vol. 11, No. 1 – A0407)

Jerzy Grotowski, 1933-1999

Artist/Author: Paul Allain | Reference: A0407 | Type: Article

Obituary of Polish theatre director.

A Little Requiem for Kantor

Artist/Author: Rebecca Brown | Reference: A0406 | Type: Article

Article about a personal tribute Tadeusz Kantor, and a fascinating introduction to some of the theatrical ideas of one of the twentieth century’s leading theatre directors.

Theatre of Memory

Artist/Author: Mishca Twitchin | Reference: A0396 | Type: Article

Article on Tadeusz Kantor.

New Phenomena in Polish Art after 2000

Artist/Author: various | Editor: Grzegorz Borkowski, Adam Mazur, Monika Branicka | Reference: P1490 | ISBN: 83-85142-74-6 | Type: Publication

Polish Art of the 70s

Artist/Author: Lukasz Ronduda | Reference: P1425 | ISBN: 9788361156185 | Type: Publication

Publication surveying the process of the 1970s Polish neo-avant-garde.


Artist/Author: senVoodoo | Reference: D1210 | Type: DVD

Artist showreel.

Strange Museums - A Journey through Poland

Artist/Author: Fiona McGregor | Reference: P1163 | ISBN: 978-1-921401-18-3 | Type: Publication

Fiona McGregor, writer and performance artist, travelled to Poland in 2006 with former art/life partner AñA Wojak touring Arterial, a show based on blood rituals. Halfway between travelogue and memoir, the book documents the passage through economic, political, and personal formations in the interlaced trajectories of art and life, past and present. The artist gets caught up watching and participating in a culture in change, where people are struggling to live well enough under capitalism and where old ideas are expressed in the extraordinary cluster of public museums she found. This item is referenced in the Dreams for an Institution Guide (P2313).

Body and The East - From 1960s to the Present

Artist/Author: Zdenka Badovinac | Editor: Mika Briski | Reference: P0854 | ISBN: 961-206-019-3 | Type: Publication

Includes essays on eighty artists from fourteen countries and discuss the tradition of an art form that emerged during socialism in cultural centers such as Prague, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Warsaw, and Zagreb. In English and Slovenian. Published for the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).