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Homosexuality: Power and Politics

Editor: The Gay Left Collective | Reference: P3644 | ISBN: 9781788732406 | Type: Publication

After the leading organisations of radical sexual politics imploded or dissolved, the Gay Left Collective formed a research group to make sense of the changing terrain of sexuality and politics. Its goal was to formulate a rigorous Marxist analysis of sexual oppression, while linking the struggle against homophobia with a wider array of struggles, all under the banner of socialism.

Woman’s Estate

Artist/Author: Juliet Mitchell | Reference: P3636 | ISBN: 9781781687628 | Type: Publication

Combining the energy of the early seventies feminist movement with the perceptive analyses of the trained theorist, this is one of the most influential socialist feminist statements of its time.

Impossible Glossary

Editor: hablarenarte | Reference: P3486 | ISBN: 978-84-697-9220-9 | Type: Publication

What do we understand by collaborative artistic practices in Spain? After three years of research, this publication bears witness to the diversity of points of view and opinions by Spanish artists and key agents working in this field. 

The aim in bringing these voices together in a single publication is that they will add to the already existing discussion in English and will influence future theoretical discourses more broadly.

Moochers, dreamers, wasters, vagabonds and doodlers

Artist/Author: Gillian Whiteley | Reference: P3475 | Type: Publication

The art of sloth and reverie as oppositional (in)activities.

Kick My Butt’lins!

Artist/Author: Stacy Makishi | Digital Reference: EF5266 | Type: Digital File

Documentation from the DIY 13 project, interrogating how re-‘creation’ impacts the creative process.

Average Jo/e Modelling Agency

Artist/Author: Aaron Williamson | Digital Reference: EF5261 | Type: Digital File

Short video made for the DIY 13 project, a briefly-lived modelling agency set upon depicting the fantasy-fiction average lifestyle that is celebrated in corporate imagery

Prime: Part-time

Editor: Steven Renshaw | Reference: P3428 | ISBN: 978-0-9555047-0-9 | Type: Publication

Publication documenting a project in which three artists took up paid, part-time employment.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Artist at Work, Proximity of Art and Capitalism

Artist/Author: Bojana Kunst | Reference: P2832 | ISBN: 978-1785350009 | Type: Publication

This book examines the recent changes in the labour of an artist and addresses them from the perspective of performance.

Kira O’Reilly Playing in the Lab

Artist/Author: Johanna Linsley | Reference: A0642 | Type: Article

This article considers a constellation of works the artist Kira O’Reilly has created in residencies in biology laboratories over the past several years.

SHIFTwork: Cathedral of Joy

Artist/Author: Andre Stitt and Fritz Welch | Reference: P2697 | ISBN: 9-730615-303869 | Type: Publication

SHIFTwork is the collective name for a series of commissioned performances which focused on the physical act and process of painting as a form of performance art. This catalogue documents the first collaboration, ‘Cathedral of Joy’, occurred with New York artist Fritz Welsh on a series of paintings in full view of the public whereby the gallery became a public studio revealing in real time and on continuous webcam transmission what is ordinarily the private practice of painting.

Labour Practices

Artist/Author: Mary Paterson | Digital Reference: EF5096 | Type: Digital File

Documentation of the event as part of the programme of the At Your Service exhibition at The David Roberts Art Foundation looking at the ways in which artists use ideas of service and labour as creative strategies, and considered the ethics of recruiting the labour of others in works of art.

All That Is Solid Melts Into Air

Artist/Author: Jerremy Deller | Reference: P2331 | ISBN: 978-1-85332-319-5 | Type: Publication

A journey through the Industrial Revolution investigating what remains in the present day from that period

The Change I am Seeking is the Change in Real Life

Artist/Author: Katerina Seda | Reference: A0506 | Type: Article

Interview with Katerina Seda in The Believer Magazine about her practice. This article can be found in miscellaneous article folder number 3

Intern Culture

Artist/Author: Sophie Hope and Joanna Figiel | Reference: A0499 | Type: Article

Final Report of the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions. This article can be found in the Miscellaneous Articles 3 Binder.

Artist portfolio

Artist/Author: Korinna McRobert | Reference: D1680 | Type: DVD

Portfolio of films and performances.

Over the Threshold

Artist/Author: French & Mottershead | Reference: P1685 | Type: Publication

A project made with residents of Soho.


Artist/Author: Mikhail Karikis | Reference: D1798 | Type: DVD

Based on a performance art opera by artist Mikhail Karikis, this film  is a poignant political allegory while being an audiovisual feast constructed around Karikis’s menacing sound, under David Bickerstaff’s direction and arresting cinematography.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Santiago Sierra: 7 Works

Artist/Author: Santiago Sierra | Reference: P1660 | Type: Publication

Texts and photographs documenting Sierra’s work.

Labour Practices: Ethics of Service and Ideas of Labour in Performance

Artist/Author: Mary Paterson | Reference: A0377 | Type: Article

Looks at the ways in which artists use ideas of service and labour as creative strategies. Find in misc. articles folder 2

Labour Practices

Artist/Author: Mary Paterson | Reference: P1273 | Type: Publication

Paper written by Mary Paterson, presented at the event as part of the programme of the At Your Service exhibition at The David Roberts Art Foundation – also look at D1194, documentation of the event

Labour Practices

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1194 | Type: DVD

documentation of the event as part of the programme of the At Your Service exhibition at The David Roberts Art Foundation – also look at P1273 for the paper written by Mary Paterson and presented at the event

At your Service

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Cylena Simonds | Reference: P1247 | Type: Publication

Brochure to accompany the exhibition.


Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D0485 | Type: DVD

Documentary footage of flexworker rebellions throughout Europe.

Like A Musical

Artist/Author: Reuben Henry | Reference: D0305 | Type: DVD