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Artist/Author: Deej Fabyc | Reference: V0423 | Type: Video

A Study Room Guide: Disability and New Artistic Models

Artist/Author: Aaron Williamson | Reference: P1529 | Type: Publication

Reflects the ways in which the practices of artists who work with Live Art have engaged with, represented, and problematised issues of disability in innovative and radical ways, and the ways in which Live Art has been, and continues to be, a potent platform for artists to explore notions of physicality, identity and representation.

Strawberry Girl; Deej Fabyc Some Projects 1995 - 2001

Artist/Author: Deej Fabyc | Reference: P0231 | Type: Publication

Short summaries of projects


Artist/Author: Eric Fong | Reference: D0943 | Type: DVD

Eric Fong explores issues relating to medicine, the body, and disability, informed by his former profession as a medical doctor and his ethnicity.Recent works have been developed from working with people of diverse ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds.

Handle on Nowhere

Artist/Author: Deej Fabyc | Reference: P0811 | ISBN: 978-0-9553829-0-1 | Type: Publication


Artist/Author: Deej Fabyc | Reference: D0037 | Type: DVD

Artist collection. NB We Can Work It Out is not complete.


Artist/Author: Deej Fabyc | Reference: V0540 | Type: Video