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Author: Ann-Christin Kongsness, Solveig Styve Holte | Reference: P4055 | ISBN: 978-82-93506-01-0

Publication made as part of a choreographic work investigating the relationship between theoretical, aesthetic and performing aspects of an artistic work. Includes two essays: ÆØÅ and Pointing back.

The Oberon Book of Queer Monologues

Reference: P3570 | ISBN: 978-1786823472

Combining classical and contemporary stage plays with spoken word and performance art, this anthology features over forty extracts from some of the most exciting stage works in the English-speaking world. 

Designing a Person Specification

Author: Arts Council England | Digital Reference: EF5247

Part of Culture Change Guide: How to find and grow diverse talent.

Traces of Time: Grootlab’s transformation into a place of arts education

Reference: P3053 | ISBN: 978-90-71681-24-0

At the start of 2016, DAS Graduate School started operating from its home in Grootlab, Shell’s former laboratory in Amsterdam North. During the transformation of the building the photographer Thomas Lenden documented the process, now the subject od this publication.

In Dutch and English.


Collected Works for Performance

Author: Hannah Nicklin | Reference: P2986 | ISBN: 978-1783197361

Inckudes: A Conversation With My Father, Songs for Breaking BritainEquations for a Moving Body.

Anatomy Live: Performance and the Operating Theatre

Reference: P2838 | ISBN: 978-9053565162

Anatomy Live turns the modern notions of the dissecting table on its head – using anatomical theatre as a means of obtaining a fresh perspective on representations of the body, conceptions of subjectivity, and own knowledge about science and the stage.

Cleaning the House

Author: MARINA ABRAMOVIC | Reference: P2711 | ISBN: 978-84-690-3535-1

Documentation of the work shown within the framework of the workshops “Cleaning the House Project ” from Marina Abramovic at the NMAC Foundation in summer 2004. All the performances took place on Saturday the 19th of June in the forest which plays host to the NMAC Foundation's sculpture trail. Text in Spanish and English.

Heart N Soul: Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Author: Heart N Soul | Reference: P2679

This publication outlines strategic plans for inclusive art practices.

Exercises for Rebel Artists

Author: Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Roberto Sifuentes | Reference: P1944 | ISBN: 978-0-415-54923-3

A series of crucial practical exercises to help create challenging theatre which transcends the boundaries of nation, gender, and racial identity.

Plugged In: Multimedia and the Arts in London

Author: Lisa Haskel | Reference: P0301 | ISBN: 0-947784-32-2

Paper for LAB