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To Sam Ja / This Is I

Artist/Author: Vlasta Delimar | Reference: P2449 | ISBN: 9789537615659 | Type: Publication

Accompanies the 2014 retrospective of Vlasta Delimar’s work at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb.

Two Men and Woman

Artist/Author: Milan Bozic, Antonio Gotovac, Vlasta Delimar | Reference: D1671 | Type: DVD

Performance documentation.

Monografija Performans

Artist/Author: Vlasta Delimar | Editor: Misko Suvakovic, Marijan Spoljar, Vlado Martek | Reference: P1767 | ISBN: 953-6612-22-4 | Type: Publication

Documentation of the works of Vlasta Delimar 1979-2002.


Artist/Author: Poshya Kakl, Anne Bean, Vlasta Delimar, Efi Ben-David, Sinead O'Donnell | Reference: D1447 | Type: DVD

A year long collaboration between the artists supported by British Council’s Creative Collaboration programme and Arts Council England, March 09 – March 10.

I am 50

Artist/Author: Vlasta Delimar | Reference: P1259 | Type: Publication

This is a leaflet to accompany the performance.

Bilingiual publication in English and Croatian.

Monografijaperformans - Monographyperformance

Artist/Author: Vlasta Delimar, Miško Šuvaković | Reference: P1251 | ISBN: 953-6612-22-4 | Type: Publication

Bilingual publication in English and Croatian.

Guilt / Retelling a story life 2004.

Artist/Author: Vlasta Delimar | Reference: P1253 | Type: Publication

Print to accompany exhibition.

Bilingual publication in English and Croatian.