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Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Henry-Claude Cousseau | Reference: P1975 | ISBN: 9782840561439 | Type: Publication

Volume documenting the annual exhibition by young artists and critics commissioned by the École Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux-Arts. Curated by Caroline Ferreira d’Oliveira and Marianne Lanavére.French with some English translations.

5 years of Fish Fillet Collective

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1877 | Type: Publication

Anniversary brochure. includes DVD of project ‘pirate on’. Language: Portuguese

Doin’ It in Public: Feminism at the Woman’s Building

Reference: P1836 | Type: Publication

Exhibition at the Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis Art Institute Los Angeles, 1 October 2011-28 January 2012

Attention Training: Immanence and Ontological Participation in Kaprow, Deleuze, and Bergson

Artist/Author: Laura Cull, Allan Kaprow | Reference: A0472 | Type: Article

From Performance Research – On Philosophy & Participation.

The World Performance Art Video Archive

Reference: P1729 | ISBN: 978-89-93173-43-7 | Type: Publication

Festival archive. NOTE: Text is in Korean and English (publication acquired from Korea Performance Art Festival)

Pinto my Rayo—a Brief Story of Almost 10 Years of Applied Conceptual Art Projects

Artist/Author: Victor Lerma and Monica Mayer | Reference: P0040 | Type: Publication

English and Spanish version of the publication available.

Bas Jan Ader - In Search of the Miraculous

Artist/Author: Jan Verwoert | Reference: P1156 | ISBN: 1-84638-002-2 | Type: Publication

Part of One Work series of books, each focused on a single work of art examined by a single author and aimed at provoking debate about significant moments in art.

Performance Saga - Interview 04 - Carolee Scheemann

Artist/Author: Carolee Scheemann | Editor: Andrea Saemann and Katrin Grögel | Reference: P1111 | ISBN: 978-3-03746-115-0 | Type: Publication

Series 4 of Performance Saga: Encounters with Women Pioneers of Performance Art. Interviews by Andrea Seamann and Chris Regn. English and German languages. Accompanying dvd: REF. D0991

Performance Saga - Interview 04 - Carolee Scheemann

Artist/Author: Carolee Scheemann | Reference: D0991 | ISBN: 978-3-03746-115-0 | Type: DVD

Interviews by Andrea Seamann and Chris Regn. Series 4 of Performance Saga: Encounters with Women Pioneers of Performance Art. Contains booklet with an article by Katrin Grôgel: The Body of Work.English with German subtitles. 49 mins. Accompanied by booklet: REF. P1111


Artist/Author: Jirí Janda | Reference: P1098 | ISBN: 8085628-37-6 | Type: Publication

Conceptual photographic actions. Czech and English.

365 Performances and County Fair

Artist/Author: Jamie McMurry | Reference: D0978 | Type: DVD

Works by the artist updated in April 2006.

365 Performances

Artist/Author: Jamie McMurry | Reference: P1090 | Type: Publication

Project catalogue.

Jamie McMurry documentation

Artist/Author: Jamie McMurry | Reference: P1089 | Type: Publication

Catalogue documenting McMurry’s oeuvre and writings

Mudman - The Odyssey of Kim Jones

Editor: Sandra Q. Firmin and Julie Joyce | Reference: P1068 | ISBN: 978-0-262-56224-9 | Type: Publication

Exhibition catalogue of “Kim Jones – A Retrospective”, with essays by Sandra Q. Firmin, Julie Joyce, Kristine Stiles, Robert Storr

Systema Metropolis

Artist/Author: Mark Dion | Reference: P1048 | Type: Publication

Published in conjunction with the exhibition at the Natural History Museum.

Emergency Index 2011

Editor: Matvei Yankelevich and Yelena Gluzman | Reference: P2873 | ISBN: 978-1937027070 | Type: Publication

Includes 249 performances in the words of their creators and a comprehensive index of the terms used to describe them.