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Performing Identities: Performative Practices in Post-Handover Hong Kong Art & Activism

Artist/Author: wen yau | Reference: P4041 | Type: Publication

Doctoral thesis printed in limited edition of 20 copies; focuses on performative practices and the performativity of artists and their activist counterparts in the Umbrella Movement (2014).

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (P3041)

The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins

Artist/Author: Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing | Reference: P3918 | ISBN: 978-0691178325 | Type: Publication

Follows one of the strangest commodity chains of our times to explore the unexpected corners of capitalism.

Jian Jun Xi

Editor: Shaheen Merali | Reference: P3769 | ISBN: 9780955107415 | Type: Publication

Publication charting the artistic practice of Jian Jun Xi.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (P3041).

Performance Histories from East Asia 1960s–90s: An IAPA Reader

Editor: Victor Wang | Reference: P3678 | Type: Publication

Brings together a variety of essays, photographs and archival materials and on the history of early performance art in East Asia. The publication will include texts by  An invaluable new research tool, the publication is available free at events and online.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (P3041).


Artist/Author: Sajan Mani | Digital Reference: EF5283 | Type: Digital File

An attempt to recollect the events of racist aggression against the Chinese and Japanese immigrants on 7 September, 1907, that were long obliterated from the collective memory by the sanctioned ignorance of history.

World Film Locations: Hong Kong

Editor: Linda Chiu-han Lai, Kimburley Wing-yee Choi | Reference: P3553 | ISBN: 978-1783200214 | Type: Publication

The first of its kind in English, this book is more than a city guide to Hong Kong through the medium of film; it is a unique exploration of the relationship between location and place and genre innovations in Hong Kong cinema.

Future of Imagination 5

Reference: P3446 | Type: Publication

Conference proceedings from the International Performance Art Event in Singapore 2008.
Part of the Something Human Study Room Guide on Southeast Asian performance (P3334).

1st Open Art Platform - Performance Art Festival

Artist/Author: Chen Jin, Zhu Ming, Shu Yang | Reference: P3335 | ISBN: 962-497-011-7 | Type: Publication

Publication for the first international performance art festival in China in 2000 with documentation and artist profiles.

Part of the Something Human Study Room Guide on Southeast Asian performance (P3334).

The 3th China-Japan Performance Art Exchange Project

Reference: P3337 | Type: Publication

Publication for the 2007 3th China-Japan Performance Art Exchange Project in Beijing, Cheng Du and Xi'an, with photo documentation and artist profiles

Part of the Something Human Study Room Guide on Southeast Asian performance (P3334).

Recalling ART NOW LIVE TOUR 2014

Artist/Author: Daniela Beltrani, Ezzam Rahman, Sophia Natasha Wei | Reference: P3349 | ISBN: 978-981-09-2705-9 | Type: Publication

Documenting the Beijing and Linzhou project; includs essays and documentation.

Part of the Something Human Study Room Guide on Southeast Asian performance (P3334).

Amnesty Magazine issue 174

Editor: Maggie Paterson | Reference: P3314 | Type: Publication

Issue dedicated to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 2008.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

The Future of Ritual: Writings on Culture and Performance

Artist/Author: Richard Schechner | Reference: P3302 | ISBN: 978-0415046909 | Type: Publication

Asks pertinent questions about art, theatre and the changing meaning of ‘culture’ in today’s intercultural world.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

n-1 Performance life

Artist/Author: Li-E Chen | Reference: P3209 | ISBN: 9781366057839 | Type: Publication

Documents the artist’s two-year (2015-2017) experimental site-specific art project. The project involved Chen’s visits to 168 locations set out as squares on a Google map of Greater London, and used the city as a stage and open space for the execution of Chen’s experiments.

Chinese Performing Arts Yearbook 2015

Reference: P3187 | Type: Publication

Comprehensive overview of China's performance art in 2015. Includes essays, five case studies and information on over 100 artists. In Mandarin.

Border as Method, or, the Multiplication of Labor

Artist/Author: Sandro Mezzadra and Brett Neilson | Reference: P3024 | ISBN: 978-0822355038 | Type: Publication

Mezzadra and Neilson explore the atmospheric violence that surrounds borderlands and border struggles across various geographical scales, illustrating their theoretical arguments with illuminating case studies drawn from Europe, Asia, the Pacific, the Americas, and elsewhere.

Theatre and Interculturalism

Artist/Author: Ric Knowles | Reference: P3015 | ISBN: 978-0230575486 | Type: Publication

How are hybrid and diasporic identities performed in increasingly diverse societies? How can we begin to think differently about theatrical flow across cultures?

Performance and the Global City

Editor: D.J. Hopkins, Kim Solga | Reference: P2955 | ISBN: 978-1137520258 | Type: Publication

The book explores what it means to create and experience urban performance – as both an aesthetic and a political practice – in the burgeoning world where cities are built by globalization and neoliberal capital.

Li Yuan-Chia: Tell me what is not yet said

Editor: Guy Brett and Nick Sawyer | Reference: P2850 | Type: Publication

A monograph documenting the artist's life and work; includes photographs which have never before been reproduced, a selection of his short texts and poems, which reflect his feelings on the open question of the relationship between art and life, and two newly commissioned essays by Guy Brett and Nick Sawyer.

This item is part of the 'Glimpses of before: 1970s UK Performance Art' Study Room Guide by Helena Goldwater (P2497)

Art, Activism and Ai Weiwei

Artist/Author: Dan Edwards | Reference: A0612 | Type: Article

The author reviews Alison Klayman’s documentary on Chinese artist Ai Weiwei “Never Sorry”.

Soya Sauce and Ketchup Fight

Artist/Author: Mad for Real | Digital Reference: EF5097 | Type: Digital File

Extract from “Soya Sauce and Ketchup Fight” street performance intervention in Trafalgar Square by Cai Yuan and Jian Jun Xi artistic duo known as “Mad for Real”.

Pop Goes the Avant-Garde: Experimental Theatre in Contemporary China

Artist/Author: Rossella Ferrari | Reference: P2126 | ISBN: 978-0857420459 | Type: Publication

Pop Goes the Avant-Garde is the first comprehensive review of the history and development of avant-garde drama and theatre in the People’s Republic of China since 1976. Drawing on a range of critical perspectives in the fields of comparative literature, theatre, performance and culture studies, it explores key artistic movements and phenomena that have emerged in China’s major cultural centres in the last several decades.

Systems End: Contemporary Art in Austrailia (ART: Asia Pacific)

Editor: Dinah Dysart | Reference: P0083 | Type: Publication

Never Sorry

Artist/Author: Ai WeiWei | Reference: D2044 | Type: DVD

Never Sorry

Artist/Author: Ai WeiWei | Reference: D2044 | Type: DVD

China File

Artist/Author: Wang Chuyu, Yu Hong, Chang Yung Ho, Wang, Jianwei, Yang Fudong, Shu Yang, He Cheng Yao, Yang Zhichao, Zhu Ming. | Reference: P2053 | Type: Publication

A collection of articles on Chinese performance artists. English and Chinese. Loose articles in large folder

Immutability and Fashion – Chinese Contemporary Art in the Midst of Changing Surroundings

Reference: P2016 | Type: Publication

Exhibition catalogue. Since the early 1980s, Chinese society has been reconstructed at a furious pace. The works presented here are concerned with the artists’ surrounding society and environment, as well as the question of how to establish a connection with the world ‘here and now’. Besides articles studying the various issues concerning the development of contemporary Chinese art, this publication also provides an introduction to each of the participating artists. In Chinese and English.

Ren Qian works 2007-9

Artist/Author: Ren Qian | Reference: D1929 | Type: DVD

Collection of images, texts and various documents of the artist’s work between 2007 and 2009.

China Collection

Artist/Author: He Chengyao, Cang Ying, Huang Rui, He Yonchang, Anthony Leung Po Shan, Yang Zhichao, Wen Yau, Ji Shenghli, Yu Wei-Te, Huang Yan, Zhu Ming, X. Huang, Zhu Fadong, Han Bing. | Reference: P2010 | Type: Publication

Collection of documents of performance work by Chinese artists.

Little Rituals

Artist/Author: Suki Chan | Reference: P2038 | Type: Publication

Catalogue of mixed-media installation with video projection at the Turnpike Gallery, Manchester, 2002.

Dancing on the Edge

Artist/Author: Talal Al-Muhanna | Reference: D1890 | Type: DVD

Documentary following a group of Asian and Western performance artists as they travel through China as part of the 5th international Dadao Live Art Festival.

I am your anti-matter

Artist/Author: Li-E Chen | Reference: P1882 | Type: Publication

A printed copy of an interactive digital publication exploring a new understanding of ‘Nothing’.

Out of Now: The Life Works of Tehching Hsieh (Chinese language edition)

Artist/Author: Adrian Heathfield, Tehching Hsieh | Reference: P1821 | Type: Publication

This is a Chinese language edition of Out of Now, originally published in English in 2009 (Study Room number P1193)

Down and Under, Up and Over: Animalworks by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

Artist/Author: Meiling Cheng, Sun Yuan, Peng Yu | Reference: P1770 | Type: Publication

Animalworks by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu.

Ai Weiwei’s Blog: Writings, interviews, and Digital Rants, 2006-2009

Artist/Author: Ai Weiwei | Editor: Lee Ambrozy | Reference: P1759 | ISBN: 9780262015219 | Type: Publication

Ai Weiwei, edited and translated by Lee Ambrozy, Ai Weiwei’s Blog, 2006-2009. This book offers a collection of Ai’s online writings translated into English – the most complete, public documentation of the original Chinese blog available in any language.

7th Asiatopia and First S.E. Asia Performance Art Symposium (SEAPAS)

Reference: D1792 | Type: DVD

Documentation from the festival, held 24-27 November 2005, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Honky Tonk Woman

Artist/Author: Richard Dedomenici | Digital Reference: DB0066 | Type: Digital File

Performance documentation.

The Landscape of Fact

Reference: P0303 | Type: Publication

Towards a policy for cultural diversity for the English funding system : African, Caribbean, Asian and Chinese arts.


Artist/Author: Michelle Horacek | Reference: D0110 | Type: DVD

Performance documentation, 2010.

The performer marks a sacred space. She dons a Raven headdress. As she steps into the sacred space she begins a ritual of transformation.

Reasons of Breaking

Artist/Author: Yang Qing | Reference: P0446 | Type: Publication

Collected during research trip to China and Hong Kong. February 2004.

Out of Now - The Lifeworks of Tehching Hsieh Reviews / Articles

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1941 | Type: Publication

Folder of articles and reviews in relation to Out of Now – The Lifeworks of Tehching Hsieh by Adrian Heathfield and Tehching Hsieh.