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Life + Reality

Artist/Author: Tatsumi Orimoto | Reference: P1779 | Type: Publication

Exhibition at DNA Galerie, Berlin (10 June-13 August 2011).

The Aesthetics of Risk

Editor: John C. Welchman | Reference: P1752 | ISBN: 978-3-905770-55-1 | Type: Publication

This anthology of essays, images and dialogues exploring contemporary art’s engagements with risk–physical, social, political and aesthetic–brings readers into the conference from which the book takes its title, a third annual collaboration between the Getty Research Institute and the Southern California Consortium of Art Schools (SoCCAS).

Back to Futurism

Artist/Author: RoseLee Goldberg | Editor: Lana Wilson | Reference: P1758 | ISBN: 978-0-615-45066-7 | Type: Publication

Documentation of more than 150 artists who participated in Performa 09.


Editor: Nina Ernst, Steven Bode | Reference: P1742 | ISBN: 978-1-904270-33-1 | Type: Publication

Exhibition publication.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide to Remoteness (P2600).

The Circa Interview: Alanna O’Kelly: Intimate Spaces

Artist/Author: Alanna O'Kelly, Medb Ruane | Reference: A0443 | Type: Article

CIRCA (Contemporary Visual Culture in Ireland). See also, Brutal Silences Study Room Guide, catalogue ref. no. P1661.


Artist/Author: Oblivia | Reference: D1659 | Type: DVD

Performances and Installations

Artist/Author: Duva | Reference: D1657 | Type: DVD

Duva, Performance: Suspension, Concert for Laptop, Performance for Restricted Spaces, Deconstructing Leticia Parente, Red Blood. Installations: Black on Black, Grotesque Sublime Mix, Portraits in Motion: the Kiss, Demolition, Study for a Self-Portrait.

Mesto Zensk, City of Women: International Festival of Contemporary Arts

Reference: P1670 | Type: Publication

Festivals took place in Ljubljana, 8-13 October 2001, and 2-10 October 2006. Text in both Slovenian and English.

I Host You, Now Tonight, Let Me Show You How

Artist/Author: Mitch and Parry (Andrew Mitchelson, Owen Parry) | Digital Reference: EF5026 | Type: Digital File

Spill National Platform 2009

Documentation Bank: Harold Offeh

Artist/Author: Harold Offeh | Digital Reference: DB0087 | Type: Digital File

Part of the ‘Documentation Bank’ Collection, an extensive range of artists’ ‘Talking Heads’, documentation of key works, and a selection of Agency projects.

The Third Way: Film, Video and Third Angel

Artist/Author: Christopher Hall | Reference: A0421 | Type: Article

On the video and film based work of Third Angel.

Selected Works 2008-2010

Artist/Author: Reynir Hutber | Reference: D1752 | Type: DVD

DVD includes: Videos (Private View 2008, Room 237 2009, 3 Press Up 2010), Press Release, CV, Photo Documentation and Reviews

Nezaket Ekici documentation

Artist/Author: Nezaket Ekici | Reference: D1762 | Type: DVD

16 Video Clips 2010 – 2002

The Body as Archive: Will to Re-Enact and the Afterlives of Dances

Artist/Author: Andre Lepecki | Reference: A0348 | Type: Article

Article printed from online. In black folder in Misc. box. Described by Julie Tolentino: This is the one of a few different articles that contemplates my important lifetime performance work around archive and my reverence and research around the unrelenting impact and importance of the artist-to-artist relationship.

Taking Liberties

Artist/Author: Sandra Minchin | Reference: D1505 | Type: DVD

“’Taking Liberties’ deals with subconscious fears. She uses video, photography, objects and installation to convey how people are affected by life experiences. This body of work is a direct response to the artist’s personal experience of illness and references the martyred, executed, tortured body.This installation evokes the fear of the unknown, while simultaneously concealing the pain and fear of the sufferer.”

He Speaks I Listen You Whisper

Artist/Author: Silvia Battista | Reference: D1491 | Type: DVD

Performance and video-installation He Speaks I Listen You Whisper by Silvia Battista at The Crypt St. Pancras Church 02.06.2010 2005 for [IN]


Artist/Author: Nisha Mesh | Reference: D1448 | Type: DVD

Presume: Mart Stam Forderpreis

Artist/Author: Andres Galeno | Reference: P1938 | Type: Publication

Catalogue of work plus text about Andres Galerio – winner of Mart Stam Forderpreis award 2011

Ian Breakwell / Quad Derby

Artist/Author: David Briers | Reference: A0312 | Type: Article

Found in miscellaneous article folder #5
This item is part of the 'Glimpses of before: 1970s UK Performance Art' Study Room Guide by Helena Goldwater (P2497)

Frequency Experimental Live Art 2 and 3

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1936 | Type: Publication

Writings and discussions on the festivals in Chengdu.

Pleasure and Pain

Artist/Author: Marcus Verhagen | Reference: A0295 | Type: Article

Interview with Omar Fast.

Entangled - Technology and the Transformation of Performance

Artist/Author: Chris Salter | Reference: P1438 | ISBN: 9780262195881 | Type: Publication

Explores technology’s influence on artistic performance practices in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

AVAA - Australian Video Art Archive

Reference: D1339 | Type: DVD

Promotional video.

Rare Medium

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1309 | Type: DVD

Documentation of the event “Rare Medium” (The Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2008) curated by Ruti Sela. Booklet in hebrew with English translation.

The Anatomy of Desire

Artist/Author: Charlie Murphy | Reference: P1423 | Type: Publication

Event leaflet for the solo exhibition by Charlie Murphy that examines the forms, issues and dialogues of intimacy through sculpture, video, music and live art. Music by Tara Franks.

Tumbleweed in London

Artist/Author: Ed Hartwell & Claire Blundell Jones | Reference: D1327 | Type: DVD

The film follows “Tumbleweed Girl” as she travels through London moving a tumbleweed along with a leaf blower.8 mins.

Selected Works 2001-2009

Artist/Author: David Blandy | Reference: D1282 | Type: DVD

Xi’an Quijan International Contemporary Art Festival: video/photography/digital art/documentary film

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1364 | Type: Publication

China Revisualized and The Banner of Urban Culture: exhibition catalogue.

Failing That (Exhibition Catalogue)

Artist/Author: Rooney, Paul | Reference: P1334 | ISBN: 978-0-907623-59-5 | Type: Publication

P.O.P Station

Artist/Author: KYTV | Reference: D1241 | Type: DVD

Take the chance to sing and dance to a pop-song while being filmed in a fantasy world. Within 24 hours your very own video will be posted on Youtube for the world to enjoy. This satirical piece exposes our longing to be, at least once in our lives, a star. The acronym says it all: “P.O.P. – The Politics of the Popular”.


Artist/Author: Beau Coleman and Mieko Ouchi | Reference: D1180 | Type: DVD

Documentation of the duo’s performance

Performance Saga - Interview 06 - Joan Jonas

Artist/Author: Joan Jonas | Editor: Andrea Saemann and Katrin Grögel | Reference: D1142 | Type: DVD

In her interview with Andrea Saemann and Chris Regn, Joan Jonas gives glimpses into her way of thinking and the beginnings of her career as an artist. 53 minutes. Recorded 2003.

Includes a booklet with an article by Katrin Grögel (P1230).


Text Book: Notes Around the Margins

Artist/Author: Industry of the Ordinary | Reference: D1127 | Type: DVD

Features responses by members of the general public to 12 illustrated projects carried out by Industry of the Ordinary. Accompanying publication, REF. P1199

Text Book: Notes Around the Margins.

Artist/Author: Industry of the Ordinary | Reference: P1199 | ISBN: 0-9773215-0-9 | Type: Publication

Responses by members of the general public to 12 illustrated projects carried out by Industry of the Ordinary. Accompanyed by DVD, REF. D1127

Leda Papaconstantinou : performance, film, video 1969- 2004

Editor: Eleni Saroglou | Reference: P1197 | ISBN: 960-87354-7-5 | Type: Publication

Contains 150 b/w-duotone photographs; a description of each work (in English and Greek) and texts by Sally Potter.

Joan Jonas - I Want to Live in the Country (And Other Romances)

Artist/Author: Susan Morgan | Reference: P1155 | ISBN: 978-1-84638-025-9 | Type: Publication

Part of One Work series of books, each focused on a single work of art examined by a single author and aimed at provoking debate about significant moments in art. Contains a range of illustrations from the artist’s work.

No Haus Like Bau

Artist/Author: Pil and Galia Kollective | Reference: D1120 | Type: DVD

A post-Fordist neo-Constructivist mime commissioned for the Berlin Biennale.

Make Me Stop Smoking (Part 2)

Artist/Author: Rabih Mroué | Reference: D1110 | Type: DVD

Reconstructs the radical heterogeneous landscape of Lebanon destroyed by crises and wars.. Disc 2 of 4, see REF. D1109/D1112.

Make Me Stop Smoking (Part 1)

Artist/Author: Rabih Mroué | Reference: D1109 | Type: DVD

Reconstructs the radical heterogeneous landscape of Lebanon destroyed by crises and wars. Disc 1 of 4, see REF. D1109/D1112.

Performance Saga - Interview 05 - Ulrike Rosenbach

Artist/Author: Ulrike Rosenbach | Editor: Andrea Saemann and Katrin Grögel | Reference: P1112 | ISBN: 978-3-03746-116-7 | Type: Publication

German and English language.Accompanying dvd REF. D0992.

Margarita Production: DVD #2

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1013 | Type: DVD

Selections of performances and installations supported by the Brussels-based organisation.

Hung-Chih Peng’s works from 1999-2008 - Demo dvd

Artist/Author: Hung-Chih Peng | Reference: D0976 | Type: DVD

Demo dvd accompanying homonymous publication – P1101 Taiwanese performing arts.

Camel Toe/The Rats

Artist/Author: Mary Reid Kelley | Reference: D0982 | Type: DVD

Cycle of four films set during World War I.

Performance Saga: Ulrike Rosenbach

Artist/Author: Andrea Seamann and Chris Regn | Reference: D0992 | ISBN: 978-3-03746-116-7 | Type: DVD

Interview; part of Series 5 of Performance Saga.

Accompanyed by booklet with an article by Inge Hinterwaldner: Retracing Multimedial Image Layers, REF. P1112.German with English subtitles. 53 mins.

Shared Space Project

Artist/Author: BADco. | Reference: D0942 | Type: DVD

A video introduction to the collective BADco.