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Urgencia Social

Artist/Author: Marco Paulo Rolla | Reference: D0934 | Type: DVD

Part of 15° videobrasil.

Hand-Made Machines

Artist/Author: Paul Granjon | Reference: D0868 | Type: DVD

Provides a comprehensive overview of work produced since 1996, as well as rare archive material. This is accompanied by a publication, P1009


Artist/Author: Mara Castilho | Reference: D0835 | Type: DVD

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Artist/Author: Carlos Noronha Feio | Reference: D0786 | Type: DVD

Selected Works

Artist/Author: Kazukho Hohki | Reference: D0751 | Type: DVD

Contains extracts from My Husband is a Spaceman, Evidence for the Existence of Borrowers and work by the  cult-alternative pop performance group Frank Chickens.

Silver Spoon

Artist/Author: Carlos Noronha Feio | Reference: D0703 | Type: DVD

Travelling Light

Artist/Author: Lisl Ponger | Reference: D0616 | Type: DVD


Passagen 1996, 11 min
Déjà Vu 1999, 22 min
Phantom Foreign Vienna  2004, 27 min

Video Performances

Artist/Author: Miguel Angulo | Reference: D0604 | Type: DVD

Plasmatics with Fausto Grossi (2000) 2:23

Mar-E with Angel Pastor (2000)3:00

Home-less with Angel Pastor (2001)6:12

13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Artist/Author: Emerging Properties | Reference: D0696 | Type: DVD

Between Past and Future - New photography and Video from China

Artist/Author: Wu Hung & Christopher Phillips | Reference: P0850 | ISBN: 0-935573-39-9 | Type: Publication

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Performance in China by Adele Tan (P1114)

Interview Tapes

Artist/Author: Reza Abdoh | Reference: D0527 | Type: DVD

Part of the Reza Abdoh Collection.

Sound and Music

Artist/Author: Conor Kelly | Reference: D0476 | Type: DVD

9th Station

Artist/Author: SenVoodoo | Reference: D0447 | Type: DVD

featuring 14 artists performances and installation work

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Mercosur Videodance Circuit

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D0414 | Type: DVD

Chemical Wedding

Artist/Author: Blast Theory | Reference: V0091 | Digital Reference: EV0091 | Type: Video


Artist/Author: Lucy Panesar | Reference: D0390 | Type: DVD

October 2005 – idea for video performance.

Avant-Garde Performance

Artist/Author: Gunter Berghaus | Reference: P0741 | ISBN: 975 1-4039-4645-5 | Type: Publication

Offers an accessible introduction to post-war avant-garde performance.


Artist/Author: FrenchMottershead | Reference: P0689 | Type: Publication

includes: Social, 1999, Friday Social Evening, 2002, My Word Is My Bond, 2003 Please note: this record is currently empty – a new holding to come in soon

Grace Ndiritu

Artist/Author: Grace Ndiritu | Reference: P0664 | ISBN: 1 904864 09 0 | Type: Publication

Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition: ‘Grace Ndiritu: The Nightingale, Desert Storm, Arrested Development' (Venezia, 2005). This item is part of the Study Room Guide on Performance, Politics, Ethics and Human Rights by Adrien Sina (P0661)


Artist/Author: Kim Noble | Reference: V0722 | Digital Reference: EV0722 | Type: Digital File

Artist showreel.

Ok., Video post event

Artist/Author: ruangrupa | Reference: P0587 | Type: Publication

Catalogue from OK. Video Festival

OK.,The Catalogue

Artist/Author: ruangrupa | Reference: P0586 | Type: Publication

Catalogue from OK. Video Festival

Various works

Artist/Author: Rona Lee | Reference: V0709 | Type: Video

Artist documentation.

Hancock and Kelly Live

Artist/Author: Richard Hancock and Traci Kelly | Reference: D0194 | Type: DVD

Documentation of the duo's work.
Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR).

Ethno-techno: Los Video Graffitis

Artist/Author: Guillermo Gomez Pena | Reference: D0178 | Type: DVD

Captures the zeitgeist of a ravenous and distorted world, illustrating its inequalities with a straightforward rawness and elegance.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide on Performance, Politics, Ethics and Human Rights by Adrien Sina (P0661)

transfuge - la vie: mode d’(in)emploi

Editor: Raphael Cuir | Reference: P0306 | Type: Publication

Includes an interview with Orlan.

In French.

David Cotterrell Selected Works 1995 - 2002

Artist/Author: David Cotterrell | Reference: P0325 | Type: Publication

of David Cotterrell's work, encompassing installation, video and games.

Live Art Now - A Sampler

Artist/Author: Various - Live Art Development Agency compilation | Reference: V0510 | Type: Video

Compilation tape prepared for the Liverpool Biennial.


Artist/Author: Wendy Kirkup | Reference: P0271 | ISBN: 1 899 377 12 3 | Type: Publication

Documentation and writings on Kirkup's collaborative project on the future and past of the medical body, from 2000

Anthology 2

Artist/Author: Marina Abramovic and Ulay | Reference: V0278 | Digital Reference: EV0278 | Type: Digital File

Room Service

Artist/Author: Gob Squad | Reference: V0668 | Type: Video

Personal Choices (1)

Artist/Author: Marina Abramovic | Reference: V0052 | Digital Reference: EV0052 | Type: Digital File

Marina Abramovic’s lecture on performance art, including screening of both her performances and of other artists.

Rona Lee: That Oceanic Feeling

Artist/Author: Rona Lee | Reference: P2217 | ISBN: 9780854329489 | Type: Publication

Published to coincide with exhibition Southampton, 2012

Testigo De Las Ruinas (Witness to the Ruins - English version)

Artist/Author: Mapa Teatro | Reference: D2128 | Type: DVD

Documentation of Colombian performance, English version.

This Is Not A Dream

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D2125 | Type: DVD

Live footage of Dickie Beau performing October 27th, 2011. Filmed by the British Library, Joao Florencio, and Joe E. Jeffreys.

McCarthy Rococo

Artist/Author: Stephen Maine | Reference: A0555 | Type: Article

Filed in Miscellaneous.

Emergency Index 2011

Editor: Matvei Yankelevich and Yelena Gluzman | Reference: P2873 | ISBN: 978-1937027070 | Type: Publication

Includes 249 performances in the words of their creators and a comprehensive index of the terms used to describe them.

The Kong Lear Archive

Artist/Author: Claire Hind, Gary Winters | Reference: P2299 | Type: Publication

Mixed media boxed set, includes DVD of Super 8mm film, Kong Lear.

Joan Jonas

Artist/Author: Joan Jonas | Reference: P2204 | ISBN: 0854328106 | Type: Publication

Publication to coincide with Lines in the Sand and Mirror Works exhibitions, Southampton and London, 2004-2005