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Artist/Author: Ann-Christin Kongsness, Solveig Styve Holte | Reference: P4055 | ISBN: 978-82-93506-01-0 | Type: Publication

Publication made as part of a choreographic work investigating the relationship between theoretical, aesthetic and performing aspects of an artistic work. Includes two essays: ÆØÅ and Pointing back.

Paradise Rot: A Novel

Artist/Author: Jenny Hval | Reference: P3750 | ISBN: 9781786633835 | Type: Publication

A lyrical debut novel from a musician and artist renowned for her sharp sexual and political imagery.

Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers’ Rights

Artist/Author: Molly Smith, Juno Mac | Reference: P3723 | ISBN: 978-1786633606 | Type: Publication

Do you have to think that prostitution is good to support sex worker rights? How do sex worker rights fit with feminist and anti-capitalist politics? Is criminalising clients progressive – and can the police deliver justice?

Von Menschen gemacht

Artist/Author: Eva Meyer-Keller | Digital Reference: EF5260 | Type: Digital File

A film about the future by Eva Meyer-Keller, Hanna Sybille Müller and the children who took part in the performance project  Building after Catastrophes.

Corset Cut

Artist/Author: Clare Thornton | Reference: D2280 | Type: DVD

A performance for video, shot in one take; features the artist being cut out of a corset by her mother.

4mins/silent/single play or loop/4:3

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Trykksak (1 and 2)

Artist/Author: Alt Gar Bra | Reference: P2855 | Type: Publication

Alt Går Bra sets out to research the intersections between art and politics through exhibits and performances, printed publications and invited guests. Trykksak includes a selection of texts, poems, graphics, artwork, speaches etc.

Elmgreen & Dragset: Performances 1995-2011

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Anita Iannacchione | Reference: P1885 | ISBN: 978-3-86335-099-4 | Type: Publication

Showcases 43 performances and live works by Danish-Norwegian artist duo, marking the first time the artists’ practice is considered in depth from a performance perspective.

PNEK: Production Network for Electronic Art

Reference: P1638 | Type: Publication

Documentation of the network aiming to provide good production conditions for artists working with electronic and interdisciplinary art.

Liveartwork DVD 7

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1290 | Type: DVD

Issue 7 of liveartwork DVD, a publication showcasing contemporary live art.

Selected Documentation

Artist/Author: Baktruppen | Reference: D0876 | Type: DVD

Baktruppen is a group of Norwegian artists who started off in 1986 as a theatre project