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Amorph!08, Register08

Reference: P1627 | ISBN: 978-951-96553-8-3 | Type: Publication

Each end of the publication starts a new section: Amorph!08 provides text and discussion on the 2008 festival, and Register08 documents the work of the artists involved. Publications P1626 and P1625 provide information and discussion on the 2003 Amorph!03 festival

Theatre & Interculturalism

Artist/Author: Ric Knowles | Reference: P1474 | ISBN: 9780230575486 | Type: Publication

How are hybrid and diasporic identities performed in increasingly diverse societies? How can we begin to think differently about theatrical flow across cultures?

The Anarcha Project Symposium

Reference: D1315 | Type: DVD

Symposium version of a collaborative performance project on disability and African-American culture.

National Review of Live Art 2008 - You Are Here…But Where Am I?

Artist/Author: Stacy Makishi | Reference: D1096 | Type: DVD

Participants co-create a new passport. Video documentation of NRLA (National Review of Live Art) 2008; 10 Feb 2008

My Husband is a Spaceman

Artist/Author: Kazuko Hohki | Reference: V0454 | Digital Reference: EV0454 | Type: Digital File

Footage of the performance presented at the Battersea Arts Centre in May 2000.