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Crossing Veronica and Disyquilibrio

Artist/Author: Marco Paulo Rolla | Reference: D1878 | Type: DVD

Double DVD set of documentation.

Portraits of Contemporary Art

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1859 | ISBN: 0000018375x | Type: DVD

Published by the Rio de Janeiro’s Museum of Modern Art. Language : Portuguese

Recibo 88 - on the concept of spending

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1875 | Type: Publication

Issue number 6 of Receipt magazine. Language: Portuguese

Dias & Riedweg: otherness and aesthetic experience in contemporary Brazilian art

Artist/Author: Beatrice Pimenta Velloso | Reference: P1873 | ISBN: 978-85-61022-61-7 | Type: Publication

Beatrice Pepper Velloso, visual artist and professor at the School of Fine Arts, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Language: Portuguese

File de Peixe

Artist/Author: Piratao File de Peixe | Reference: D1841 | Type: DVD

Portuguese with English subtitles

Combo 3: A Copia Nao E Um Falso

Artist/Author: Piratao File de Peixe | Reference: D1840 | Type: DVD

Piratao File de Peixe, Combo 3: A Copia Nao E Um Falso, Panorama Festival 2011, Brazil video


Artist/Author: Marco Nanini, Mariana Lima, Alamo Faco, Felipe Abib | Reference: P1860 | Type: Publication

Performance documentation.

Chelpa Ferro

Artist/Author: Carlos Nader | Reference: D1830 | Type: DVD

Documentation of the practice by the Rio de Janeiro-based group.