Study Room Guide: Making Routes, Journeys in Live Art


David Overend

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site-specific, travel, routes, foot, walking, journey, distance, performance, participation, Richard Long, Forced Entertainment, ritual, Wrights & Sites, Phil Smith, Necessary Journeys, Fernando Arias, Oreet Ashery, Francis Alÿs, Pointed Arrow, Lone Twin, Kieran Hurley, Nic Green, David Overend


Making Routes

A significant number of artists, practitioners and companies are currently incorporating travel into their work and using journeys in a variety of different ways. These include Wrights & Sites and its individual members, Lone Twin, Forced Entertainment, Nic Green, Kieran Hurley and Pointed Arrow. There are many more, but in this short list an apparent contradiction begins to emerge: a Western (more specifically British) focus on practices with an inherently global outlook. This Guide is therefore interested in roots as well as routes; acknowledging the geographical, cultural and political context from which these ideas and practices develop.