• Ongoing


    LADA Screens

    Upcoming launches and online screenings in Oct, Nov & Dec 2015 from Tehching Hsieh, Robin Deacon and Ron Athey

  • Projects

    Restock Rethink Reflect Three: on Live Art and Feminism

    Marking the impact of performance on feminist histories and contemporary gender politics

  • Projects

    Documenting Intimacy

    Research initiative by Brian Lobel & Marisa Zanotti exploring the documentation of one-to-one performance

  • Publishing

    Performance Art in Ireland: A History

    The first book devoted to the history of Irish performance art. A co-publication with Intellect Books

  • Opportunities


    Unusual professional development projects conceived and run BY artists FOR artists

  • Opportunities

    The Study Room

    A free, open access research facility used by artists, students, curators, academics and other arts professionals

  • Publishing

    What is LADA Publishing?

    Want to know more about how LADA publishing works?

  • Collections

    Performance Matters Archive

    A box set of 40 DVDs, documenting Performing Idea and Trashing Performance public events