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Dias & Riedweg, otherness and aesthetic experience in contemporary Brazilian art.

Artist/Author: Beatrice Pimenta Velloso | Reference: P1873 | ISBN: 978-85-61022-61-7 | Type: Publication

Beatrice Pepper Velloso, visual artist and professor at the School of Fine Arts, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Language: Portuguese

Backwater (working title)

Artist/Author: Anne Ferran | Reference: D1636 | Type: DVD

Anne Ferran, Backwater (working title), this project was shot in the Bowback Rivers section of the Lower Lea Valley in spring 2007, when the redevelopment for the 2012 London Olympics was starting to intensify. Disc includes project description, film documentation and contact details.

On the Shape of the Scab

Artist/Author: Jennet Thomas | Reference: D1799 | Type: DVD

Documentation of the installation as exhibited at Anthology Film Archives.

[true crime]

Artist/Author: PVI Collective | Reference: P1641 | Type: Publication

For further reading on ‘true crime’: ‘Anxious Pleasure: Perth festival readymades’, Realtime vol. 42 (not in LADA collection).

Gadfly, trimtab and quipnunc: Richard DeDomenici in his own words

Artist/Author: Alexander Roberts | Reference: A0316 | Type: Article

Interview with Richard DeDomenici

Void Spaces

Artist/Author: Hugo Glendinning, Tim Etchells, Forced Entertainment | Reference: P1372 | ISBN: 1899926658 | Type: Publication

*currently unavailable*

The Cut

Artist/Author: Tea | Editor: Tea | Reference: P0308 | ISBN: 0-9509878-3-2 | Type: Publication

Book from video installation representing the environs of a 35 mile stretch of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Shelved in Oversize publications section.