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The Most Beautiful: 20 Years of Architects of Air

Artist/Author: Alan Parkinson | Editor: Andrew Mitchelson | Reference: P2148 | ISBN: 978-0-9575091-0-8 | Type: Publication

Architectes of Air build Luminaria – monumental installations designed to generate a sense of wonder at the phenomenon of light. Drawing on the influences of traditional architecture, natural and geometric forms, company founder, Alan Parkinson, designs huge pneumatic environments that tour the world.

Null Object: Gustav Metzger thinks about nothing

Artist/Author: Gustav Metzger, Bruce Gilchrist, Jo Joelson, London Fieldworks | Reference: P2147 | ISBN: 978-1-908966-12-4 | Type: Publication

The Bruce Lacey Experience: Paintings, Sculptures, Installations and Performances

Artist/Author: Bruce Lacey, David Alan Mellor | Reference: P2129 | ISBN: 978-1-907208-28-7 | Type: Publication

He could be considered a latter-day English Dadaist, but Bruce Lacey's place in 20th-Century British Art is still uncharted and ill-attended to. He goes missing in critical accounts of mid- and late-century art and this short monograph is an attempt to remedy the omission by analysing his work in relation to the shifting cultural contexts of the period.

Women of the Underground: Art: Cultural Innovators Speak for Themselves

Artist/Author: Zora von Burden | Reference: P2114 | Type: Publication

In a series of twenty-four candid interviews with influential women artists, author Zora von Burden gives some of the most influential cultural innovators of this generation a voice, and probes the depths of how and why they broke through society’s limitations to create works of outstanding measure.

Hilary Gilligan – Artworks

Artist/Author: Hilary Gilligan | Reference: D1949 | Type: DVD

The CD includes a powerpoint presentation of the work by the Irish/Canadian artist and a short biography and artist statement.

Black Male – Representations of Masculinity in Contemporary American Art

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Thelma Golden | Reference: P1991 | ISBN: 0-87427-093-6 | Type: Publication

Catalogue of an exhibition exploring the changing perceptions of African-American masculinity as interpreted in painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed-media work, as well as in film and video.

A Matter of Life and Death and Singing

Artist/Author: Jimmie Durham | Reference: P1948 | ISBN: 978-3-03764-289-4 | Type: Publication

Catalogue from exhibition of Durham’s work from all periods of his life.

Valie Export: Archiv

Artist/Author: Valie Export | Editor: Yilmaz Dziewior | Reference: P1949 | ISBN: 978-3863350949 | Type: Publication

Collection of documentation, preparatory drawings, scripts, posters, interviews, essays, Polaroids, newspaper clippings and correspondence to provide overview of Valie Export. Works including “Tap and Touch Cinema,” “Action Pants: Genital Panic”, “BODY SIGN ACTION”.

PPPPPP: Poems Performance Pieces Proses Plays Poetics: Poems Performance Pieces Prose Plays Poetics

Artist/Author: Kurt Schwitters | Editor: Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris | Reference: P1919 | ISBN: 978-1878-972-354 | Type: Publication

The first book of Kurt Schwitters’ writings translated into English.

Florence Peake: MAKE

Artist/Author: David Briers | Reference: A0500 | Type: Article

Article on Florence Peake at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Elmgreen & Dragset: Performances 1995-2011

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Anita Iannacchione | Reference: P1885 | ISBN: 978-3-86335-099-4 | Type: Publication

Showcases 43 performances and live works by Danish-Norwegian artist duo, marking the first time the artists’ practice is considered in depth from a performance perspective.

Beginningless Thought/Endless Seeing

Editor: Jonathan Berger | Reference: P1884 | ISBN: 978-0982986127 | Type: Publication

A fully illustrated colour catalogue documenting the 2009 retrospective exhibition of the artist Stuart Sherman.

Gillian Wearing

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Whitechapel Gallery | Reference: P1886 | ISBN: 978-1-905464-52-4 | Type: Publication

Catalogue from the Gillian Wearing exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery London 2012 providing an overview of the artists works from 1992-2010. See also: D1856 Gillian Wearing DVD

Die Schwarze Lade/The Black Kit

Reference: P1851 | Type: Publication

Text in German and in English.

An archive containing more than 3500 boxes, portfolios, folders and holders with documents and performance art relics.

The Disability Paradox: Ghettoisation of the Visual

Artist/Author: Lennard J. Davis | Reference: A0481 | Type: Article

Davis argues that if disabled artists deal with disability in their work, it will be seen as narrow or lacking universality, but if the art does not deal with disability, the artist’s disability will become irrelevant.

This Is Performance Art: Mel Brimfield

Artist/Author: Mel Brimfield | Reference: P1828 | ISBN: 978-1-907317-35-4 | Type: Publication

The first detailed insight into artist Mel Brimfield’s practice, in which she works with dancers, musicians, comedians and theatre-makers to explore the boundaries of performance art in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Gina Pane, Situation ideale

Artist/Author: Gine Pane | Editor: Blandine Chavanne | Reference: P1822 | ISBN: 9782840664260 | Type: Publication

Catalogue for an exhibition of Pane’s work at the Hangar a Bananes, Nantes in 2009, curated by Blandine Chavanne

Trashing Performance, This is Performance Art - Part Two: Experimental Theatre & Cabaret

Artist/Author: Mel Brimfield | Reference: D2104 | Type: DVD

Part of the Trashing Performance programme – the second year of Performance Matters – 25-29th October 2011.

Stephen Cripps: Pyrotechnic Sculptor

Artist/Author: Stephen Cripps | Reference: P1760 | ISBN: 0-9506923-3-6 | Type: Publication

Stephen Cripps: Pyrotechnic Sculptor, Aftershock, an essay by David Toop, biography, exhibitions and performances, drawings and working notes, machinery, process, documentation, collaborations with Paul Burwell and Anne Bean.

This item is part of the ‘Glimpses of before: 1970s UK Performance Art’ Study Room Guide by Helena Goldwater (P2497)

Down and Under, Up and Over: Animalworks by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

Artist/Author: Meiling Cheng, Sun Yuan, Peng Yu | Reference: P1770 | Type: Publication

Animalworks by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu.

Dorothy Cross and the Art of Dispossession

Artist/Author: Robin Lydenberg, Dorothy Cross | Reference: A0450 | Type: Article

Exhibition review. See also, Brutal Silences Study Room Guide, catalogue ref. no. P1661.

Without You There Isn’t Anything

Artist/Author: Patrick Ireland, Gemma Tipton | Reference: A0452 | Type: Article

Patrick Ireland in an Interview with Gemma Tipton. See also, Brutal Silences Study Room Guide, catalogue ref. no. P1661.

1996 North of England, UK Region of Visual Arts

Artist/Author: The Arts Council of Great Britain | Reference: P1712 | Type: Publication

The Arts Council of Great Britain, 1996 North of England, UK Region of Visual Arts, Arts 2000.


Artist/Author: Madaleine Trigg | Digital Reference: EF5024 | Type: Digital File

Spill National Platform 2009

Orlan: A Hybrid Body of Artworks

Editor: Simon Donger, Simon Sheppherd, Orlan | Reference: P1643 | ISBN: 978-0-415-56234-8 | Type: Publication

An in-depth account of Orlan’s pioneering art. The book covers her career in performance and a range of other art forms.

This is Performance Art Part One

Artist/Author: Mel Brimfield | Reference: P1651 | Type: Publication

Playful alternative histories of Performance Art inspired by real artists. Bothy Gallery 9 April – 3 July 2011.

2005 Project

Reference: P1634 | Type: Publication

Profile of 14 artists from Kurdistan involved in the 2005 Project. Sponsored by (Omer Fatah) Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region.

Heinrich Luber Sampler

Artist/Author: Heinrich Luber | Reference: D1768 | Type: DVD

Heinrich Luber Sampler includes: video loop (2003), performance projects from 1998-2003 and Astromobil documentation.

Work 2009/10

Artist/Author: Fergus Byrne | Reference: D1574 | Type: DVD

Diver: A Retrospective

Artist/Author: Paul Thek | Editor: Elisabeth Sussman, Lynn Zelevansky | Reference: P1546 | ISBN: 9780300165951 | Type: Publication

This is Performance Art: Performed Sculpture and Dance (Part1)

Artist/Author: Mel Brimfield | Reference: P1518 | Type: Publication

This Is Performance Art: Performed Sculpture and Dance8th April 2010 – 06 June 2010Camden Arts Centre, co-commissioned by the Yorkshire Sculpture ParkAlso see D1485 and P1517Mel Brimfield’s residency, This is Performance Art, will be a historical reappraisal of performance art of the 20th Century. Through a series of discussions, documentary research, re-enactments and live performance she will undertake an examination of what can be said to constitute the ontology of ‘live art’ within current discourse. This research will form the basis for a documentary film, the first in a series, charting the new narrative through the fragmented and often unreliable documentary record of this elusive art form. The final film will be screened in the Artists’ Studio at Camden Arts Centre at the culmination of the residency along side a series of live performances and re-enactments. Mel Brimfield’s complex practice takes a skewed and tangled romp through the already vexed historiography of performance art, simultaneously revealing and inventing a rich history of collaboration between artists, dancers, theatre makers, political activists and comedians. Meticulously drawn and painted posters and programmes for fictional interdisciplinary cabarets, together with costumes and props, are produced alongside documentary-style films and live works that playfully associate performance art with most significant cultural developments of the last 100 years.

Body Containers come to life in Seoul

Artist/Author: Movana Chen, Euan Park | Reference: P1512 | Type: Publication

Photo documentation (12 photographs). 4th and 5th September 2010; exhibited as film and sculpture in the Fashion and Art Biennale in Seoul.

Travelling Into Your Bookshelf

Artist/Author: Movana Chen | Reference: P1509 | Type: Publication

Touring Art Project – London and Milan 2 – 12 April 2010. 2 publications (small and large editions). Movana Chen’s work involves the simple act of knitting thousands of shreds of otherwise disposable magazine paper together into various structures, clothing and containers as a defiant act of resistance to consumer culture.Further documentation of connected project Body Containers can be found at P1512

Movana’s Metamorphosis & Artistic Spirit

Artist/Author: Movana Chen | Reference: P1455 | Type: Publication

Two articles dedicated to the artist and her work.

Two Women

Artist/Author: S & P Stanikas | Reference: D1360 | Type: DVD

25 mins.

Inferno (Le Fresnoy)

Artist/Author: S & P Stanikas | Reference: D1359 | Type: DVD

36 mins.

S & P Stanikas Works

Artist/Author: S & P Stanikas | Reference: D1358 | Type: DVD

Artist documentation. jpeg, tif and ppt files.

The Anatomy of Desire

Artist/Author: Charlie Murphy | Reference: P1423 | Type: Publication

Event leaflet for the solo exhibition by Charlie Murphy that examines the forms, issues and dialogues of intimacy through sculpture, video, music and live art. Music by Tara Franks.