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Can You See Me Now?

Artist/Author: Blast Theory | Digital Reference: DB0008 | Type: Digital File

Talking Heads: Blast Theory

Artist/Author: Blast Theory | Digital Reference: DB0010 | Type: Digital File

‘Talking Heads’ are short presentations by artists to camera about their practice and approaches to making. The ‘Talking Heads’ films are part of the Agency’s ‘Documentation Bank’ Collection, which consists of an extensive range of artists’ ‘Talking Heads’ films, documentation of artists’ works and a selection of Agency projects:

The Art of Memory

Artist/Author: Annie E. Coombes | Reference: A0382 | Type: Article

Third text in anthology.

Walking, Writing and Performance

Artist/Author: Deirdre Heddon, Carl Lavery and Phil Smith | Editor: Roberta Mock | Reference: P1612 | Type: Publication

This item is referenced in the Making Routes Study Room Guide (P1964).

Aomori Project: Of Landscapes Remembered

Artist/Author: Sioned Huws | Reference: D1750 | Type: DVD

A touring project and performance, inviting local guest performers through workshops.

Acts of Memory: Act 21

Artist/Author: Monica Ross | Digital Reference: EF5079 | Type: Digital File

Acts of Memory: Act 19

Artist/Author: Monica Ross | Digital Reference: EF5078 | Type: Digital File

performed at Spaces For Thought Festival, London School of Economics, International Union of Sex Workers.

Travelling Into Your Bookshelf

Artist/Author: Movana Chen | Reference: P1509 | Type: Publication

Touring Art Project – London and Milan 2 – 12 April 2010. 2 publications (small and large editions). Movana Chen’s work involves the simple act of knitting thousands of shreds of otherwise disposable magazine paper together into various structures, clothing and containers as a defiant act of resistance to consumer culture.Further documentation of connected project Body Containers can be found at P1512


Artist/Author: Ansuman Biswas | Reference: D1334 | Type: DVD

A selection of remains from live art works by Ansuman Biswas.

Mother’s 200-2005: Traces of the Future

Artist/Author: Ishiuchi Miyako | Reference: P1383 | ISBN: 9784473032577 | Type: Publication

Accompanying the Japanese Pavilion’s contribution for the Venice Biennale, Ishiuchi’s personal and touching photographic essay ‘Mother’s’ explores the concepts of memory and loss through a series of close-up portraits of her mother immediately prior to her death interspersed with photographs of some of her mother’s personal possessions. In Japanese and English. The exhibition mother’s 2000-2005: traces of the future was presented at the 51st International Art Exhibition, the Venice Biennale, from June 12 through November 6, 2005.


Artist/Author: Beau Coleman and Mieko Ouchi | Reference: D1180 | Type: DVD

Documentation of the duo’s performance


Artist/Author: George Chakravarthi | Reference: D1139 | Type: DVD

a collection of Chakravarthi's early photographic self-portraits. Mostly unseen and made with low costs and in low conditions, he speaks about them for the first time and reveals how and why these early portraits were created and informed his current artistic practice. In conversation with Andrew Mitchelson, Chakravarthi talks about his early influences and experiences of being raised in India, childhood experiences in London and being an outsider in both cultures. An on-demand dvd, published by Live Art Development Agency, 2009, DVD-PAL, 65 minutes. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)

In the Name of

Artist/Author: Leda Papaconstantinou | Reference: P1214 | ISBN: 978-960-89041-3-2 | Type: Publication

English & Greek.Accompanied by DVD, REF. D1131. Catalogue accompanying homonymous exhibition presented at the 1st Contemporary Art Biennale of Thessaloniki (22 September – 11 November 2007). “In the name of” is a comprehensive and segmented work of video-art performance subsequently transformed into a video-installation. The camera observes and records the artist’s sequential, programmed actions which take place in the urban web of Thessaloniki and Athens and the tranquil, protected spaces of Thessaloniki’s foreign cemeteries from World War I.

Memories Are Made Of This… performance notes

Artist/Author: BADco. | Reference: P1216 | Type: Publication

Collection of documents relating to the homonymous project metaphorically traveling the complex topology of memory. BADco. is approaching the topic of memory via a process intrinsic to it – forgetting.The project operates as a notebook, a collection of performance notes and/or notes for a performance. Guest artists Kre imir Miki and Damir Bartol Indo. English and Croatian.For video documentation of the company’s work see REF. D1133.

In the Name of

Artist/Author: Leda Papaconstantinou | Reference: D1131 | Type: DVD

Includes project, interview and making of. English & Greek. For homonymous publication see REF. P1214.

Arkive City

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: P1165 | ISBN: 978-1-899377-30-5 | Type: Publication

The contributors to Arkive City map out important questions and shifts in interest that have arisen from the changing role of archiving in culture, and it’s relationship with the arts, through their work: curating exhibitions in museums, deconstructing art history, running library and government archives, running archives in arts organisations, and shaping individual practice. Includes accompanying Arkive City – City Map

Mike Parr - Performances 1971-2008

Artist/Author: Mike Parr | Reference: P1151 | ISBN: 9781863952552 | Type: Publication

Monographic publication on the Australian performance artist.

A Decade of Forced Entertainment

Artist/Author: Forced Entertainment | Reference: A0222 | Type: Article

Part autobiography, part archive, part historical meditation and part theoretical speculation on the first ten years of the company’s work.

Time and Time Again

Artist/Author: Heike Roms | Reference: A0221 | Type: Article

Article on the production Arbeit macht frei vom Toitland Europa (1991) by the Akko Theatre Centre, one of Israel’s leading experimental companies.

Rightsrepeated - An Act of Memory

Artist/Author: Monica Ross | Reference: D1019 | Type: DVD

TIF files and Quick Time Player compatible.

Images, texts and video excerpts from enactments  between 2005 – 2008 involving the recitation from memory of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Experiments with Truth - Documenta11_Platform 2

Editor: Okwui Enwezor, Carlos Basualdo, Ute Meta Bauer, Susanne Ghez, Sarat Maharaj, Mark Nash and Octavio Zaya | Reference: P1034 | ISBN: 3-7757-9080-2 | Type: Publication

Bobby Baker: Redeeming Features of Daily Life

Artist/Author: Bobby Baker | Editor: Michelle Barrett / Bobby Baker | Reference: P1051 | Type: Publication

An account of Bobby Baker's career by Adrian Heathfield, Marina Warner, Geraldine Harris, Helen Iball, Elaine Aston, Roy Foster, Michelle Barrett, Griselda Pollock, (Inc. info on Central St Martins, 'How to Live', 'Diary Drawings'). This item is part of the Study Room Guide in Search of a Documentology by Marco Pustianaz (P1115)

This item is part of the 'Glimpses of before: 1970s UK Performance Art' Study Room Guide by Helena Goldwater (P2497)


Artist/Author: Brian Lobel | Reference: A0184 | Type: Article

Originally printed in Text and Performance Quarterly, Vol. 28, Nos 1-2, Jan-April 2008 pp.160-177. Find article in misc. folder 1.

Harry and Me

Artist/Author: Robin Deacon | Reference: D0817 | Type: DVD

Performing Rights Collection - London - A Gallery of Utopias

Artist/Author: Lisa Wesley and Andrew Blackwood | Reference: D0558 | Type: DVD

Artists imagine different ways of seeing the places and spaces around us.

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).

Performing Rights Collection - London - rightsrepeated

Artist/Author: Monica Ross | Reference: D0553 | Type: DVD

A recitation of the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The General Assembly of the United Nations; Resolution 217 A (111) 10 December 1948, as an act of memory. 

Part of PSI 12.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).


Artist/Author: Janine Antoni | Reference: P0823 | ISBN: 91-974236-2-9 | Type: Publication

Catalogue of the solo exhibition at Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall (Autumn 2001) and SITE Santa Fe (September 2002-January 2003).

Silent Sound

Artist/Author: Iain Pollard and Jane Forsyth | Reference: D0499 | Type: DVD

Removed from S/r for Gobsmacked conference at QMUL. Due for return 23/11/10Two discs with accomapanying text. One is from the original presentation at the 2006 Liverpool Biennial. The other is from the 2010 AV Festival.

‘52’ Pizza Box

Artist/Author: Caroline Jupp | Reference: P0677 | Type: Publication

A collection of photos, maps, letters, diagrams and things. Shelved in Oversize publications section.

Resisting Memorialisation: an Interview with Fiona Templeton

Artist/Author: Andrew Quick | Reference: A0038 | Type: Article

Love’s Geography

Artist/Author: Peggy Phelan | Reference: A0036 | Type: Article

On memory.

Aradhana, Last Supper, Barflies, Shakti and Genesis

Artist/Author: George Chakravarthi | Reference: V0593 | Digital Reference: EV0593 | Type: Digital File

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)

George Chakravarthi Third Sex

Artist/Author: George Chakravarthi | Reference: P0324 | ISBN: 1 899926 11 9 | Type: Publication

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)

Shakti and all other work

Artist/Author: George Chakravarthi | Reference: V0524 | Digital Reference: EV0524 | Type: Digital File

Includes: Shakti, Aradhana, A blend of Red and Blue, Genesis, Remotecontrol, The Last Supper (live), Barflies – Clips of – , Maureen, Claire, Jasmine. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195) and the Study Room Guide: The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get by Robert Pacitti (P1100)

Acts of Memory - Preamble/Introduction

Artist/Author: Monica Ross | Digital Reference: EF5075 | Type: Digital File

Life, Once More: Forms of Reenactment in Contemporary Art

Editor: Sven Lutticken | Reference: P2206 | ISBN: 9789073362642 | Type: Publication

Publication to coincide with Life, Once More exhibition about reenactments of performances, 2005, Rotterdam

Study Room Guide: On Falling

Artist/Author: Amy Sharrocks | Reference: P2249 | Type: Publication

Part of On Falling, a compilation of material from the Study Room Gathering Live Art and Falling hosted by Amy Sharrocks in November 2012. At the event Amy gave a presentation which was followed by an extensive group discussion. This Guide is in note form, for ease of reading, and in the hope that people can read between the lines, and see the rhythm and shape of the wide-ranging and non-stop discussion.

On Falling Powerpoint Presentation and Playlist

Artist/Author: Amy Sharrocks | Reference: P2248 | Type: Digital File

Part of On Falling, a compilation of material from the Study Room Gathering Live Art and Falling hosted by Amy Sharrocks in November 2012. At the event Amy gave a presentation which was followed by an extensive group discussion. This Guide is in note form, for ease of reading, and in the hope that people can read between the lines, and see the rhythm and shape of the wide-ranging and non-stop discussion.

IBT Study Boxes Study Room Guide

Editor: Lois Keidan and Aaron Wright | Reference: P2104 | Type: Publication

In February 2013 the In Between Time Festival invited the Live Art Development Agency to curate a small selection of Study Boxes. Each Box contains between five and eight hand picked books and other materials drawn from the Study Room. Reflecting many of themes represented within In Between Time the Boxes hoped to inspire, excite and intrigue festival-goers who could rummage through them in their own time at the festival hub. Although the selected materials are no longer in their Study Boxes you can use the list of materials within the Study Room Guide to explore the themes and artists during your visit to the Agency’s Study Room. The Study Boxes are a collaboration between the Live Art Development Agency and Spill Festival of Performance. First created for the SPILL Festival in Ipswich in 2012.

Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Muelle

Artist/Author: Chloé Griffin | Reference: P2785 | ISBN: 978-3942214209 | Type: Publication

Cookie Mueller (1949-1989) was a firecracker, a cult figure, a wild child, a writer, a go-go dancer, a mother and a queer icon. A child of suburban 1950s Maryland, she made her name first as an actress in the films of John Waters, and then as an art critic and columnist, a writer of hilarious stories and a maven of New York's downtown art world. Edgewise, by Berlin-based actress and writer Chloé Griffin, tells the story of Cookie's life through an oral history composed of more than 80 interviews with the people who knew her.

The Dyas Sisters

Artist/Author: Grace and Veronica Dyas, Richard Gregory | Reference: P2136 | Type: Publication

In The Dyas Sisters, you’re met with personal history write large. Richard Gregory asked Grace and Veronica if they would write a book in which they tried to describe everything that has happened in their lifetime, knowing from the outset that this was an impossible task. Every memory suggests another, each new approach to writing illuminates an alternative.