Big Girls Do Big Things


See Also: Big Girls Do Big Things (D1751)

Artist / Author Eleanor Bauer
Reference D1753
Date 2010
Type DVD


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Big Girls Do Big Things

Artist/Author: Eleanor Bauer | Reference: D1751 | Type: DVD

Eleanor Bauer: Big Girls Do Big Things (a solo on scale). Kaairtheaterstudios, March 28th 2010.

The Heather Lang Show

Artist/Author: Eleanor Bauer and Vise Versus | Reference: D1754 | Type: DVD

A double one-woman show: double the woman, double the show. An amalgam of theatre genres and familiar characters; nothing is too outrageous.

A Dance for the Newest Age (The Triangle Piece)

Artist/Author: Eleanor Bauer | Reference: D1755 | Type: DVD

Co-produced by Kaaitheater, Vooruit, STUK Kunstcentrum, Kunstcentrum Buda and Impuls Tranz Festival