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Training Artists in Times of Crisis

Artist/Author: Laura Bissel, Gary Gardiner, Sarah Hopfinger, Rachel O'Neill | Editor: felipe Cervera, Elizabeth De Roza, Michael Earley, Richard Gough | Reference: A0917 | Type: Article

Training Utopias

Performance Research Volume 25 Issue No. 8 December 2020



Share Your Work : Lola Arias's Lecture Performance Series and the Artistic Cognitariat of the Global Pandemic

Artist/Author: Clio Unger | Editor: David Calder, Broderick Chow, Maria M. Delgado, Maggie B. Gale, Bryce Lease, Cariad Svich, Sarah Thomasson | Reference: A0909 | Type: Article

Contemporary Theatre Review, Volume 31 Issue Number 4 November 2021

Sea Pastels

Artist/Author: Lizzie Calligas | Reference: P1187 | ISBN: 978-960-98318-0-2 | Type: Publication

Catalogue of seventeen digital images that consist the corpus of work presented at the Hydra Museum of History and Archives from June 7 to July 12 2008. Bilingual edition (English and Greek)/