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Why Are You Wearing That?

Artist/Author: Thom Shaw, Scottee | Reference: A0236 | Type: Article

Thom Shaw in conversation with Scottee, queer artist working with live performance, film and music. Photography by Ellis Scott.

Electoral Guerrilla Theatre - Radical ridicule and social movements

Artist/Author: L M Bogad | Reference: P0728 | ISBN: 978-0415332255 | Type: Publication

Explores the recent phenomenon of the satirical election campaign.

Part of the Library of Performing Rights (LPR) (P3041).


Theatre of the Ridiculous (revised & expanded edition)

Artist/Author: Jack Smith, Ronald Tavel, Charles Ludlam, Kenneth Bernard | Editor: Bonnie Marranca, Gautam Dasgupta | Reference: P1736 | ISBN: 0-8018-5698-1 | Type: Publication

First published in 1979, revised edition in 1998.

Gay Man Trapped In A Lesbian’s Body

Artist/Author: Amy Lame | Reference: V0186 | Digital Reference: EV0186 | Type: Video

Roy Cohn/Jack Smith

Artist/Author: Ron Vawter | Reference: V0079 | Digital Reference: EV0079 | Type: Digital File

Vawter's diptych of solo pieces recorded at the ICA in London in 1993.


Editor: Aaron Wright | Reference: P2451 | Type: Publication

LADA Anthologies are themed collections of performance documentation and works for camera that the Agency has been invited to curate for public programmes in the UK and internationally.

Drawing on materials housed in LADA’s Study Room and documentation publicly available online, the materials were originally presented as illustrated talks, then catalogued as LADA Anthologies.