If You Want Bigger Yorkshire Puddings You Need a Bigger Tin


Lucy Hutson

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Performance art, body art, sexuality, feminist, gender, queer, trans, documentation, women, identity, SPILL Festival 2013, feminism


Point. 1: I was just listening to Radio 4 telling me about komodo dragons laying virgin birth eggs, and David Attenborough once taught me about a plant at the bottom of a sea that grows flowers, which become jellyfish, that then give birth to seeds that become plants. Point. 2: I am a makeshift domestic goddess and my life is in a makeshift world, I've got all the right whisks and piping bags, but my apron is stained. If You Want Bigger Yorkshires You Need a Bigger Tin is a show about Lucy's ‘to trans, or not to trans' search for her femininity.